Get Psyched
Get Psyched
Lindsey Locke
Lindsey is here to Get Psyched on the human experience. With a background and career in Holistic Counseling Psychology, Lindsey invites listeners to get curious about their lives and what it means to be one's authentic self.Exploring sex, trauma, therapy, functional medicine, fitness, nutrition, and more, Lindsey and her guests share life experiences, psychological findings, and ancient wisdom to help inspire holistic outlooks on life and authenticity.
Staring Fear In The Face | Whitney Miller
Let's Get Psyched with Whitney Miller!
Mar 23
46 min
Getting The Love You Want |  Nick Solaczek
Let's Get Psyched with Nick Solaczek!
Mar 16
53 min
The Book of Boundaries | Melissa Urban
Let's Get Psyched with Melissa Urban!
Oct 20, 2022
44 min
Trust Your Training | Lauren Fisher, CrossFit Games Athlete
Jul 21, 2022
43 min
Walking WITH The Ego | Nick Denbeigh
Let's Get Psyched with Nick Denbeigh!
Jun 30, 2022
45 min
No Time For Bullsh*t | MDV
Let's Get Psyched [again] with MDV!
Jun 23, 2022
46 min
Everything You Need To Know About Attachment | Meredith Berger, LMFT
Jun 16, 2022
55 min
Conscious Kink & Communicating Desire |  Alexa Bowditch
Let's Get Psyched with Alexa Bowditch!
Jun 9, 2022
49 min
Post-Masculinity Detox | Bryn Daylor
Let's Get Psyched [again] with Bryn Daylor!
Jun 2, 2022
55 min
Silence & Surrender | Casey Ryan
Let's Get Psyched with Casey Ryan!
May 26, 2022
55 min
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