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Dlisted: The Podcast
Dlisted: The Podcast
Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 100 – Eating Burger King Fries In Peace
47 minutes Posted Sep 30, 2020 at 12:01 am.
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Show notes

We made it to our 100th episode! Thanks to everyone who has tainted their ears with our foolery. And we don’t have a budget to celebrate with cake but we celebrate by talking about Mariah Carey’s memoirs, where she gets into Tommy Mottola getting mad that she went to Burger King with Da Brat, her thing with Derek Jeter, Glitter, and IDontKnowHer-ifer Lopez. After we take a quick butterfly ride through Mimi’s life, we crash it into the mess that was Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich’s five-minute-long engagement.

We also talk about all the new celebrity BABIES!!!, the project that nearly made Jennifer Aniston quit acting, Garcelle Beauvais declaring that Jamie Foxx is hung like a horse, Kraft’s disgusting ass Pumpkin Spice Mac and Cheese, and the MTA banning shitting on subways. We end with answering questions from listeners and Allison may or may not out herself as a Joey Fatone stan.

You can find us wherever you listen to your podcasts (and if you can’t, let us know). If you’ve got a question or want us to cover something, e-mail us at: dtp@dlisted.com!