Get Psyched
Get Psyched
Lindsey Locke
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Podcast perfection
Lindsey’s podcast is incredible! An 8-10 hour journey along the coast of California called for none other than binge-listening to as many as I could! Not only is this podcast informative, it is authentic, funny, unique, inspiring, and balanced. It gives such an amazing perspective with a unique variety of guests and topics that can help in so many areas of your life. I love Lindsey’s vast amount of knowledge and have learned so much. A must listen!
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Medicine for life
Lindsey has created and awesome podcast that lets you check in with your soul and health every week. Her podcasts are a refreshing check in to new avenues within yourself and opens new doors to things you can there and have never thought about. Look forward to every episode and hands down a listen every week.
T and some Y
Pure gold
Linds is pure gold. Listen for refreshing honesty, humor, and clinical excellence. Enjoy while you grow!
I dabble with many “self-help” podcasts, and Lindsey’s Get Psyched surpasses them all. With a wide variety of guests, she’s sure to cover all the bases, From Psychedelics to healthy relationships, to balancing the busy-ness life. I am always eager and excited when a new podcast comes out because it’s always something different with new perspectives. I appreciate how She gives a good balance of her own personal views and experience along with factual information while posing intellectual questioning and dialogue with her guests. I always have deep takeaways from her podcasts and can directly apply the topics to my daily life
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Locking in a top notch podcast!
You know you’ve found a good one when the host takes a little hiatus, and you literally check everyday for months to see if there’s a new episode yet. She’s BACK, and the new season is 🔥. Lindsay and her guests bring so much thought provoking content and value to the table. She is so easy to listen to, and I love the mixture of intelligence, personality, relatability, and genuine awesomesauce that she encompasses! Love Get Psyched and looking forward to more! Keep it coming girl!
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The G.O.A.T.
Finally a podcast about counseling that I actually enjoy listening to. Lindsey’s approach to relationships, metal health, sex, trauma, etc, is so genuine and relatable it feels like a conversation with a close friend. Many other podcasts on the same topics are unbearably pretentious and out of tune with real people and real problems. Not Lindsey! Anytime I need a pick-me-up I tune in to her latest episode and feel so much better. Everyone I’ve recommended Get Psyched to loves it. Keep up the great work!
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Dragon and Night Hawk
Podcast Brain Food!
In a world with many surface level podcast options available to fill your spare time, Lindsey dives deep into real world psychology concepts with experts in the field, all the while in an environment that feels like you’re discussing them with friends in your living room.
Your day will be better after listening
I always just feel better after listening to Lindsey. She provides such an wasteful balance between educating and entertaining. A must listen.
A must listen
Lindsey provides a fresh perspective on a variety of fascinating topics each week. I feel like I’m learning and growing with each new episode - definitely check it out!
Amazing podcast
Must check it out! Excellent topics and always open minded! Lindsey really cares and reaches out to her listeners to tackle topics that may otherwise be uncomfortable to discuss and she turns them into growth and learning experiences without any shame!
Soap flake
Passionate and Insightful
Amazing podcast! I love the enthusiasm and the topics lindsey brings to her show. Her perspective on these topics are refreshing.
Always learning
My weekly dose of heart, mind and soul expansion. Always something new and thought provoking. Love the free flowing conversations and unique stories. Definitely tune in!
Must listen
This podcast is amazing! Lindsey brings such a beautiful perspective to healing, health, and relational well-being. Definitely recommend listening and am so grateful for it!
Erin Monson
Give a listen!
Lindsey is very insightful, engaging and down to earth. Highly recommend!
Thumbs up
Solid pod. Covers a lot of good topics in detail and has interesting guests as well
Lindsey brings a grounding, warming light to the mental health issues we all encounter in our day to day. She does an amazing job of integrating a clinical perspective with spiritual and every day experience. Can’t recommend this podcast enough!
Love this podcast!
I absolutely love this podcast. The conversations Lindsey has are genuine, insightful and have me both laughing and in tears. She interviews some really interesting people and always brings her whole heart to each episode.
Jaelyn Wolf
Must Listen!
Lindsey makes listening and learning all about psychology and this experience we call life, fun and relatable! Sharing the pod with all my psychology babes, friends, family alike!
Truly Amazing!!!!
I love listening to Lindsey! She’s so genuine and she always keeps the conversations real and exciting! The episodes are very educational, I’m excited to keep listening. I also love the solo episodes, more of that pleaseeee!
Amazing content!
I absolutely love this podcast! The content is so relatable and Lindsey brings such a refreshing perspective to the wellness community 500/5 stars
I could literally sit and listen you this woman talk all day!
Amazing! 🎙
This podcast is educational and therapeutic. I love that she is able to relate psychology with sex, trauma, and holistic healing. Beautiful!
Genuine and relatable!
Love a good therapy podcast! Lindsey is so genuine and relatable and keeps it real. I appreciate that you can clearly tell how much she cares! She also takes the time to respond to her listeners. As humans we just want to be understood, especially navigating mental health, therapy, personal growth etc and this is such a safe place/space to do so.I’m excited to keep listening and sharing with others!
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Enjoyed Both Solo & Guests
Found you because of I follow @bradley.Thor on Instagram. I just listened to your solo one and absolutely loved it!!!!! Will continue listening and I subscribed. I would love to hear more solo ones 🙂 but definitely love the guests also
Get Psyched is amazing!
Lindsey Locke has created a fun, meaningful, introspective, get-real podcast for everyone to enjoy. While listening, I feel as if I’m curled up on the couch with Lindsey & her guests enjoying juicy, raw and real conversations. Can’t wait to hear who the next guest will be!
Yes to more SOLOS
So glad I came across your podcast. I started with the SOLO episode and since you asked, absolutely I vote yes for many more of those. You have so much wisdom to share and the podcast world needs more YOU.
