October 8, 2019
Dr. Evan Goldstein is the TOP rectal surgeon in the world, and he is here to teach us about anal sex! I spend a lot of time giving buttsex tips, but TBH a lot of my information is wrong - it's based on my experience as a pornstar, but not science or health. SO TOGETHER, WE ARE GIVING YOU A FULL ANAL 101!! From preparation to the sex to aftercare, this episode is everything you need to know about good old-fashioned anal sex! Plus: How does one decide to go into rectal surgery? Are poppers safe? Why isn't my gape a perfect circle? What is anal prolapse - how can one avoid it, and how can one cause it? How come anal sex is often painful, but pooping isn't? What's the best lube? ALSO: WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER USE WATER TO DOUCHE YOUR ASSHOLE. ALSO ALSO: BOTOX IN THE BUTTHOLE??
September 25, 2019
Today's guest is the curator of Pornhub-produced fine art exhibit "The Pleasure Principle" - the legendary Michele Maccarone of The Maccarone Gallery! Is it possible to be in the art space without being a "brand?" What are the logistics of running an art gallery? Who (or what) puts the pricetag on a piece of art? What determines whether or not something is valuable? Is porn art? And if so - is all porn art? If an artist does something horrible, is it ok to continue to support their art? Are kids now learning about sex from porn? What would porn be if it weren't taboo? AND: How can an artist get picked up or noticed by a gallery? "The Pleasure Principle" is happening NOW in Los Angeles at the Maccarone Gallery at 300 S Mission st! Go check it out!
August 5, 2019
Today’s guest is Bobby Hundreds, author of THIS IS NOT A TSHIRT and the founder/owner of mega streetwear brand, THE HUNDREDS! Bobby has always been an extremely private person… but he wrote a memoir. Huh, why? We went so deep: Is male loneliness real? Why do girls love skaters, even though they couldn’t care less about us? Does Birth Order Theory have any validity? Are men worse communicators than women; and if so – is it biological? What does it even mean to be a social justice warrior these days? Is talking one-on-one the most effective way to achieve change? Why is it “ok” for men to discuss streetwear and sneakers, but not any other kind of fashion? Do all streetwear guys have daddy issues? Also: Lots of social media talk.
July 15, 2019
The hilarious Joel Kim Booster joins us to answer all of our questions regarding comedy and gay afterhours orgies. How does guy-on-guy dating work? What happens at a bathhouse, and is it as wonderful as it sounds? Are there similarities between the comedy scene and porn scene? How do you know if someone is a top or a bottom – before taking them home? WTF is a thruple? Are identical twins always of the same sexual orientation? What does it mean to be an Asian man in the gay community? Also: Racism, sexism, and oppression of marginalized people. Also also: we’re making Gay Lateral Incest a term. Also also also: THE SECRET TO CLEAN ANAL SEX.
July 1, 2019
Superstar and soon-to-be MILF Eva Lovia joins me to dive deep into PREGNANCY PORN! Exactly what elements of pregnancy are so hot? What makes something a fetish, rather than just an interest? Why is there such a stigma against pregnancy porn, and sexuality when it comes to mothers in general? Does sex feel different during pregnancy? How does an open relationship work? WTF is a perennial massage? What defines a Porn STAR, and what’s the future of porn? Is the root of submission… laziness? Also: the pros and cons of shooting for mainstream studios vs. producing your own porn. Also also: my favorite post-baby workout tips. Also also also: Sorry to my cousin for publicly talking about your beautiful vagina.
June 12, 2019
World famous pornstar, and AVN’s 2019 Director of the Year, Kayden Kross is our guest today! Is there such a thing as "too pretty for porn?" How does someone in such a public relationship remain such an enigma? Where do rape fantasies come from? What is intimacy? Has the # Me Too movement affected the porn industry? Which award is more of a curse: Performer of the Year, or Director of the Year? How does intelligence play into being a porn performer? What is it like to live next door to your husband’s ex? Also: Kayden has possibly the worst first porn scene experience I’ve ever heard of, and it was with her husband. Also also: remember when Ass to Mouth was a big deal?
