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Select live performances of Widespread Panic and related music. Each week we try to bring you the interesting and the amazing from our large collection of live Widespread Panic.
PaniCast 73 - Playa Quatro Highlights DOS
The final two nights of Playa contained many treats and amazing guest performances. The Jam out of Drums before Barstools that we open with in this podcast sounds to me like a new original instrumental. Enjoy! January 26, 2015 Drums > Jam > Barstools and Dreamers Christmas Katie, Mardi Gras in New Orleans (with Dirty Dozen Brass Band) January 27, 2015 Time is Free Turn on Your Lovelight (with Col. Bruce Hampton, George Porter, Jr. and Randall Bramblett) Red Hot Mama > Arlene, Fishwater Vacation (with George Porter Jr., Grant Green Jr., Ivan Neville, Nikki Gillespie, Randall Bramblett) January 26, 2015 You Can't Always Get What You Want End of the Show (with Bloodkin) DOWNLOAD the cast here (right click to save to hard drive): Everyday Companion Podcast 73 Click here to subscribe through iTunes.
Feb 8, 2015
PaniCast 72 - Playa Cuatro Highlights UNO
                                                               photo of Playa Cuatro on 1/24/15 crowd by Josh Timmermans Widespread Panic just finished four nights in the Dominican Republic at Panic en la Playa Cuatro - and to my ears it sounded like the boys were having a really fine time of it.... plus there were some sweet guest performances as well (more of that in part two). So I figured I would pare down the 12 hours of music to a two part PaniCast of highlights. Part one includes highlights from night number one, two and three... ENJOY!! January 24, 2015 For What It's Worth > Sell Sell > Stop Go > Blue Indian (Fire on the Mountain jam during Stop Go) Waiting on the Bus > Jesus Just Left Chicago > Love Tractor January 25, 2015 Coconut > Walk On Rebirtha (Not Fade Away and Jessica jams and China Cat Sunflower tease during Rebirtha) January 26, 2015 Barstools and Dreamers > Drums SOURCE INFO (all four nights of Cuatro) Bennett Schwartz 1/24/15 Schoeps ccm41>DinA>KC5>CMC6>analog>788T (HPF 0) 24/48 FOB/DFC 40' back , stand and @ 9' 1/25/15 and 1/26/15 Schoeps ccm41>DinA>KC5>CMC6>analog>788T (HPF 0) 24/48 FOB/DFC 40' back , stand and @ 8' DOWNLOAD the cast here (right click to save to hard drive): Everyday Companion Podcast 72 Click here to subscribe through iTunes.
Feb 1, 2015
PaniCast 71 - "Well, 'no' is a very... that's a big word."
Jimmy Herring circa 1994 In the spring of 1994 the Grateful Dead were still touring, I got married and began my graduate studies at DePaul University. Working full-time in the printing and publications department of my alma mater and going to school full time left me with little time for live music or much of a social life. But in the summer of 1994, all I had to do was work full time... and take some of my precious earned vacation time to see some music. After 25 years of actively seeking out live musical experiences, the summer of 1994 stands out as a highlight. In particular, the ten day period of July 14 - 24, 1994 stands out as one of the most ambitious musical experiences of my life. Thursday 7/14/94 - work 9 - 5, Widespread Panic, The Vic (Aquarium Rescue Unit opened) Friday 7/15/94 - work 9 - 5 Saturday 7/16/94 drive 5.5 hours to Ames, IA -  Widespread Panic, People's Bar and Grill Sunday 7/17/94 - drive back to Chicago Monday 7/18/94 - work 9 - 5, 3 hour drive to the Riverbend Campground outside of Noblesville, IN. Tuesday 7/19/94 - Grateful Dead, Deer Creek Ampitheatre Wednesday 7/20/94 - Grateful Dead, Deer Creek Ampitheatre Thursday 7/21/94 - Grateful Dead, Deer Creek Ampitheatre Friday 7/22/94 - drive back to Chicago, celebrate birthday at Martyrs' Saturday 7/23/94 - Grateful Dead, Soldier Field, Chicago Sunday 7/24/94 - Grateful Dead, Soldier Field, Chicago 5 Dead shows, 2 Panic shows and 3 full days of work in 11 days. But you are here to hear about Widespread Panic. That July 14th show at the Vic was originally scheduled for a larger venue, the newly opened Skyline Stage on Navy pier. But Peter Frampton used his own PA a couple of weeks earlier which led to the venue not allowing Widespread to use their PA....  