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Easy Listening
Are you listening to a podcast, as you search for a new podcast, because you’re obsessed with podcasts? This is the place for your ears. Gina Grad and Teresa Strasser (The Adam Carolla Show) celebrate and break down your favorite shows using audio clips and interviews to highlight the stuff that makes them burst out laughing, burst out crying and burst out into night sweats. (There's also a better than average chance that a clip they share will lead to a juicy reveal about themselves.) There are half a million podcasts in this world; G & T are here to help navigate with this weekly walk down podcast lane.
Easy Listening - Ep. 129 - Keep it to a Minimum
Gina loves stuff and she doesn't say that casually. Would she like to live in a house that always looks like it’s ready for a pristine commercial shoot? ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY. But when it comes to cutting out the clutter, every day is a struggle. Good thing G&T found two minimalists who practice what they preach to teach the rest of us how to clear the crap out of our lives.
Sep 23
42 min
Easy Listening - Ep. 128 - MY BIG FAT PODCAST WEDDING
This month, Gina will tie the knot in front of podcast luminaries -- Adam Carolla, Dr. Drew, Mark Geragos, Bald Bryan. Who will make an insultingly unenthusiastic toast? Who will pull focus from the bride? On this special wedding episode, a look back at some Adam Carolla show staff weddings. Teresa Strasser and Gina Grad welcome you to Easy Listening, a podcast about podcasts, and today a podcast about the weddings of podcasters. Something old, something new, something borrowed and two Jews!
Sep 16
50 min
Easy Listening - Ep. 127 -  WHEN THE GUEST HATES YOU
What happens when a guest you’re looking forward to meeting doesn’t think you’re so great? Sammy “The Bull” Gravano visited the Adam Carolla Show recently and seemed less than charmed by Gina. In fact, he was downright scary. Today on Easy Listening, a podcast about podcasts, Gina and Teresa dissect Sammy’s podcast, “Our Thing” as one of the greatest shows in the mob genre and get into the in-studio dust up.
Sep 9
38 min
Easy Listening - Ep. 126 - LET’S GET STOIC
What are the magic words when we like life is giving us a raw deal? Enter, Courage,Temperance, Justice, and Wisdom. These are the main principles of the roman-based Stoic philosophy that some say is the way to happiness, healing and simply accepting what is. And today, author and podcaster Ryan Holiday is going to offer up a few more tools we can stick in our emotional tool shed when everything just seems like too much. Gina and Teresa welcome you to Easy Listening, a podcast about podcasts.
Sep 2
43 min
An unknown gets a huge break in show business, only to be undone by idiotic comments made on a podcast years before. Just last week, it was the host of Jeopardy. With thousands of podcasts, if you become well-known, but have said something regrettable on a past podcast, the Internet will find it. If you were trying to be edgy but maybe some light racism and sexism popped out, that’s also gonna be bad. This is Easy Listening, a podcast about podcasts, Teresa Strasser and Gina Grad welcome you to the show.
Aug 26
43 min
Easy Listening - Ep. 124 - They Made it Weird and We Loved It
Pete Holmes delivers a spiritual comedy sermon of a podcast called “You Made It Weird,” one of the first podcasts we covered on our show, and a one of our favorites. The pandemic brought a new flavor of weirdness “We Made It Weird” and Pete shares the mic with his wife Sweet Lady Val. They get silly and serious, discuss stand up, writing, creativity, meditation, the meaning of life. They get in married-couple kinds of fights in real time and make up with a level of kindness that warms our hearts.
Aug 19
42 min
Easy Listening - Ep. 123 - Sold in America
Sex trafficking doesn’t seem like something that affects many of our lives. But when you factor in online users, that number explodes. The series, SOLD IN AMERICA, takes an extremely personal look at what it’s like to have your body sold for money and it will no doubt challenge your ideas of what is actually safe and what is actually dangerous. We’ll get into all this and more on Easy Listening, a podcast about podcasts. GIna Grad and Teresa Strasser. welcome you to the show.
Aug 12
37 min
Easy Listening - Ep. 122 - The Ruby Slipper Heist
Someone stole Dorothy’s iconic ruby red slippers from a museum in Grand Rapids, and the mysterious Hollywood shoe heist is now the subject of a new podcast docuseries, “No Place Like Home.” The shoes were missing for 13 years, and to find them means following a yellow brick road to all the reasons people continue to be obsessed with Oz, Dorothy, Judy Garland and the man behind the curtain.
Aug 5
34 min
Easy Listening - Ep.121 - When Family and Career Get Toxic
Britney Spears is once again getting flooded with media attention. But this time, it’s not for her world tours or Vegas residencies. Britney is still in the thick of dealing with her conservatorship - a word that most of us never heard of. Today, we feature TOXIC: The Britney Spears story, where the hosts dive into the nightmare that has become a reality for the one of the world’s most famous women. This is Easy Listening, a podcast about podcasts. GIna Grad and Teresa Strasser welcome you to the show!
Jul 29
37 min
Easy Listening Ep. - 120 - The Dave Chappelle Podcast
The Midnight Miracle was recorded during Chappelle’s legendary 2020 Summer Camp in an intimate setting at “The Shack” — a mechanic’s garage retrofitted as a clubhouse. Inside, listeners get the sense they’re sitting in on conversations among friends. Chapelle and friends -- Talib Kweli and yasiin bey.
Jul 22
1 hr 1 min
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