Lindsay is a special human
Once upon a time I went to a wedding with Lindsay. It was a mormon wedding so we door dashed a bottle of vodka to the wedding and hid it under the table. In a way, this podcast is similar to that bottle of Titos. A beacon of light in an otherwise desolate wasteland of poorly formed ideologies. In a world full of mind-numbing life advice, Lindsay brings a practical and relatable sense to the podcast ecosystem.
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Favourite podcast! Always super interesting episodes and lovedddd the solo ep - Love hearing Lindsey get uncomfortable and push the boundaries. Keep them coming! Can’t get enough✨✨✨
Beautifully said!!
Lindsey has amazing delivery and conviction in what she talks about.
No need to listen twice
Lindsey has an incredible talent in dropping profound knowledge in an easily digestible and understandable form.
Breath of Fresh Air!!!
Lindsey is authentic, refreshing, and dialed in! She’s got a great way of navigating the conversation with her guests and getting the most out of each discussion. Not only is the conversation seamless and thorough but the topics are also really interesting and relevant. She’s doing a great job mixing it up and getting different guests and keeping every episode fresh!
Lindsey gives some amazing insight in every conversation she has with her guests without leaving the audience bored! Each episode has a unique topic that is both interesting and intellectual, leaving you captivated on every word. Super informative! I’ve absolutely loved every episode so far! Can’t wait to hear more 🤩 This is definitely a podcast worth giving a listen!!
Tuned In
Lindsey is an amazing interviewer who has great information to bring to any topic that we discussed and this podcast will help so many find their paths. 💫 What a gift she is! People can relate to her style and her energy is palpable.
Soulstrength Med
The podcast we’ve all been (unconsciously) waiting for.
Lindsey is a force of nature. A very wise soul who has the capability of leveling with just about anyone and everyone. The topics she touches on in her podcast hit home and are so relevant, it’s sometime freaky (is she a psychic?!). I’m so grateful to have found a podcast that speaks to me in the way Lindsey does. She’s warm, inviting, funny, real, unapologetic, bold and comforting. She speaks about what makes some feel uncomfortable, but these are the conversations we are meant to have and what help us GROW as individuals. What more could you ask for? Keep doing you, girl. Keep pumping out all the incredible content because the world needs to hear it... I AM HERE FOR IT.
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Top rate
Lindsey makes you feel like you’re in a room with her and the guest. She brings people on that you can learn from on a multitude of levels. Give it a listen!
Nat Hydock
Fiercely Feminine and so enjoyable!
Lindsey has a beautiful way of bringing humor, compassion and curiosity to her conversations. It’s so refreshing to hear dialogue with guests that range in style and experiences; as they all contribute so much wisdom! Listen to this pod! ⚡️❤️
So insightful....
Great content. I learn something every podcast.
Came for Thoren, Stayed for Lindsay!
Great episode, great space! Subscribed!
If Your Hearts Not In It, I Don't Want You There
I found my way to this podcast as a result of following Thoren on social media. The dialogue was insightful and I feel challenged to try a different approach at how I view my life. Often times we want to think that there is a magic pill that will solve everything but sadly, that's not the case. It all boils down to us asking questions, being vulnerable and learning from our mistakes. Great podcast! You have a new subscriber! 🙋🏻‍♂️
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powerfully put
as a psychotherpist myself, i found this really refreshing + insightful. Lindsey is a great host!
Loooove Lindsey!
Lindsey is so intelligent, knowledgeable, raw, and REAL. LOVE all of the different vulnerable topics that she dives into with such confidence and her own unique personality. Lindsey’s ability to speak eloquently and conceptualize topics is done beautifully. 10/10
Love It!
Listening to Lindsey chat with people with varying view points has been incredibly insightful and comforting. It feels like I am sitting down with some close friends and diving into issues that really speak to our stage of adulthood. Overall I have been loving it. I highly suggest settling in and giving this podcast a go!
An insightful and powerful breath of fresh air
Not many podcasts resonate with me - a mid 20-something who is trying to find his way in the world - but this podcast speaks to me in so many ways. I find myself learning so much every time a new episode airs and I leave each episode so inspired - one might even say I feel “psyched” ;) Lindsey is a wealth of knowledge and would recommend this podcast to everyone and their cat!
Dillon Hogan
Genuine, authentic, conversation!
Love these episodes and especially the host! Lindsay has an amazing way with her words and you can just feel her authenticity. I super appreciate the non-snobby approach on these topics. 10/10 recommend. You heard it hear first!
Dallas Terrell
Amazing beyond words
Lindsey is absolutely brilliant, so knowledgeable in so many subjects-and an absolute joy to listen to. She is so relatable and fun, which is what matters most to me and I’m sure plenty of other listeners these days. This podcast is the real deal ya’ll.
I love this show
I listen to a lot of shows but haven’t found one that’s kept me engaged in a while...and that’s changed with this show! Lindsey is a great host and the conversations are natural, meaningful, and deeply impactful. I’m so psyched for this show!
Finally someone who is relatable and honest! Breath of fresh air
If a warm cup of tea was a podcast...
Listening to Lindsey is like hanging out with an old friend. This podcast is always a great listen and I learn something new every episode. Lindsey is super knowledgable and makes heavy topics more approachable.
A mix between Fergie and Jesus
So happy to have stumbled upon this podcast. Lindsey is down to earth and real! Can’t wait for more episodes!
Let’s be real...
This podcast is like a breath of fresh air, a warm cup of coffee, and a virtual hug all in one. Lindsey is perfectly down to earth, uniquely genuine, and super smart — she meets each guest’s energy where they’re at and can draw ideas out of them like only your oldest friend can. Psyched for more of this content!
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