May 30, 2019
Our guest today is elementary school teacher turned rapper/poet/motivational speaker/author of UNLEARN/ultimate SLASHY, Humble the Poet! From spirituality to religion to science to existentialism to energy to SEX and everything in between, this is the longest (and most enlightening) episode of the Pornhub Podcast ever. How does one know what to do with their lives; how can one find their passion? Is art valuable? What does it mean to rock a turban and beard? Why do we get offended when people have opinions that differ from our own? Is Ego the only thing holding us back? Are choices making us miserable? Is gratitude the answer? WHAT ARE WE???? Also: What is the ONLY kind of lasting happiness? Also also: Why mentality is EVERYTHING.
May 12, 2019
Sean joins me for the first episode back from my maternity leave to talk about how we became parents 12 weeks ago. Everyone describes giving birth as a beautiful experience, but that's a preposterous lie. We are here to tell you the truth: it's HORRID. Did I poop? Does my vagina feel the same? Does it look the same? Are we different people now that we have a child? Am I gonna let Sean defecate on me for Father's Day? Also: drugs and motherhood. Also also: Is it possible that in the process of birth, we've discovered what Squirt actually is?
January 9, 2019
One of my idols Miki Agrawal, founder of mega companies HELLOTUSHY.COM and THINX, and author of upcoming DISRUPT HER joins us to talk about everything ANAL! More specifically, ASSHOLES. Why don’t we take proper care of our buttholes in the USA? Why are we so prude when it comes to bathroom talk? Do countries with bidets have lower instances of pink eye? Plus, get to know the Miki herself; has she ever had a normal job? What draws her to these “taboo” industries? What’s the secret to becoming an “overnight success?” How does one differ between a fantastical idea, and a great idea? Also: Is it possible to balance being a sexual woman, a businessperson, and mother all at once? Also also, I spend a creepy amount of time asking her: WTF is it like to have an IDENTICAL TWIN??? AND WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU RAN INTO HER AT AN ORGY??!!
December 18, 2018
I had so many things to ask the current reigning 'dirtiest girl in porn.' Is it true you've fucked your dad? How does that happen, and what's the conversation afterwards?? Where does one go after triple anal? Are you this dirty at home? What are the logistics of a Fan Bang? How often do you fuck fans? What does the dirtiest girl in porn fantasize about? How big of a role do Ego and Jealousy play in a successful career? What's the real root of stigma against pornstars? Are stretchy buttholes genetic?
December 3, 2018
Anikka Albrite is the 2015 AVN Performer of the Year, and also 1/2 of Porn's Golden Couple. What’s that like? Is there ever any jealousy? Does being part of such a public couple hinder - or elevate - a porn career? How does one know how much of their personal life to publicize? Does private life sex differ from on-camera sex? What’s the difference between a MILF and a Cougar, and are either of them offensive? Why are mothers always either over-sexualized, or neglected as sexual beings - and nothing in between??? PLUS, Anikka has a BIG ANNOUCEMENT TO MAKE FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME!!!
September 24, 2018
I have an announcement. It’s really personal and life changing, and I wasn’t even sure I was gonna say anything publicly... but I’m incapable of keeping anything private, so I had Sean come back on the podcast to help me discuss it extensively.
August 29, 2018
BROOKE CANDY MADE A PORNO, and she's on today's episode to talk about her new collaboration with Pornhub! How did production compare to other forms of art/entertainment? Can a mentally stable person make good art, or does creativity need emotional baggage? Are happy people uninteresting? Do all women have Daddy Issues? Do all men have Mommy Issues? And are men with Mommy Issues the best at fucking? HOW DOES ONE SPOT THEM?? What does it mean to be Queer? Are record labels necessary anymore? How important is it to cater to the masses? What does it mean to be a Rapper nowadays? Which is cliquier, the porn industry or the music industry? Also: Chronically masturbating while thinking of NOTHING. Also also: Drugs.
August 13, 2018
Today’s guest is someone I consider to be a Perfect Male Pornstar. He’s had a very unique journey into porn; from the shy, socially awkward son of a preacher man, to rockstar, to Joanna Angel’s boyfriend, to top Pornstar! Wtf kind of stage name is “Small Hands?” What’s it like for an outsider to date a pornstar? Does porn sex differ from at-home sex? How can a guy keep from cumming too soon? What were the biggest challenges in becoming a male performer, and what makes someone really, really good at it?