I'll add that this change in venue happened after the band and crew had arrived in the early morning of July 14 to set the stage. Several dozen people were turned away at the door of the Vic because of overcrowding and the air conditioning failed before the band even hit the stage. The Aquarium Rescue Unit (without Col. Bruce but with Kofi Burbridge on keys and flute and Paul Henson on vocals) opened for Panic. I wonder if Jimmy Herring ever had a sense of deja vu when sharing the stage with  Widespread Panic? Or perhaps being in the Aquarium Rescue Unit was like LIVING in deja vu! I featured the final two songs and the encore of Panic's one set show back in PaniCast #4.... PaniCast #4 - Sweating to July 14, 1994 The Vic Theatre, Chicago. This week I bring you the opening of the first set up through the drum break in Papa's Home. I've also added a couple of great radio studio performances from 1993 and some silly interviews... July 14, 1994 The Vic Theatre Chicago, IL (set one opener) Heroes > Weight of the World, Pilgrims Porch Song May 3, 1993 KTCZ 97.1 Studios Minneapolis, MN Interview Wondering July 14, 1994 continues Little Kin, It Ain't No Use > Travelin' Light May 10, 1993 WDET 101.9 FM Detroit, MI Interview Henry Parsons Died July 14, 1994 continues Junior, Stop-Go > Papa's Home July 14, 1994  Aquarium Rescue Unit (opening for Widespread Panic) Vic Theatre Chicago, IL Fixin' to Die (calling out to 'Garrie' during the song... same Garrie?) Jimmy Herring on guitar Oteil Burbridge on bass/vocals Apartment Q258 on drums Kofi Burbridge on keys/flute Paul Henson on vocals LISTENER'S GUIDE: 7/14/94 Listen how Weight of the World starts with Dave melodically driving the song forward until Mikey takes control and leads into the third verse. This allows DAS to switch to a percussive slap bass technique, nearly teasing 'We Want the Funk....' at one point. The Pilgrims intro is so mellow, almost like they backing into the song. Feeling confident and conversational in the way they are playing....  - and so we listen, and if it's real good, and we shake. And then Houser takes a solo and the heat is on! Check out the jam that begins about 5 and a half minutes into Ain't No Use.... soaring, triumphant, lovely. And again around the 5 and a half minute mark in Papa's Home a graceful and confident jam. Houser's leads are reminiscent of a yet-to-be-written Surprise Valley. 5/3/93 and 5/10/93 Being asked by radio DJs about being from Athens and REM must've gotten old and you can't blame JB Jack the Jester for trying to have a little fun with them in the process.  I just love JB talking about Sunny in the 5/10 interview; 'Sometimes he rubs them. Sometimes he shakes them.' 7/14/94 ARU The band calls out for "Gary" during Fixin' to Die.... leaving me wondering if they were somehow calling out to Garrie Vereen.... SOURCE INFO: 7/14/94 Source: SBD > DAT @ 48.0khz > Analog(master) Transfer: Analog(master) > Tascam DA-45HR @ 44.1khz > Audiophile 24/96 USB > Cool Edit 2000 > CDwave > FLAC(level 6) Converted and edited by D.P. Swint Seeded by Patrick Wood 5/3/93 Source: FM > Cass (?) > CD Transfer: Pioneer CD-070 > HHB 800 > EAC (secure) > CDWave > MKWAct SHN v.3 flac  5/10/93 Source: FM > Cass (?) > CD Transfer: Pioneer CD-070 > HHB 800 > EAC (secure) > CDWave > MKWAct SHN v.3 > flac 7/14/94  Aquarium Rescue Unit  Source: SBD > DA-P20 @ 48.0khz Transfer: Tascam DA-45HR > Audiophile 24/96 USB > WaveLab 5.01a > CDwave > FLAC(level 6) Converted and edited by D.P. Swint Photo: screen shot from YouTube video of ARU in Jacksonville circa 1994 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7-dxV4_D-E DOWNLOAD the cast here (right click to save to hard drive): Everyday Companion Podcast 71 Click here to subscribe through iTunes.
