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Collecting & curating art in Goa with Samira Sheth | Episode 14
In this episode, we sit down with Goa based Art Consultant, Curator & Collector Samira Sheth. For as 2020 comes to a close, we can't help but reflect upon the many ways in which this year has indeed affected the arts. As we enter what would typically be a season packed with year end celebrations and an endless array of art festivals & events, we were curious to get Samira's take on how this pandemic has and will continue to shape the way in which we create & collect art moving forward.  With a wealth of experience not only here in Goa but across India and abroad, Samira shares her journey into art and in the end leaves us feeling far more optimistic about the future than we'd thought! To learn more about Samira's work, be sure to check out her Instagram page @workofartgoa and for all other inquiries, feel free to reach out to her via email at samirasheth5@gmail.com. Current exhibitions & artist residencies mentioned in this episode:  Sunaparanta Goa Centre for the Arts : currently showing Remembering Sisyphus until January 31st, 2021 Fundação Oriente Annual Scholarships Programme between 4th and 29th January 2021 You can find a full overview of Goa's galleries in our curated list here! We also suggest checking out the following Goa.me articles highlighting the many artists, art galleries and organizations here in Goa who were actively sharing their work during & after the lockdown. Creating during COVID-19: on valuing the arts 'Lonely Residents' | Artist Kedar Dhondu illustrates India's inhabitants during COVID-19 lockdown Saving Mollem: bringing sustainable tourism to the Western Ghats #DesignFightsCOVID | Creatives unite to help raise funds for the fight against COVID-19 Subscribe to Goa wherever you get your podcasts - New episodes every month. Thanks again for listening and we'll talk to you soon!
Dec 22, 2020
35 min
Celebrating 9 years of StartupGoa with Founders Luke, Caslino & Aprup | Episode 13
In this episode, we catch up with the founding members of Startup Goa as they celebrate 9 years of cultivating connections within the tech community of Goa. A grassroots initiative designed to sprout tech companies from Goan soil, Startup Goa is a platform that connects founders, tech talent and investors through a free job board and newsletters as well as in person & online tech meetups. In conversation with Luke Sequeira, and additional insight from co-founders Caslino Pereira & Aprup Shet, we explore the story behind the platform, discuss the overall evolution of the tech in Goa and find out just where they see this community going in the years head. Founded in November 2011, the team kicked off their anniversary month with a 2 day hackathon that saw more than 50 local volunteers come together to celebrate all of their achievements thus far and to collectively bring the platform into the next decades to come. For more information, do check out their website: StartupGoa.org where you will find a ton of resources no matter whether you're new to tech or a seasoned entrepreneur, an investor or a digital nomad in search of a new place to call home.   You can also find Startup Goa on Instagram & Twitter @startupgoa and don't forget to sign up for their newsletter.  You can also learn more about the platform and all of those who contributed to its success through our Goa.me article here: StartupGoa.org | A story about Goa's community platform for startups Subscribe to Goa wherever you get your podcasts - New episodes every month. Thanks again for listening & we'll talk to you soon!
Nov 2, 2020
28 min
From music to freshwater shrimp farming with Sumehr Gwalani of GI Aqua | Episode 12
In this episode, Luke sits down with Sumehr Gwalani, a talented musician, avid football player & former U17 world cup competitor from Goa who in recent years has shifted professions to that of a Freshwater Shrimp Farmer.  Born in Goa but spending much of his formative years in Mumbai, Sumehr developed a strong passion for sound while working in a recording studio throughout his studies in Economics. However uninspired by the direction of the Mumbai music industry, he decided to move back to Goa where he could pursue a pace more in tune with the lifestyle he envisioned for himself. Yet it was the choice to rejoin the family business in the export of commercial seafood that ultimately led Sumehr to setting up a farm of his own on the island of Divar with the aims of reimagining the way we source & produce our food. A project which has since evolved into a full blown exploration of alternative aquaculture in an attempt to revive many of the depleting staples in everyday Goan cuisine. While Sumehr's farm, GI Aqua, is currently shut for the monsoons, they do plan to resume operations come December. After which we highly suggest you to get in touch & place orders or even pay a visit to the farm yourself see what Sumehr & his teams are up after the rains. For more information or to place an order with GI Aqua, call or Whatsapp +91 9821875674 Freshwater Shrimp prices range per size from 350-500 RS per Kg We also want to encourage you to check out Sumehr's latest EP 'Don't Stop the Flow' by LightPlay on Spotify, Soundcloud & Instagram @lightplaymusic. Not to mention, Sumehr is an incredible photographer whose images of Goa you can explore via his Instagram @sumehr  To learn more about the mentioned Mollem Campaign, check out our featured article here and for everything you need to know about Goa's growing seaweed culture, don't miss our past interview with Gabriella D'Cruz in Episode 05 of the Goa Podcast.  Subscribe to Goa wherever you get your podcasts - New episodes every month. Thanks again for listening & we'll talk to you soon!
