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PaniCast 66 ... and we're back
1 seconds Posted Nov 20, 2008 at 3:02 am.
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Show notes
Is it really November? Well I certainly did not intend to be away for so long... What have I been up to? Let's just say I've been busy. Let's hop back in by playing the rest of the second set from that 1996 Oak Mountain show we featured way back in March. And then we'll feature a few tracks from the November 2000 run through the Pacific Northwest. There are some sick jamming during that One Kind Favor and I ma not sure who keeps making the kissey noises, but all in all a very spirited version of that song. The Bowlegged features the obligatory JB rap, but this one includes a line about the events transpiring in Washington at the time (of course the recount and legal battle of election 2000 were in full swing at this point). We'll do our best to bring more music every week - sorry we were away for so long! June 28, 1996 Oak Mountain with David Blackmon on fiddle The Take Out Blackout, Proving Ground Arlene Hatfield Porch Song (Pusherman tease by Schools before Hatfield) November 10, 2000 Bozeman, MT Astronomy Domine Jam One Kind Favor, Blue Indian (Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun tease by Schools before Astronomie) November 11, 2000 And It Stoned Me Bowlegged Woman DOWNLOAD the cast here (right click to save to hard drive): Everyday Companion Podcast #66 Click here to subscribe through iTunes.