Lineage Speaks: The Podcast
Lineage Speaks: The Podcast
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Divine Mother with Heather Robinson
21 minutes Posted Apr 21, 2023 at 5:00 am.
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Show notes

Heather Robinson is a guide for conscious re-parenting, inner child healing, and mother wound healing. She is a mentor for women and mothers to expand in all aspects of life by teaching them how to cultivate an inner mother that embodies the spirit and unconditional love of the divine mother. By prioritizing sacred self-care, embodiment, and conscious awareness, Heather empowers women with the tools they need to transform their limiting core beliefs and consistently show up for themselves with love. The integration of the divine mother supports women in evolving beyond the ancestral wounds and harmful family patterns and cycles that hold them back from their goals. Her mission is to help women take their power back, reclaim their fierceness, become wildly confident and anchored in their truth, and access the unconditional love and freedom they’ve always desired by re-parenting their inner child and consciously choosing a different way.

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