Sep 30, 2020
37 min
Growing organic with David Gower of Ambrosia Organic Farm | Episode 11
In this episode we explore the story behind one of Goa's oldest organic food companies. In conversation with David Gower, Founder of Ambrosia Organic Farm, a Parra based business that has been working to promote organic produce & everyday groceries since its inception in the late 90's. We discuss the importance & therapeutic values of naturally grown ingredients, the evolution of farming in India and the simple ways in which to enrich your overall health while diving into David's own experiences. We learn what brought him to Goa, how the business in itself has grown organically with time with the help & guidance of countless farmers across the country. To learn more about Ambrosia, be sure to check out their website: www.ambrosiaorganicfarm.com where you'll find a full list of their products & online shop, as well as additional insight into the history of the business. As mentioned, they're also stocked in countless shops & supermarkets across Goa as well as many other cities in India. You can find them on Instagram @ambrosiaorganicfarm and on Facebook @AmbrosiaorganicFarmIndia. And if you happen to be in Parra, do stop in to say hi! We highly recommend their rice crackers & organic peanut butter!! ;) Subscribe to Goa wherever you get your podcasts - New episodes on the 1st & 15th of every month. Thanks again for listening & we'll talk to you soon!
Aug 31, 2020
54 min
Don't follow the leader with Noah Martins of the NM8Escape Podcast | Episode 10
In this episode, we catch up with fellow podcaster & 19 year old comedian Noah Martins. While Noah is currently enrolled at BITS Pilani Goa - Institute of Technology and Science for Engineering, he certainly hasn't wasted any time in craving a niche for himself as an up and coming content creator from Goa. With two podcast series (NM8Escape & Don't Follow the Leader) and a growing audience both for his episodes & stand up shows, Noah's interviews range from fellow comedians & accomplished entrepreneurs to venture capitalists & local environmentalists. Each with the goal of not only amplifying Goan voices but setting out to investigate and understand societies exceptions.  You can find Noah on Instagram & Twitter @noahfromgoa and watch all of this videos at Noah Martins on Youtube. You can also listen to the NM8Escape podcast on Google Play, Apple Podcasts & Spotify among other platforms. Or catch up on the former BITS & Pieces podcast here! Find Noah's first episode with Goan rapper Tsumyoki here as well as his conversation & live meme session with Maiche Kazar, Goa's largest meme  page here. Not to mention the newly released episode with Amination Director for Rick & Morty, Pete Michels here. As for additional episodes of interest, we suggest checking out the following:  Can We Save Mollem? | NM8 Escape Podcast Ep 4 Building One of India's Top Start Ups at 27 : Shashank Murali | DFTL 8 A Pandemic is the Best Time to Invest | Mohit Caculo | NM8 Escape Podcast Ep 3. Also, the Goa based comedy groups Noah mentions in this episode include: Las Viegas Comedy Club (LVC Comedy) & Kalakari Revolution Subscribe to Goa wherever you get your podcasts - New episodes on the 1st & 15th of every month. Thanks again for listening & we'll talk to you soon!
Aug 14, 2020
46 min
Moral of the story with Isha Ahluwalia of Moral Science | Episode 09
In this episode, we step into the world of Moral Science. A Goa based unisex clothing company led by fashion & costume designer Isha Ahluwalia. Located in Assagao just off the Anjuna / Mapusa Road in a house you can't miss thanks to Moral Science's signature neon yellow signboard, Isha's recently established studio is an absolute treasure trove and encompasses so much more than clothing alone. As someone with a background in fashion & textiles myself, this is one encounter I was especially excited to explore. A conversation that questions our relationship & understanding of clothing. We discuss the realities of launching a collection in lockdown, the pressures of sustaining your practice while building a business and many of the everyday victories & insecurities that every artist is sure to relate to. And with that, let's get into the show. As mentioned the Moral Science website is now live! https://www.moralscience.in/ Here you'll find everything from the brands debut collection, to the Moral Science zine & related series of short films. In the meantime, we suggest you check them out on Instagram @moral_science & @moralsciencebyisha on Facebook. And if you happen to be in the area, do drop her a DM and pop into the studio yourself. To learn more, you can also check out the following article by Aditia Rao via The Voice of Fashion: Back to the Future With Moral Science. Subscribe to Goa wherever you get your podcasts - New episodes on the 1st & 15th of every month. Thanks again for listening & we'll talk to you soon!
