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Easy Listening
Easy Listening
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Great Show!
Thanks for all of the podcast discoveries!
I’m SO glad I stumbled onto this gem of a podcast. Hilarious and entertaining! Gina, I enjoy listening to you so much better here than on Adam’s pod. My new fav podcast!
These ladies are the best!
I have always been a giant “micro-celebrity fan girl” of Gina Grad, ever since PGP, so I check out anything she does. This is my favorite thing she’s done because it includes Teresa Strasser. I’ve loved her since was a guest on PGP, so any show that has both of them is AMAZING! I could just listen to the two of them kibbitz for hours, but they have also turned me on to so many great podcasts! I’ve listened to every episode, and then gone back through to find more podcasts they highlighted. Thank you Gina and Teresa so much for this amazing podcast! I have also joined the Patreon community to listen to all the additional content. ❤️
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Two favorite voices!
Your honesty, intelligence, and humor are so comforting in these complex, humorless times. Really, thank you.
A must listen! Funny. Witty. Just perfect! I drive 50,000 miles a year and I am always looking for entertaining podcasts. This fits the bill. Thanks for making me smile after a long day. #Brilliant.
Toxic Free
Easy Commuting
Wonderful companions during my commute. They make the traffic disappear with their fantastic senses of humor and witty commentary.
The Best Duo
Been loving this pod since the very first, thank you both for sharing your recommendations but more so, your friendship!
Great podcast
Been listening since the beginning. Great chemistry and informative.
Luv Luv Luv
Just two lovely people
Great listen!
Feels like two good friends.
Jersey 987
Good show
Two smart hot chicks lol
Rich S in NY
THE Best!!!
Two the finest women mind, body, & soul! No matter what they're talking about, they make me laugh out loud. Keep it up, ladies. Love ya.
All the loves
Love, love, love this podcast about podcasts! I relate to Theresa and Gina so much, and they do exceptional work making their podcast.
Love these two, best news gals in the ACS business! Keep up the excellent work!
Interesting Find
I've been a fan of Miss Gina for a while and been meaning to check out this podcast. I like that this makes podcast discovery much easier for me. Plus, they're flat out entertaining.
Ant Pruitt
Best friends
If I could pick two best friends these gals would be “IT.” I tune in and I am forever sitting in my comfy chair with a glass of wine or a cup of tea or sharing a bag of cheese crisps discussing all the topics I absolutely love, laughing and crying all the way to friendship heaven.
paula schantz
New Listener
Cant believe I missed this. Edge of my seat to listen to Teresa and Gina. Loved Teresa when Adam replaced Stern and have enjoyed every episode of ACS with Gina. 2 very pretty and super smart women doing a show. What could go wrong? Fingers crossed.
Robbie CG
Who doesn’t love a G & T?
Love these lovely ladies so much and can’t thank them enough for the podcasts I didn’t even know I needed in my life - and of course the laughs! You can’t go wrong.
Great podcast
I love listening to these awesome ladies chat it up about interesting podcasts.
They just re-air old podcasts from other people.... nothing new, nothing remarkable. I tuned in for an interview, and none of that. Like Adam Carrolla, this is just rehashing old stories you’ve heard before
Great Find
I can’t believe I just started listening to this. These ladies are fantastic and make me laugh so much! Keep up the good work ladies!
This podcast should be subtitled: "For the good stuff, go behind the paywall." Hacky radio style teases and heavy-handed ads ("Stop--let's save that") for Patreon. Jack Siver must be their consultant.
Fanboy Not
Is this podcast so established u can afford to put your best content behind a pay wall ?
Nablus 2013
The Jewish sisters I wish I had
Gina and Teresa are two of the smartest, funniest Jewish women I’ve had the extreme joy of listening to. When I hear their thoughts and feelings, I can’t help but feel like I’m related to them or like we should be friends. I’m sure other people feel similarly because they truly are easy to listen to and feel so familiar. I’ve listened to Adam Carolla since the early 90s when I was very young, and I’ve followed his podcast since it first came out. The last few years he’s been a little too grumpy for me, but I do still love his quick-witted nature. He has a talent for picking brilliant female co-hosts, and I’ve loved all 3 of them. I’m glad I can listen to 2 of them on their own without the added grumpiness, no offense to Adam. Keep up the great work ladies!