Jan 25, 2015
PaniCast #70 Let's Get Down to Business, SHALL WE?!
Good evening Ladies and Gents! It is hard to believe it has been SIX YEARS since we stopped doing these little nuggets of goodness... For this next first time out of the gate I am including some tasty treats from the start of spring tour 1999. The band is feeling firey right of the gate in Philly - in particular, listen for JBs vocal embellishments during the second chorus of Let's Get Down to Business. The quintessential Pleas > Chilly from Salem features a lazy jammy intro to Pleas that was indicative of how the band would get things going in Spring '99. Get excited about 1999, because I am going to be featuring a few more tracks from this under-appreciated Spring Tour in future weeks! I finish everything off with a couple of selections from the Stockholm Syndrome tour of 2004 at the Gothic in Denver Colorado. Stockholm Syndrome is a side project of David Schools featuring Jerry Joseph on guitar and vocals, Eric McFadden on lead guitar, Wally Ingram on drums and Danny Dziuk on keys. Their version of North is driving and includes a ZZ Top tease while their funky version of Coudn't Get it Right features a Down on the Farm tease. And finally, please tell your friends and neighbors we are back. Believe it or not these 'casts take a good bit of time to produce and it would be a waste if people weren't sharing this wonderful music. And finally a BIG THANK YOU to all of the tapers and fans who make these recordings and this wonderful project called the Everyday Companion possible. Peace, Ted April 10, 1999 Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA (set one opener) Let's Get Down to Business, Pigeons, B of D > Rebirtha > Red Hot Mama > Diner > Greta > Goin' Out West April 9, 1999 Salem, VA (set 2 opener) Pleas > Chilly Water > Dyin' Man > Chilly Water Stockholm Syndrome August 6, 2004 Gothic Theater Englewood, CO North > Couldn't Get it Right Source Info: 4/10/99 Source: Schoeps MK4 > Reutelhuber > DA-P1 @ 48 kHz Location: FOB / DFC / ORTF / 6ft Taped by Jim Finn. Clone courtesy of Carter Lyle. Transferred by BobbyHurley. 4/9/99 Source:  (fob/dfc) Schoeps mk4 (ortf @ 6.5 ft.) > Reutelhuber > DA-P1 @ 48 kHz Taped by:  Jim Finn  (clone courtesy of Carter Lyle) Transfer by:  BobbyHurley Stockholm Syndrome 8/6/04 Taped and transferred by Todd Ramsden Source:  FOB, 3' LoC, Drink rail:  Audix m1290 > Lunatec V3 (optical out) > Nomad JB3 DOWNLOAD the cast here (right click to save to hard drive): Everyday Companion Podcast #70 Click here to subscribe through iTunes.
Jan 18, 2015
PaniCast 69 Vinyl Origins Part 2
This 'cast continues to explore the influences of Widespread Panic's music. Michael Stanley's second solo album, Friends and Legends, is featured prominently this time around. The band Stanley was playing with on this album was a who's who of mid-seventies rock; Dan Fogelberg, Richie Furay, David Sanborn, Bill Szymczyk, and Joe Walsh (AND his band Barnstorm). J. Geils even got in on the act by producing the saxophone tracks. It also was produced in my current stomping grounds of Colorado... Let's Get the Show on the Road is one of my favorite Panic covers and Funky is the Drummer is a crazy jam/rap that JB has slipped into a couple of times. I really had alot of fun putting this one together - turn it up and invite the friends over... and tear the roof of the sucker! Let's Get the Show on the Road Michael Stanley from the album "Friends and Legends" She Caught the Katy Albert King from the album "Lovejoy" Funky is the Drummer Michael Stanley from the album "Friends and Legends" Give up the Funk (Tear the Roof of the Sucker) Parliament from the album "Mothership Connection" Wang Dang Doodle Koko Taylor from the album "The Earthshaker" Can't Find My Way Home Blind Faith from the album "Blind Faith" Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning Hot Tuna from the album "First Pull Up, The Pull Down" Knocking 'round the Zoo James Taylor and the Original Flying Machine from the album "James Taylor and the Original Flying Machine" Shouldn't Have Took More than You Gave Dave Mason from the album "Alone Together" Tipitina Professor Longhair from the album "New Orleans Piano" John's Other Hot Tuna from the album "First Pull Up, The Pull Down" Just Like a Woman Bob Dylan from the album "Blonde on Blonde" Spoonful Willie Dixon from the album "I am the Blues" Glad Traffic from the album " John Barleycorn Must Die" Let's Get it On Marvin Gaye from the album "Let's Get it On" DOWNLOAD the cast here (right click to save to hard drive): Everyday Companion Podcast #69 Click here to subscribe through iTunes.
