Lineage Speaks: The Podcast
Lineage Speaks: The Podcast
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Lineage is beyond words. Most of its understanding is actually in the unspoken. The rituals, traditions, beliefs, systems, emotions, and language we have accepted for centuries without question. These agreements have permeated our lives without knowing. But the women whose stories follow these episodes began to ask some questions: Is there another way? Is there more than meets the eye? Do I have to hold the same shame those who have come before me have felt or can I release that?
An Infinite Walk Through the Stars wit Tera Namdeep Kaur
Tera Namdeep Kaur is the Founder and CEO of Tera Namdeep SPC, a Social Purpose Corporation that focuses on people over profit. Tera Namdeep is a Certified Hellenistic Astrologer and Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Through these practices, she is able to connect with the Demi-Gods of the Stars and the Tattvas, also known as the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Ether (Spirit). It is in these ancient practices that all of Tera Namdeep’s lifelong learnings of esoteric arts culminated and she saw the need to help other spiritual seekers find a way to work through transits in their lives.She helps her clients stop the mental chatter and get past their stopping points and fulfill or find their purpose in this lifetime. Tera Namdeep has two amazing and wonderful grown children, two daughters-in-law, and a happy, joyous grandson. She shares her home with her dog, Shae, and her momma kitty, Smudge.Vist Tera’s website at, or follow her on Instagram at @teranamdeepkaur
May 26
23 min
Messages from the Praying Mantis with Carol Louise Schoffmann
Carol Schoffmann is the founder of Your Inner Tranquility. She is an Intuitive Reiki Master Teacher, Sound Healing Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, and Spiritual Guide. Carol helps her clients find peace, balance, purpose, and joy in their everyday life. Clients love her signature “Mind, Body, Spirit Tune-Ups”, combining her knack for putting people at ease, space-holding abilities, and energy therapies. She teaches her clients to celebrate what is uniquely beautiful about themselves and to embody the art of living authentically.Carol has facilitated over 2000 Reiki, Sound Healing, Meditation, and Teaching Sessions. She has been featured on the “Bearth” and “Talking Joy” podcasts. Carol is a single Mom by choice. She lives happily in New Jersey with her amazing daughter, Mita, their dog, Jack, and kitties Boo and Snowflake.Visit Carol and learn more at
May 13
22 min
Your 3pm Wednesday Massage Appointment with Mardalena Dawn Turpel
Mardalena Dawn Turpel is the owner-operator of Mardalena’s Massage in San Ramon, California. She is a Master intuitive massage therapist, podcast producer and host and award winning international best-selling author of Lineage Speaks and Prosperity Codes. In her 23 years of experience, she has massaged over 9,000 bodies and she combines this experience with her vast knowledge of fascia and kinesiology to customize every massage session to tailor to her clients specific needs and goals. She helps her clients living with chronic pain or discomfort, transform their relationships with their bodies from one of pain to one of pleasure.She believes it is never too late to change your story and reconnect to the divinity inside you.For more information, visit
Apr 28
18 min
Divine Mother with Heather Robinson
Heather Robinson is a guide for conscious re-parenting, inner child healing, and mother wound healing. She is a mentor for women and mothers to expand in all aspects of life by teaching them how to cultivate an inner mother that embodies the spirit and unconditional love of the divine mother. By prioritizing sacred self-care, embodiment, and conscious awareness, Heather empowers women with the tools they need to transform their limiting core beliefs and consistently show up for themselves with love. The integration of the divine mother supports women in evolving beyond the ancestral wounds and harmful family patterns and cycles that hold them back from their goals. Her mission is to help women take their power back, reclaim their fierceness, become wildly confident and anchored in their truth, and access the unconditional love and freedom they’ve always desired by re-parenting their inner child and consciously choosing a different way.Learn more about Heather at
Apr 21
21 min
Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet with Tish Meehan
Tish Meehan is a Transformational Soul Coach, Spiritual teacher, healer, and Divine channel. Tish helps women who struggle with chronic overthinking, are emotionally repressed, and feel silenced to take off their masks and connect to their inner, sacred fire to embrace their spiritual gifts, heal their trauma, and fully embrace their spiritual path to liberation. Tish believes that this is the time for the Divine Feminine to release deep-seated wounding and barriers that keep women from healing themselves and the collective consciousness. Tish is an international bestselling author for her work in Ignite Your Wisdom, and shares her story of rising up into her own light in the book entitled Divinity Speaks. Tish lives in Toronto, Canada with her three children, two cats, and a dog.Follow Tish on Instagram at @iamtishmeehanIf you are interested in participating in Mardalena Dawn’s I am an Author program, please click on the link,
