333 Recordings
333 Recordings
333 Recordings
sam rivers: 333 recordings podcast #19
1 hour 30 minutes Posted Oct 18, 2010 at 9:21 pm.
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Show notes
from my birth state of oklahoma, here's sam rivers. this selection is roughly chronological. all composition credits are owed to sam rivers, with the exception of "conference of the birds" by dave holland, because i like it.
for more information regarding personnel, instrumentation or release specifics, please see:
sam rivers - "luminous monolith" (blue note, bst 84184)
sam rivers - "euterpe" (blue note, bst 84206)
sam rivers - "streams (excerpt)" (impulse!, as-9251)
david holland quartet - "conference of the birds" (ecm, ecm 1027 st)
sam rivers - "hues of melanin - part four (violet - the tenor saxophone section)" (impulse!, ia-9352/2)
sam rivers - "tranquility" (impulse!, asd-9286)
sam rivers - "flare" (impulse!, asd-9316)
sam rivers - "expectation" (fabbri editori, gdj 15)
sam rivers & dave holland - "deluge (excerpt)" (improvising artists inc., iai 373.848)
the tuba trio - "part viii - group with the tenor sax" (circle, rk 2976/3)
sam rivers - "pulse" (tomato, tom-8002)
thanks again for listening,