Oct 24, 2009
PaniCast 68 The Vinyl Origins part 1
Hi, yes, it's me again. Should I address the fact I haven't done a broadcast in a long, long, long time? Let's see if I can pick up where I left off. One open item: I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the archive project that has been started by Horace Moore and the band (and Chris Rabold). This is a worthy project and one that every one of you should be helping support by purchasing the releases. September 8, 1997 is an amazing show and should will be one of the greatest Spreadhead stocking stuffers in recent memory. The archive project is depending on us, the fans, for it's success. By supporting the project through your purchase of an archive recording you are ensuring that MORE MORE MORE archives are released in the future. And who knows, perhaps the next release will be the one you've been wishing for! Now let's get down to business During the time you last heard from me I was bitten by a musical bug - the vinyl bug. Last October I found a working turntable and about 20 albums. Today I've got 4 working turntables and a whole bunch of vinyl.... As I was flipping through stacks of worn sleeves in the bins of Albums on the Hill and Twist and Shout I found myself meditating on how vinyl was heavily influential on generations of musicians. Rediscovering how the long format of an LP made each side of an album an event. Ruminating on how the ultimate expression of a musical artist's mastery (or indulgence) was the 'concept album.' The experience of listening to a vinyl album requires an immersion in the experience: Interpreting album art, removing the disc from the sleeve, placing it on the spindle, gently resting the needle down, hear the familiar crackle of dust and vinyl, the anticipation of the fist sounds of the first song.... Take a moment to think about the last time you pressed a single button to listen to your music. Widespread is well known for their covers versions of songs... Songs that the band members would have experienced for the first time on vinyl. SO why not a "Panic Covers and Influences" podcast taken directly from the vinyl sources?!? Without further ado I present to you various covers and influences recorded directly from albums in my collection... Savor Jingo Santana from the album "Santana" Are You Ready for the Country? Neil Young from the album "Journey Through the Past (soundtrack)" Superstition Stevie Wonder from the album "Talking Book" Starship Trooper 1. Life Seeker 2. Disillusion 3. Würm Yes from the album "The Yes Album" Space Truckin' Deep Purple from the album "Machine Head" Pretty Love Tractor from the album "Athens, GA. - Inside/Out (soundtrack)" For What It's Worth Mr. Soul Buffalo Springfield from the album "Journey Through the Past (soundtrack)" All Along the Watchtower Bob Dylan from the album "Bob Dylan at Budokan" I Wish Stevie Wonder from the album "Songs in the Key of Life" Bowlegged Woman, Knock-Kneed Man Hot Tuna from the album "Hoppkorv" Dirty Business New Riders of the Purple Sage from the album "New Riders of the Purple Sage" DOWNLOAD the cast here (right click to save to hard drive): Everyday Companion Podcast #68 Click here to subscribe through iTunes.
