333 Recordings
333 Recordings
333 Recordings
legacy: 333 recordings podcast #17
1 hour Posted Mar 24, 2010 at 9:50 pm.
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Show notes
these are powers - "easy answers" (dead oceans)
slicing grandpa - "daddy-o strangler" (soccer mom ebonics)
silk flowers - "in your memory" (captured tracks)
nervous gender - "alien point of view" (subterranean)
work - "public infection" (rad key)
total shutdown - "fighting witches" (thin the herd)
st. joseph & the abandoned food - "grub blastin'" (aporia label)--this might be "harlequin knights" on the flip...hard to tell
drunkdriver/mattin - side a of 'list of profound insecurities' 12" (badmaster/suicide tax)
this heat - "24 track loop" (these)
krallice - "timehusk" (gilead media)
little women - untitled (1) (gilgongo)
gowns - "griefer" (latitudes)
bardo pond - "tests for new swords" (siltbreeze)
vienna noise choir - "david's bath hour" (brick factory)
abe vigoda - "don't lie" (post present medium)