Great Goan mangoes with Ryan Semelhago | Episode 07
1 hour 2 minutes Posted Jul 1, 2020 at 9:30 am.
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Show notes

In this episode, we explore none other than the King of Fruit itself - the Great Goan Mango!

Join us for a conversation with our dear friend & Zodo Woodfire chef, Ryan Semelhago as we set out to uncover the story behind some of Goa's sweetest mangos. A documentation of a lifelong relationship with mangoes that begins under the shade of the Hillario mango tree at Ryan's maternal grandparents house. An enlightening encounter with Rajesh, a professional mango plucker with his team of expert climbers and a warehouse full of mangoes. A visit to the renowned Cardozo Malcurad tree in Mapusa, an interview with Nester Rangel, the agriculturist who has taken it upon himself to market this unique variety of the Malcurad Mango to the people of Goa and so much more!

As mentioned, you can learn more about Ryan's explorations in Goan cuisine on his Instagram @revryansemelhago & @zodo.woodfire as well as his Mango Stories Volume 01 & Volume 02 here!

You can also find JumpCut Goa's teaser for The Mango Story here: https://jumpcutgoa.com/the-mango-story-teaser/

We hope you enjoy the show & thanks again for listening!

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