Sep 25, 2009
PaniCast 67 - Chasing your own Tail
Take a listen to how easily the band slides into Party at Your Mama's House after Rebirtha this week. The band had obviously worked on PAYMH over the course of the previous 6 months and this is a fine example of how the song had matured at his point in their career. JB then proceeds to completely blow the lyrics to Can't Find My Way Home, but I still enjoy the power the band is able to bring - JB follows this up with a solo acoustic version of Gradle, which we come back to at the end of the cast. A backwards Porch Take Out pairing helps us dive headlong into a Driving sandwich featuring an epic Hope in a Hopeless World. Yes, epic. The Breathing Slow features JoJo (I think) saying "See you later" and Dave laughing maniacally before they hit the stride of that jam - I remember listening to this show once in the middle of the night and having that section of music give me the chills. I edited out the Mercy Nobody's Fault and I urge you to seek this show out and listen to it as well as the first set... well worth the effort. Walk On Chilly - does it get any more quintessential than that?? And we finish the aforementioned Gradle - JB solo acoustic, pouring his emotions into the rendition. Make sure to check out the Flash player for streaming the 'cast - you have to let the entire 'cast preload before playing, but it should be worth the wait. Any how, let me know what you think... Many thanks to Steve Bullock for his help with that player. November 9, 1997 Ann Arbor, MI Rebirtha Party at Your Mama's House Help Me Somebody Encore #1: Can't Find My Way Home April 21, 1996 Boalsburg, PA Porch Song The Take Out Tall Boy Driving Song Hope in a Hopeless World Driving Song Breathing Slow Walk On Chilly Water November 9, 1997 Ann Arbor, MI Encore #2: John Bell solo acoustic Gradle DOWNLOAD the cast here (right click to save to hard drive): Everyday Companion Podcast #67 Click here to subscribe through iTunes.
Dec 7, 2008
PaniCast 66 ... and we're back
Is it really November? Well I certainly did not intend to be away for so long... What have I been up to? Let's just say I've been busy. Let's hop back in by playing the rest of the second set from that 1996 Oak Mountain show we featured way back in March. And then we'll feature a few tracks from the November 2000 run through the Pacific Northwest. There are some sick jamming during that One Kind Favor and I ma not sure who keeps making the kissey noises, but all in all a very spirited version of that song. The Bowlegged features the obligatory JB rap, but this one includes a line about the events transpiring in Washington at the time (of course the recount and legal battle of election 2000 were in full swing at this point). We'll do our best to bring more music every week - sorry we were away for so long! June 28, 1996 Oak Mountain with David Blackmon on fiddle The Take Out Blackout, Proving Ground Arlene Hatfield Porch Song (Pusherman tease by Schools before Hatfield) November 10, 2000 Bozeman, MT Astronomy Domine Jam One Kind Favor, Blue Indian (Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun tease by Schools before Astronomie) November 11, 2000 And It Stoned Me Bowlegged Woman DOWNLOAD the cast here (right click to save to hard drive): Everyday Companion Podcast #66 Click here to subscribe through iTunes.
Nov 19, 2008
PaniCast 65 Good Dogs (and a Cat too)
This week we bring you some sweet music from the two night run of shows in 1992 at the legendary Ziggy's in Winston-Salem, NC. These songs of challenges, rising to meet adversity and remembering good times is a long distance dedication - to all the everyday feline and canine companions brightening our world. September 29, 1990 Murfreesboro, TN The Earth Will Swallow You May 24, 1992 Ziggy's Winston-Salem, NC Dog Song Walk On Weight of the World It Ain't No Use Jam (with Brown Cat Rap) Tie Your Shoes Red Beans Cookin' May 25, 1992 Ziggy's C. Brown Just Kissed My Baby (with Cissy Strut jam and Night People rap) DOWNLOAD the cast here (right click to save to hard drive): Everyday Companion Podcast #65 Click here to subscribe through iTunes.
May 3, 2008
PaniCast 64 WSP + SC + NC = mc2
Energy = Mass multiplied by the Speed of Light squared. E = mc2. This week we've got a combination of energetic performances that, when mixed, prove the formula; WSP + NC + SC = Energy! December 30, 1995 Spartanburg, SC Heroes Rock A of D 1 x 1 Pigeons Mercy JAM Flat Footed Flewzy E: And It Stoned Me April 9, 1996 Wilmington, NC Sleepy Monkey Radio Child JAM DOWNLOAD the cast here (right click to save to hard drive): Everyday Companion Podcast #64 Click here to subscribe through iTunes.
Apr 5, 2008
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