Mar 24
23 min
My Body is My Compass with Elisha Greenleaf
Elisha Greenleaf is the Founder of Bee the Glow. She helps entrepreneurial women break cycles of dis-ease and transform generational trauma. She guides women back to their Inner Goddess through Breathwork, The Emotion Code™, The Body Code™, Kundalini Yoga and all things woo! She lives by the motto, “You take out the garbage regularly, so your house doesn’t stink! But when was the last time you dumped your subconscious garbage?” She has helped 100’s of women since her diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis over 15 years ago as she guides them to reconnect with what they already have within themselves that they have forgotten over a lifetime of cultural programming. She lives in Scottsdale, AZ with her partner in life, Tank, who is a magician and their pomchi, Pennie.For more information, visit Elisha at
Mar 3
20 min
Give Up the Leash with Linsey Moses Smith
Linsey Moses Smith is an intuitive author, artist, and Law of Attraction coach. She began working with Energy and Angels in 2009 and has studied Law of Attraction in depth since 2011. Her world opened up when she experienced a series of metaphysical experiences that her religious upbringing could not explain. Linsey helps spiritual seekers who are ready to see their challenges in a new way to shift their perspectives. She is passionate about personal development, emotional intelligence, channeling and Human Design.Linsey also loves teaching mindfulness and peace education to children, aged pre-school to pre-teens. A former teacher at a triple-accredited school in the San Francisco Bay Area, she blends her Montessori training with spiritual concepts to help children & parents tune into their own intuition for joy and guidance.Follow Linsey on Instagram at @linseymosessmith
Feb 24
21 min
The Magic of the Unspoken with AlyseMarie Gallagher Warren
AlyseMarie Warren is a Master healer and the go-to “spiritual sidekick” for high-level leaders. She helps high-achieving women who have created 6 & 7-figure businesses, to create safe spaces to rest, heal and process their success. AlyseMarie’s work is rooted in her connection to Mary Magdalene to provide intuitive guidance while her connection to Mother Gaia allows her to be the grounded, spiritual confidant. AlyseMarie is an Executive Chef in Chicago and lives in a cute eclectic bungalow with her artist husband, Spence, and their cat Kramer.To get in touch with AlyseMarie, visit
Feb 17
20 min
The Truth We Know with Andrea Blindt
Andrea Blindt is a registered nurse, holistic health practitioner, four-time international best-selling author, inspirational speaker, and life and mindset coach who empowers others through her own personal healing journey. She makes healing an inside job and guides her clients as they discover ways to strengthen their body, mind, and heart. This allows them to reclaim their power, advocate for what is in their best interest, and learn the tools needed to make decisions that are in alignment with their beliefs. Andrea believes that when people are informed, supported, and empowered they are better equipped to make health decisions. She has been featured in Authority’s Medium Magazine, Bustle, Shefinds, Mel, Natural Health Radio, and multiple other publications and podcasts. She lives in California with her husband and four beautiful children. She loves being in nature, reading, writing, and inspiring others to create a life they love.To learn more, visit or contact her at
Feb 10
13 min
The Art and Science of Divine Incarnation with Brandy Knight
Brandy Knight, the Esoteric Exorcist, is an Emotional Health Specialist, Accountability Coach, Kundalini Yogic Scientist, International best-selling and award-winning author, and fierce alpha female mama bear. She has been featured in Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, and Medium to name a few. Her mission in this life is to support those who have experienced trauma and/or abuse and are not getting that “now my life has meaning, and I am living my Destiny” experience from traditional psychotherapy and/or psychiatry. Brandy tells her clients like it is with a dose of crass humor and endless love. Many that have worked with Brandy’s Emotional Alchemy and Accountability Coaching have experienced incredible results at a lightning-fast speed. When not working she is out exploring nature with her lightworker daughter, snuggling her two spoiled kitties, and cracking crass-ass jokes.Visit Brandy at or follow her on Instagram at
Feb 3
25 min
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