333 Recordings
333 Recordings
333 Recordings
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singles: 333 recordings podcast #23
dedicated to the best format, forever and always, the 7" phonograph record. up next is the cassette cast. hope you enjoy. tracklist: spray paint – “spock fingers” (s-s, 2012) folded shirt – “tiny boat” (fashionable idiots, 2011) fat worm of error – “anglo sox” (brazilian wax, 2010) horaflora – “glibbertone” (yeay! cassettes, 2011) kid kishore – “klap perker (lady smita version)” (the social registry, 2008) dungeon acid – “warm and damp” (ideal recordings, 2010) anne bean & p.d. burwell (pulp music) – “low flying aircraft” (poutre apparente, 2007 reissue of ’79 single) the desperate bicycles – “advice on arrest” (refill, 2011 boot of ’78 single) tuxedomoon – “crash” (ralph, 1980) jah wobble – “betrayal” (virgin, 1980) voice farm – “elevate” (alternative tentacles, 1982) r.l. crutchfield’s dark day – “hands in the dark” (strike it from the records/lust/unlust, 1979) primitive calculators – “pumping ugly muscle” (sweet rot, 2001) primitive calculators – “do that dance” (1979) divorce – “love attack” (night school, 2011) puffy areolas – “gentleman’s grip” (hozac, 2011) matt k. shrugg – “to an end” (sacramento/phono select, 2012) matt k. shrugg – “with blue on the side” (tic tac totally!, 2011) the pizzas – “rock n' roll radio” (sacramento/phono select, 2011) the pizzas – “too popular” (daggerman, 2007) charles albright - “let’s fuck!” (goodbye boozy, 2012) nothing people – “army of ideal” (hozac, 2007) heavy times – “no plans” (hozac, 2010)
Oct 3, 2012
1 hr 8 min
indian summer bonuscast: 333 recordings podcast #22
full of 60's and 70's tracks from some great reissues and some beat-up originals. hope you enjoy. the tracklist is up to you...i'll get it started: top drawer - "song of a sinner" (now again, from 'forge your own chains' compilation)...
Sep 22, 2011
1 hr 13 min
deadlock: 333 recordings podcast #21
white suns - "skin deep" (ugEXPLODE) no babies - "blurred or double-vision" (upset the rhythm) forbes/young/walter - "yellow" (ugEXPLODE) burmese - "屌你屎忽 屌你個嘴" (ugEXPLODE) nondor nevai - "III ii" (self-released lp) nihiltronix - "hey jesu" (la forme lente) john bender - "36A2" (bootleg 2011, original on record sluts, 1980) muscle drum - "public transportation" (break up) bronze - "the rouge became" (world famous in san francisco) the dreams - "afrikaner dub" (rococo) unit 4 - "rules" (s-s, 2010 reissue of a cassette compilation released in 1981 on belgian label, the fm-bx society. maybe the best record of 2010. it took me a while to catch up…) prisoners go go band - "an inkling of.../things to come/we all evaporate" (s-s, 2011 reissue originally self-released during apartheid in south africa, 1981) chinese restaurants - "nunca jamas" (s-s) the ex - "eoleyo" (ex) krysmopompas - "schiffe in der unterhose" (s-s)
Aug 12, 2011
1 hr
new heads: 333 recordings podcast #20
another happy new year to you! death sentence: panda! - "in love with witches" (explorerist international) sister record label of the store that just opened in s.f., explorist international. good folks, check it out: http://exploristinternational.wordpress.com/about/ bronze - "one night in mexico" (hex grammofoonplaten) no babies - "morlocks take manhattan" (folktale) fat worm of error - "lichen like me" (ecstatic peace!/open mouth) billy bao - untitled (b1) from 'urban disease' lp (pan) fat day - "dance to the best music of today" (wabana ore limited) druid perfume - "weird wally wigwam" (m'lady's/italy) meercaz - "brainscanning" (sweet rot) the chinese restaurants - "river of shit" (s-s) white shit - "carry me" (post present medium) white shit - "shitted out" (wäntage usa) catholic boys - "fixed" (sweet rot) puffy areolas - "1981" (siltbreeze) sleetmute nightmute - "look back in anger...he killed me first" (fast weapons) KIT - "broke heart" (upset! the rhythm) NHK - "paris 26th april 09" (important) autechre - "rew(1)" (warp) lesser/matmos/wobbly - untitled (a2) from 'simultaneous quodlibet' lp (important) lesser - "act 1 - the science of pathology" (matador) matmos - "messages from the unseen world" (vague terrain) if you dig this, please "like" me on facebook!: http://www.facebook.com/pages/333-Recordings-Podcast-and-Label/147473678615552 thanks again for listening, -m
Jan 11, 2011
1 hr 17 min
sam rivers: 333 recordings podcast #19
