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PaniCast #70 Let's Get Down to Business, SHALL WE?!
1 seconds Posted Jan 18, 2015 at 5:21 pm.
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Show notes
Good evening Ladies and Gents! It is hard to believe it has been SIX YEARS since we stopped doing these little nuggets of goodness... For this next first time out of the gate I am including some tasty treats from the start of spring tour 1999. The band is feeling firey right of the gate in Philly - in particular, listen for JBs vocal embellishments during the second chorus of Let's Get Down to Business. The quintessential Pleas > Chilly from Salem features a lazy jammy intro to Pleas that was indicative of how the band would get things going in Spring '99. Get excited about 1999, because I am going to be featuring a few more tracks from this under-appreciated Spring Tour in future weeks! I finish everything off with a couple of selections from the Stockholm Syndrome tour of 2004 at the Gothic in Denver Colorado. Stockholm Syndrome is a side project of David Schools featuring Jerry Joseph on guitar and vocals, Eric McFadden on lead guitar, Wally Ingram on drums and Danny Dziuk on keys. Their version of North is driving and includes a ZZ Top tease while their funky version of Coudn't Get it Right features a Down on the Farm tease. And finally, please tell your friends and neighbors we are back. Believe it or not these 'casts take a good bit of time to produce and it would be a waste if people weren't sharing this wonderful music. And finally a BIG THANK YOU to all of the tapers and fans who make these recordings and this wonderful project called the Everyday Companion possible. Peace, Ted April 10, 1999 Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA (set one opener) Let's Get Down to Business, Pigeons, B of D > Rebirtha > Red Hot Mama > Diner > Greta > Goin' Out West April 9, 1999 Salem, VA (set 2 opener) Pleas > Chilly Water > Dyin' Man > Chilly Water Stockholm Syndrome August 6, 2004 Gothic Theater Englewood, CO North > Couldn't Get it Right Source Info: 4/10/99 Source: Schoeps MK4 > Reutelhuber > DA-P1 @ 48 kHz Location: FOB / DFC / ORTF / 6ft Taped by Jim Finn. Clone courtesy of Carter Lyle. Transferred by BobbyHurley. 4/9/99 Source:  (fob/dfc) Schoeps mk4 (ortf @ 6.5 ft.) > Reutelhuber > DA-P1 @ 48 kHz Taped by:  Jim Finn  (clone courtesy of Carter Lyle) Transfer by:  BobbyHurley Stockholm Syndrome 8/6/04 Taped and transferred by Todd Ramsden Source:  FOB, 3' LoC, Drink rail:  Audix m1290 > Lunatec V3 (optical out) > Nomad JB3 DOWNLOAD the cast here (right click to save to hard drive): Everyday Companion Podcast #70 Click here to subscribe through iTunes.