August 3, 2018
Gay Pat from Barstool Sports, who has never been in a fight btw, is boxing a homophobic redneck ex-convict in a Rough N Rowdy fight this Sunday LIVE on Pay-Per-View! What happens if someone accidentally gets murdered in a professional fight? Is there such a thing as an educated homophobe? Is it homophobic if a straight guy think it’s gross when two dudes kiss? Do gay guys innately know if they're tops or bottoms right away, or is it a trial and error thing? Is gay-for-the-stay a real thing? Why does man-on-man fighting make me horny? Also: that time I was arrested. (You can watch the fight @ )
July 24, 2018
The 4X RECIPIENT OF THE TRANS PERFORMER OF THE YEAR AWARD comes to educate me on all things Trans! Is watching Trans Porn gay? Is getting fucked with a strap-on gay? Are we headed toward a completely non-binary world? How is the Trans Community accepted in Chinese culture? Where does the USA place on the international Woke Scale? What is the difference between Trans, and the guy that dresses in Drag? What’s the difference between transgender and transsexual? Do hormones fuck with boners? What is “passing privilege?” Is it true that “passing” as an Asian Trans woman is easier? Who’s worse: Anti sex workers, or anti-LGBT folk? Plus: What it’s REALLY like to have Asian parents and do porn.
July 9, 2018
What’s a BBW? Is there a minimum weight in order to qualify as BBW? How does a polyamorous relationship work? Is trapping a virgin the secret to happiness? What on earth is a BBW Sex CLUb? (Spoiler: it's exactly what it sounds like.) What’s the new wave of porn? Wtf is a Feeder (and where do I find one?) How can I learn to love my body? And wait a second, FLUFFERS ARE REAL???? Also, the intricacies of eating ass.
June 13, 2018
Amateur Porn Couple Haighlee Dallas and Tyler Dallas (who are not from Dallas, btw,) are here to tell us about the other side of the porn industry. How did they meet? How did they start shooting porn together? Do their families know? What’s a typical day like? Are they swingers? Do boner problems happen? What do they argue about? Is anything off limits? How do you get your partner to peg you? WHAT’S THE WORST PART ABOUT FUCKING YOUR SPOUSE FOR MONEY??? And so, so, so much more.
June 7, 2018
Artists Maggie West and Ryder Ripps are here to talk about their huge immersive art installation PORNHUB NATION which launches July 14th in Los Angeles! What is conceptual art, what is an Art Whore? When something is too mainstream, is it uninteresting? Do all artists get off on controversy? What’s it like to date a male pornstar as a civilian? Do artists just see art in everything, a la the plastic bag in American Beauty? Who can get away with more, artists or pornstars? Is porn racist? Are artists liars? Are people now more narcissistic than ever? Is that a product of social media, or is social media the product of our narcissism? Can you still call yourself an “artist” if you don’t make a living off of it? Is art possible without suffering? Also, shoutout to Rush Wheels.
May 29, 2018
The (triple) anal queen herself, BONNIE ROTTEN! Why’d she leave porn, why did she come back? What does her new one-year exclusive Brazzers contract entail? How does one top triple-anal-penetration?? Is the Performer of the Year award a curse? What’s up with chronic masturbation, and why do we do it when we are feeling the worst? Why isn’t fisting allowed in porn? When are you supposed to tell your kid you do porn? Also, Squirting: real or nah?
May 21, 2018
He’s self-proclaimed to “do them all.” Nowadays he’s best known for his scenes with trans women and BBWs, but over his 20 year long career he’s been on both sides of the fence: gay porn AND mainstream straight porn. He was the first man on my “no-list,” then 4 years later we dated. Why is there a stigma against “crossover talent,” aka guys that do both gay and straight porn? What’s the appeal of Trans porn for straight men? Are all male pornstars sex addicts? Is sex addiction even real? Has anyone ever gotten less successful after getting a boobjob? Is it possible to maximize a cumshot? Where do we draw the line between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation? What is it like to date me? Also, we talk weirdly a lot about Johnny Sins. Also also, thigs get heated when Christian asks why I ever signed with Wicked, and what the fuck am I doing with my life now?
May 13, 2018
Lisa Ann is back! Why’d she leave porn? Why’d she come back? What’s her life like off-camera? Can two women in porn be friends? Is groupthink ruining our business? Do pimps exist in porn? Who was the first MILF? Also: How to keep the chemistry alive on a set, and Porn then vs Porn now: What's changed?