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I LOVE Smart Funny Women!
As a long time Adam Carolla radio show and podcast fan and devoted daily listener, I’ve also been a long time fan of both Teresa and Gina. They are smart, funny, genuine, REAL and lovable. And their fondness for each other is infectious. I too love podcasts but am overwhelmed by the volume, so I truly appreciate them weeding through them all and finding the gems. If you are looking for recommendations from a couple of knowledgeable podcast librarians (so you can avoid the dreaded card catalog), or if you just want to relax with a couple of gal pals that will always make you laugh AND think, this is the podcast for you.
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You make me better, for realz.
I generally attract to nerdy, sciency, guy podcasts and have not been wowed by some of the female duo podcasts I’ve heard. Should I not have said that? I was raised an Irish Catholic low-to-middle class girl. As far away as that might seem from Judaism, we are actually three peas in a pod. We all have the guilt — the fretting and self-deprecating tendencies — and I couldn’t relate more. In solidarity with Teresa, I was fed spaghetti and provolone cheese with ketchup on a milk crate In front of a TV (I can provide a picture), but somehow this did not make me as gorgeous, insightful and hilarious. And to my other soul-sister, Gina (in every way except beauty talent and boobs), paper or a very dry towel in the mouth (even thinking about it!) give me nails-on-the-chalkboard gag reflex. You are both so genuine, emotionally honest (high EQ) and are role models for adults by demonstrating how best to interact with compassion for each other’s and other people’s views while exposing the ironies of life in relatable and LOL way. Listening to you two truly puts me in a state of having energy to give, rather than sucking energy out of every situation I am in. This doesn’t make sense, but I hope you get the picture. You make me better. Let’s just say that. Potential subscribers: PLEASE listen if any part of my rant resonated even a little.
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Please fix the very sharp S sounds for Gina
I couldn't listen due to the super sharp S sounds Gina has on this podcast. I think there must be a setting that needs to be used. It hurts my ears.
Mood boost
I have listened to AC since the beginning on The syndicated radio show and just had an ah-ha moment.... I have loved his show because of Theresa and Gina! Now that the two of them are on the same show it’s my favorite podcast- sorry Adam. These two have the most amazing chemistry with the most thoughtful and articulate banter. I feel like I have two new friends while in isolation. Keep it up! I can’t wait to get my merch!
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jen doskow
Great show!
These two ladies have “it.” I listen to so many podcasts and appreciate this one for two reasons: I hear about great new podcasts to listen to; and I enjoy the witty banter!
Always a fun listen!
After following both Teresa and Gina from the Adam Carolla Show, I love that they bring their own energy to this format. More content about them, their sensibilities and their brand. I’ve become a fan of Dolly, an even greater fan of T’s writing and have enjoyed countless introductions to new pods. Thank you T&G and I look forward to each episode for a smile.
Found so many worthy podcasts based on their recommendations
I have found their recommendations to be so worth listening to. There are so many podcasts I would never have heard of that I binged and really enjoyed.
Adam’s Acolytes prove captivating!
Love these two together! Big fan. I enjoy listening into their conversations about podcasts, tangents and all. Just delightful. Thanks ladies.
