Lineage Speaks: The Podcast
Lineage Speaks: The Podcast
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Your 3pm Wednesday Massage Appointment with Mardalena Dawn Turpel
18 minutes Posted Apr 28, 2023 at 5:00 am.
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Show notes

Mardalena Dawn Turpel is the owner-operator of Mardalena’s Massage in San Ramon, California. She is a Master intuitive massage therapist, podcast producer and host and award winning international best-selling author of Lineage Speaks and Prosperity Codes. In her 23 years of experience, she has massaged over 9,000 bodies and she combines this experience with her vast knowledge of fascia and kinesiology to customize every massage session to tailor to her clients specific needs and goals. She helps her clients living with chronic pain or discomfort, transform their relationships with their bodies from one of pain to one of pleasure.

She believes it is never too late to change your story and reconnect to the divinity inside you.

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