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Discover How Finding Closure Gives You The Confidence To Live Full Out
52 minutes Posted Apr 8, 2022 at 2:00 am.
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Episode: 2021.7.3

The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari encourages you to find closure and gain confidence. Maybe a previous ex hurt you, and the unresolved negative feelings surrounding that breakup have kept you from fully moving on. Perhaps your work environment isn’t healthy, but you don’t know how to express those stressful experiences to your boss or coworkers. By facing the past and finding forgiveness for yourself and others, you will be able to lift the weight of difficult emotions from your shoulders and live full out.

Our first caller, Susan, is struggling to maintain her personal connections while navigating political division. She wants to protect her relationships, but notices her acquaintances cutting people out of their lives if they choose not to get vaccinated. Nancy reminds her that the beliefs and feelings of those in her life are outside of her control. Listen in to hear how you can focus on what’s within your orbit and love the ones you’re with abundantly.

Our inspirational guest, Jennifer Alemany, felt the push to keep pursuing her happiness after the loss of a parent and two significant others. At 33, Jennifer lost her mother only 30 days after being diagnosed with cancer. Soon after, Jennifer ended a 15 year relationship with her romantic partner, which pushed her to spend some time in the country. There, Jennifer met her soul mate, who passed away from cancer only 10 months into their connection. The grief she felt was so deep, she was dragged into an identity crisis. Tune in to hear how Jennifer found closure by forging new bonds and discovering a more fulfilling career path.

Our second caller, Jodie, wants to learn how to let go of a toxic friendship. She was close with this person for a long time, but now her experience is that she is no longer being heard. Nancy tells Jodie to find the best method to deliver her feelings to this person, and take time to think about all the words that she needs to say. Listen in to hear how you can confront your current emotions and take your power back.

Perhaps you want to live a life that you can be proud of, but you are struggling to cope with the loss of a loved one. Maybe a connection with a family member seems damaged beyond repair, but you’re uncertain of the next step forward. By finding the courage to confront past wounds that hold you back, you can seize control of your future happiness as you live full out.