Gina and Teresa are great together
From Derek in Santa Barbara I just discovered that these two Carolla news persons (one current and one former) have a great podcast. Their interaction is great. And I didn’t even know they knew each other let alone were such good friends for over 10 years. Their stories and insights about ACS and Adam and ACS past guests on its own is fun and entertaining. Some revealing personal stories also. Very honest conversation. Plus they have turned me on to discovering some great podcasts which is the main focus of their show - including Andrew Jenks’ Gangster Capitalism and What Really Happened among others. It is great to hear these two with great dynamic personalities interact. Fun and breezy conversations. I’ve gotten to know them better. Adam Carolla who is great and very funny on his great ACS show really likes to hear himself pontificate a little too much in his nasaly drone though he is one of the funniest people on the planet and ACS is very entertaining. Despite his occasional right wing quasi Trump loving ? Trump tolerant? rants which still piss me off. Caused me to unsubscribe to his podcast for a while. Commercials for to be over the top also. But Adam has great insights about our culture and is a great analyst of our society though at times he is full of crap. He has a blind slot for Trump’s sociopathic sick psychotic impulses and speaks in that nonstop nasally drone. But he is brilliant and one of the best comics in the world.. And he loves Gina and Teresa and they have added a lot to the success of his show. So it is nice and refreshing to hear Teresa and Gina in a format where THEY dominate the conversation with each other instead of Adam. I didn’t even know of the podcast until they got a plug at end of ACS live Houston show in late May 2020. Adam should give them more plugs! They both work very hard and both make it sound easy. Highly recommended.
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Not a review...
....could you give Duncan Trussell a spin? Funny and deep. Great guy. Might need to listen to several to “get it”. Thanks. PS Not affiliated. Simply a champion.
hate to be that guy, but….
Great show!
Honest, funny and engaging and I learn something each episode- Teresa and Gina are so open and vulnerable, they are like a cozy pair of socks! *ha, that’s a compliment in my world!
Kat Jackson Inc
Soooooo gooooood!!!
I have always adored Teresa Strasser- she was the best part of the ACS show back in the day. I loved her book (Exploiting my baby) and really anything she writes. Gina Grad is awesome, and they work so well together. I love the show format, and I’m a big podcast fan so they are helping me find the best podcasts to listen to!! Highly recommend!
Podcast Goldmine
I love the mix of relatability and humor that these two talented ladies bring to this. I’ve found hours and hours of podcast gold through this show (Is a podcast a show? Whatever). If you love podcasts, subscribe to this and you will never wonder what to listen to ever again!
Great chat
I love these two smart women and enjoy listening to them and their funny views of life!👏🏻❤️
Katie from AZ
Stay Away
I’ve tried a couple times to listen to this flaming pile but even Gina’s really, really big Talents aren’t enough to overcome Strasser’s complete lack thereof. On the Adam Carolla show Gina sings and does impressions but doesn’t do either here. Instead she gets sucked into Strasser's vortex of insecurity, relying on hacky buzzwords like “basic b****”. You know the type of basic gal who thinks she can pretend she’s not by using all the cool words. Stick to Gina on Carolla.
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KP Hockey
So awesome
Such a nice podcast for finding new podcasts and I love Gina and Teresa
Just listened to one episode
Just happened to come across this and chose to listen to the tiger king episode. Seems like they are trying to make their buck just like everyone else off Joe Exotic.
Smart, funny & sincere
Smart and so funny. I love & appreciate T & G’s warmth and their sincerity.
Fabulous gals❤️👌
Two of my favorite women to listen to over the years! Keep it going!!!
Millie in AZ
I love hearing your voices and your real, down-to-Earth stories. Thank you for being human and not hiding it! You gals are fantastic!! Keep it up!
Love Love Love
I enjoy these girls so dang much! It’s like having girl time with my besties...!
Uplifting Podcast About Podcasts
Two smart/funny/in the know Jewess sweethearts (you’ll learn Yiddish sprinkled in) have a great uplifting/upbeat PC. They always have great suggestions for new inspiring PCs-not that I need more, but I can now delete some(like some improv).
Chitown Jamie
Hello- I’d love to hear what you think of “”the Anthropocene” podcast- I love it and hope you would too! -Eric W.
Great variety
I am always looking for new podcasts and these ladies cover a lot of different topics. Within one episode, I’ll have 2-5 new podcasts to check out. They are fun and easy to listen to!
Tried to love it....
Smart women potentially talking about important topics but honestly if I couldn’t stand to hear the words ‘Adam Corolla’ one more! Get your own identity, Ladies.
The news girls dishing up podcast news!
Teresa is constantly cracking me up, and the two of them together is a match made in heaven (or wherever you believe is the best gol darn place to be)! I know where to go when I need to hear about a new pod and a story to go with it!!
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