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Lindsey Locke

Everything You Need To Know About Attachment | Meredith Berger, LMFT

55 minutes Posted Jun 16, 2022 at 9:50 am.
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Show notes

How trendy is it to talk about attachment, toxicity, and boundaries... answer, daily double, SO TRENDY. Friend, fellow therapist, and explorer of the human experience, Meredith Berger, joins me today to get up close and personal with these topics and tell it how it is!

Today, we dive into:

- Attachment Theory & Trauma

- Conflict Does Not Equal Toxicity

- Attachment Styles in Differing Relationships

- Taking Responsibility vs. Victim Shaming

- Fault Doesn’t Matter

- HEARTS Model

- Holding Your Partner’s Vulnerability

We've been planning this show for years, and it was SO worth the wait! Enjoy!

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