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Learn How You Can Live Full Out by Continually Learning To Love
52 minutes Posted Apr 23, 2022 at 11:00 am.
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Episode: 2022.8.17

The Living Full Out show encourages you to learn how to continually spread love. Some of us may have grown up in an affectionate household, while others have not experienced acts of service or grace. Life is a journey that continues to teach people lessons. When your able to be open to changes, you can grow in your ability to connect others.

Our first caller, Krystal, wonders how she can balance her workload without burning herself out with finals coming up. She finds it difficult to get everything that she needs to get done without cutting out her free time. Nancy encourages her to consider what is the most important aspect. Tune in to hear how to efficiently manage time by putting yourself first and how it can impact those around you.

Our inspirational guest, Ellie Peterson, knows how it feels to be broken by life's challenges. When she was in her early twenties, she was divorced and raising three children on her own while working multiple jobs. On top of all that stress, she was diagnosed with cancer. At this low point, she entered into her own recovery. Listen to hear how Ellie gained a new perspective on life.

Perhaps you are feeling discouraged and want to give up. It is hard to continue learning to love in difficult moments. However, with an optimistic outlook anyone can live full out.