Don't follow the leader with Noah Martins of the NM8Escape Podcast | Episode 10
46 minutes Posted Aug 14, 2020 at 6:30 pm.
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Show notes

In this episode, we catch up with fellow podcaster & 19 year old comedian Noah Martins.

While Noah is currently enrolled at BITS Pilani Goa - Institute of Technology and Science for Engineering, he certainly hasn't wasted any time in craving a niche for himself as an up and coming content creator from Goa. With two podcast series (NM8Escape & Don't Follow the Leader) and a growing audience both for his episodes & stand up shows, Noah's interviews range from fellow comedians & accomplished entrepreneurs to venture capitalists & local environmentalists. Each with the goal of not only amplifying Goan voices but setting out to investigate and understand societies exceptions. 

You can find Noah on Instagram & Twitter @noahfromgoa and watch all of this videos at Noah Martins on Youtube. You can also listen to the NM8Escape podcast on Google Play, Apple Podcasts & Spotify among other platforms. Or catch up on the former BITS & Pieces podcast here!

Find Noah's first episode with Goan rapper Tsumyoki here as well as his conversation & live meme session with Maiche Kazar, Goa's largest meme  page here. Not to mention the newly released episode with Amination Director for Rick & Morty, Pete Michels here. As for additional episodes of interest, we suggest checking out the following: 

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Also, the Goa based comedy groups Noah mentions in this episode include: Las Viegas Comedy Club (LVC Comedy) & Kalakari Revolution

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