Jul 31, 2020
47 min
Think Matter with Ruturaj Parikh & Maanasi Hattangadi | Episode 08
In this episode, we sit down with Ruturaj Parikh & Maanasi Hattangadi, Founders of Matter, an architecture, design & publishing studio housed in the village of Sangolda.  Matter's past projects in Goa range from residential & commercial architecture and design services to their self-initiated content & curatorial works, including both digital & print publications - Thinkmatter.in & [IN]SIDE. Not to mention they are also the chief curators of FRAME, an independent Biennial Conclave and 3 day event centred around the pedagogy and practise of contemporary architecture in India.  However as mentioned, Matter's work is incredibly visual and truly needs to be seen to be experienced. So we've compiled photos of many of our favourite projects discussed here in our corresponding post: Conversations in Architecture: exploring the work of Goa based Studio Matter You can learn more about their work at studiomatter.in or by following Matter on Instagram @_matter & @thinkmatter on Facebook. We should also mention that the beautifully designed Kokum House, built in collaboration with Zowa Architects (Sri Lanka), is also available for holiday rentals via Airbnb, Vista Rooms & Booking.com.  GOA PODCAST UPDATE:  We will be officially shifting from a weekly to a bi-monthly podcast, with new episodes released on the 1st & 15th of every month. So be sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts and don't be shy to leave us a review if you're enjoying the show thus far. Thanks again for listening & we'll talk to you soon!
Jul 15, 2020
45 min
Great Goan mangoes with Ryan Semelhago | Episode 07
In this episode, we explore none other than the King of Fruit itself - the Great Goan Mango! Join us for a conversation with our dear friend & Zodo Woodfire chef, Ryan Semelhago as we set out to uncover the story behind some of Goa's sweetest mangos. A documentation of a lifelong relationship with mangoes that begins under the shade of the Hillario mango tree at Ryan's maternal grandparents house. An enlightening encounter with Rajesh, a professional mango plucker with his team of expert climbers and a warehouse full of mangoes. A visit to the renowned Cardozo Malcurad tree in Mapusa, an interview with Nester Rangel, the agriculturist who has taken it upon himself to market this unique variety of the Malcurad Mango to the people of Goa and so much more! As mentioned, you can learn more about Ryan's explorations in Goan cuisine on his Instagram @revryansemelhago & @zodo.woodfire as well as his Mango Stories Volume 01 & Volume 02 here! You can also find JumpCut Goa's teaser for The Mango Story here: https://jumpcutgoa.com/the-mango-story-teaser/ We hope you enjoy the show & thanks again for listening! Subscribe to Goa wherever you get your podcasts - UPDATE: New episodes released on the 1st & 15th of every month!
Jul 1, 2020
1 hr 2 min
Designed in India with Hemmant Jha of Honest Structures | Episode 06
Join us for a conversation between Luke Sequeira, Founder of Goa.me and this week's guest, Hemmant Jha.  Founder of Honest Structures, a Goa based modular furniture company that designs modest yet highly functional & aesthetically pleasing products for both living & working. Everyday Items which can be found in such cafes & co-working spaces as Cafe Rasa & Blue Tokai in Panjim as well as Sensible.Earth, Goa's Centre for Sustainability in Design Valley, Porvorim. Diving into what design in India and Goa means today, Hemmant & Luke explore what makes design Indian, what defines good design and why it's important to have a vision for the lifecycle of a product, considering the engagement of several generations to come.  You can also find out more about the rapid deployment series Hemmant mentions in connection with local medical and government agencies here: https://www.honeststructures.com/ucm.  To learn more about Honest Structures, be sure to check out their website honeststructures.com/ and follow them on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter: @honeststurctures. Plus, for additional insight into the Honest Structures story, we suggest reading the following article & interview with Hemmant Jha on ArchitecturalDigest.in: https://www.architecturaldigest.in/content/hemmant-jha-structure-furniture-line/ Cover photo by Fabian Franco for ArchitecturalDigest.in Thanks for listening & enjoy the show :) Subscribe to Goa wherever you get your podcasts - UPDATE: New episodes released on the 1st & 15th of every month!
Jun 17, 2020
37 min
Seaweed diving with Gabriella D'Cruz of The Good Ocean | Episode 05
In this episode we're talking all about SEAWEED! And who better to connect with than the specialist herself, Gabriella D'Cruz - a Marine Conservationist & Founder of The Good Ocean, a seaweed superfoods company looking to change the way we view our oceans. Join us for a conversation & exploration of Goa's potential as a hub not only for Seaweed cultivation but for homegrown businesses & innovative initiatives. Gabriella takes us on the journey from growing up in Goa to studying abroad, working in a seaweed mansion in Edinburgh and ultimately finding her way back home to set up a business of her own in Goa. Not to mention, Gabriella's involvement in numerous environmental campaigns such as the current #SAVEMOLLEMGOA which she discusses here and you can follow along on the campaign's Instagram page @savemollemgoa. To learn more about the incredible biodiversity of Goa's Mollem Wildlife Sanctuary that is currently under threat of 3 large development projects, we highly suggest reading this article 'Three projects and massive coal corridor worry Goa' by Ashwini Kamat for Civil Society Online.  You can find out more about The Good Ocean by following @thegoodocean on Instagram where Gabriella will keep you up to date on upcoming seaweed food products as well as fresh batches of cat & dog treats. Or simply follow along to enjoy the stunning imagery she shares from day to day life on Goa's stunning coast. Cover art photo credit: @sumehr We hope you enjoy the episode & thanks again for listening! Subscribe to Goa wherever you get your podcasts - UPDATE: New episodes released on the 1st & 15th of every month!
Jun 10, 2020
50 min
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