from my birth state of oklahoma, here's sam rivers. this selection is roughly chronological. all composition credits are owed to sam rivers, with the exception of "conference of the birds" by dave holland, because i like it. for more information regarding personnel, instrumentation or release specifics, please see: http://www.discogs.com/artist/sam+rivers sam rivers - "luminous monolith" (blue note, bst 84184) sam rivers - "euterpe" (blue note, bst 84206) sam rivers - "streams (excerpt)" (impulse!, as-9251) david holland quartet - "conference of the birds" (ecm, ecm 1027 st) sam rivers - "hues of melanin - part four (violet - the tenor saxophone section)" (impulse!, ia-9352/2) sam rivers - "tranquility" (impulse!, asd-9286) sam rivers - "flare" (impulse!, asd-9316) sam rivers - "expectation" (fabbri editori, gdj 15) sam rivers & dave holland - "deluge (excerpt)" (improvising artists inc., iai 373.848) the tuba trio - "part viii - group with the tenor sax" (circle, rk 2976/3) sam rivers - "pulse" (tomato, tom-8002) thanks again for listening, -m
Oct 18, 2010
1 hr 30 min
diminishing returns: 333 recordings podcast #18
tracklist: die electric eels - "cyclotron" (agitated, reissue - rough trade, 1978) poli styrene jass band - "drano in your veins" (violet times, reissue - mustard, 1975) pere ubu - "one less worry" (chrysalis, 1979) the ex - "maybe i was the pilot" (ex) landed - excerpt from "everything's happening" (vermiform) fun santa maria - "never forget the faders" (gssd, from 'drugs 5') chen santa maria - "great society" (zum/333 recordings) fun santa maria - "stayover hangover" (self-released, from 'drugs 3') james blake - "the bells sketch" (hessle audio) james blake - "CMYK" (r & s) baconhead - "ghetto buffet" (acroplane recordings) slugabed - "pressure" (planet mu) electromeca - "electric" (acroplane recordings) electromeca - "no singin' on it" (peace off) otomo yoshihide - "4*12"" (rectangle - label art would lead me to believe this is a recording of a 12" comprised of quarters of four different records that were fused together) eddy current suppression ring - "wet cement" (mexican summer) charles albright - "young woman" (permanent) eat skull - "jerusalem mall" (woodsist) matt k. shrugg - "i'm gone" (plastic idol) matt k. shrugg - "around in a circle" (plastic idol) matt k. shrugg - "hallow scene" (tic tac totally) matt k. shrugg - "anymore" (tic tac totally) matt k. shrugg - "tomorrow is yesterday" (tic tac totally)
Aug 19, 2010
1 hr 13 min
legacy: 333 recordings podcast #17
tracklist: these are powers - "easy answers" (dead oceans) slicing grandpa - "daddy-o strangler" (soccer mom ebonics) silk flowers - "in your memory" (captured tracks) nervous gender - "alien point of view" (subterranean) work - "public infection" (rad key) total shutdown - "fighting witches" (thin the herd) st. joseph & the abandoned food - "grub blastin'" (aporia label)--this might be "harlequin knights" on the flip...hard to tell drunkdriver/mattin - side a of 'list of profound insecurities' 12" (badmaster/suicide tax) this heat - "24 track loop" (these) krallice - "timehusk" (gilead media) little women - untitled (1) (gilgongo) gowns - "griefer" (latitudes) bardo pond - "tests for new swords" (siltbreeze) vienna noise choir - "david's bath hour" (brick factory) abe vigoda - "don't lie" (post present medium)
Mar 24, 2010
1 hr
distortion for curtis: 333 recordings podcast #16
hope this finds you all well. here's the tracklist: james blake - "sparing the horses" (hemlock recordings) brackles - "lizards" (apple pips recordings) james blake - "air & lack thereof" (hemlock recordings) ginz & joker - "re-up" (kapsize) brackles - "LHC" (planet mu) likhan' - "qumran" (7even recordings) clouds - "timekeeper" (ramp recordings) timeblind - "time dilated by matter" (version) geiom & appleblim - "shreds" (berkane sol) mitchell brown - "coral refraction at the long beach aquarium of the pacific" (helicopter) monotract - "big n" (load) high castle - "filth" (zum) mutating meltdown - "six minutes underground" (m'lady's) meltdown - "fight my nuts" (slowdime) gorge trio - "current" (forces in motion) crom-tech - "6 in chalec-3" (gravity) sleetmute nightmute - "whites" (fast weapons) pigeon religion - "white fluff" (parts unknown) love tan - "horse" (sweet rot) charles albright - "i'm on drugs" (s-s) boredoms - "pukulee & rikulee" (kill rock stars) bone awl - "night's middle" (klaxon/nuclear war now productions) billy bao - untitled (A2 from May08 LP) (parts unknown) total abuse - "i can see in the dark/peace & quiet" (deranged)
Dec 10, 2009
1 hr 4 min