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Nancy Solari - Living Full Out
Discover How By Loving Yourself You Can Live Full Out
52 minutes Posted Apr 9, 2022 at 11:00 am.
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Show notes
Episode: 2022.8.15

The Living Full Out Show encourages you to love yourself. Maybe you are struggling with your mental health and suffering with anxiety and depression. Perhaps you are overwhelmed at work and keep putting the needs of others before your own. By learning how to unconditionally appreciate what you have to offer, you will grow as a person.

Our first caller, Brendan, wonders how he can maintain his independence while living with his family. Nancy encourages Brendan to create a consistent schedule that keeps him on track. She guides him to set boundaries for those around him when he is working. Tune in to hear how you can become available without distractions when having a job remotely.

Our inspirational guest, Deborah Hawkins, worked hard to overcome her depression. After her sister’s death, her parents neglected Deborah, causing her to seek validation from others. As she grew up, she eventually found her love for writing. Deborah pushed herself to continue, although she had a discouraging professor in college. She faced many struggles in life but did not go down a dark path. Listen to hear how Deborah went from feeling unwanted to loving herself.

Our second caller, Anna, is having trouble staying motivated to exercise more often. Although she does work out, Anna has a hard time keeping up with a routine. She wants to know how she can prioritize fitness. Nancy advises her to take small steps such as going on a walk or run once a week and building a schedule from there. Nancy explains how Anna can maintain her energy. Tune in to gain tips on how to stay consistent with self care.

Perhaps you found yourself in a situation where you are second-guessing your choices. Maybe you are shy and are worried about making new friends because you’re worried they will judge you. Being fond of who you are starts by building self-confidence. Learning how to enjoy your own company will assist you maximize opportunities and live full out.