May 7, 2018
From Wall Street to porn! How do Wall Street brokers party? How does a male pornstar become a household name? Does bigger dick equal bigger paycheck? Do terms like BBC perpetuate racism, or are they crucial to racial inclusiveness? How do you keep your dick hard when you’re not attracted to your partner? What does it really mean to be a swinger? How does one man fuck 12 women at once? Whats up with white dudes that love getting cuckolded by black dudes?
April 30, 2018
Glenny Balls went from Caleb's intern, to my intern, back to Caleb's intern, and then finally my coworker and podcast co-host at Barstool Sports! Should we separate artists from their art? What’s a pansexual? Whats the perfect glass to drink from? Is there any celebrity sex tape we wouldn’t watch? Why won’t glenny watch my porn? Who are our favorite people at barstool? Which celebrities were we most disappointed with meeting? Oh and I FINALLY get to discuss the Black Chyna tape with someone. Plus: we reflect on the life of Vern Troyer and review his favorite egg-and-peanut-butter sandwich in his honor. Plus plus, we test out our acting chops by reenacting a Sopranos scene.
April 25, 2018
I've been saying it for years: Bush is BACK! Or... is it just laziness? The answer is: NEITHER! Find out the REAL reason Dani is team bush: the answer may surprise you. We ponder whether sexual preference can differ from your romantic preference, porno relationships vs regular ones, and whether or not all male pornstars have mommy issues. Also: Whats life like after leaving LA and shooting “mainstream” porn? What do we miss the LEAST about it? How has porn changed since we got in? How do dudes get into porn? Also also: Has anyone fucked Dani's ass since me?
April 17, 2018
In honor of Pornhub’s Crypto Currency partnership, I interviewed Verge Currency creator Justin Vendetta! I knew NOTHING about crypto, or bitcoin, or any of it going in, so this episode is a “Crypto Currency for Dummies.” WTF is Crypto Currency? Can anyone mine it? Can I? How is it superior to cash? How do I avoid getting scammed? What’s the craziest thing on the Dark Web? Am iiii on the dark web? WHO IS THE MOST POPULAR PORNSTAR ON THE DARK WEB??? Also, I even came up with a genius business plan that if anyone wants to steal, you can either give me a cut of the proceeds or name the business after me, either one is fine.
April 8, 2018
Possibly the worst decision I’ve ever made, but the guest on this week’s episode is none other than my boyfriend Sean. Does he get jealous? Has he ever watched my porn? What’s the worst thing about me? Does my vagina feel different now that I've done porn? Would we eat each other’s shit? What was I like as a kid? Does it bother him that I’ve had sex with so many people? And more! Listen now before I decide to take this down.
April 2, 2018
A conversation with the FACE and Social Media account master of Pornhub! What does it mean to be Pornhub Aria? Will you ever do porn? How do you grow a social media account? Does Pornhub know what videos I'm watching? Are bedbugs worse than STDs? Is binge eating better than sex? When people comment on Pornhub videos, are they commenting before they jerk off, or after? Also, porn addiction: real or not? Also also, do you like anal?
March 28, 2018
Youtube star Joe Santagato and Vine star Danny Lopriore join us to discuss a new type of fame: social media stardom. What's it like to be internet-famous? What's it like to *date* internet famous? What is the ideal testicular size? How do lesbians know when to end sex? Pooping on someone's chest; pooping at Yankee Stadium; in fact, just a ton of poop talk in general. And while we're at it, Shia Lebuff: hot or not? Also, Rhino Balls.
March 20, 2018
Don’t call her my wifey, cause she’s my mistress - Joanna Angel and I are ready to tell the world something we’ve been keeping a secret: WE ARE FRIENDS! From English Major to Punk Rock to Porno CEO to Author, Joanna is the FOUNDER of the Alt-Porn category. Hear her story from back when you had to walk a mile in the snow (uphill!) to a porn set. What does it mean to get into porn out of principle? What makes a movie so obscene that it’s banned? When we squirt, is it just pee? Are there benefits to not being the quintessential pornstar, or do we secretly wish we were blond with huge boobs? Why is there so much shame when claiming missionary as our favorite position? Also shoutout to the wonderful Kagney Lynn Karter, because you never forget the bitch that won AVN Best New Starlet your first year in porn.
March 13, 2018
This is someone I've said many times I want to have sex with the most in life. He has two of my favorite things: DICKS! Has he ever DP'd? Does he pee out of both? How big are they? Are they identical? Does he masturbate with both hands? Which one cums? If he jerks off one, does the other one get hard? Only asking the hard-hitting questions, folks! A nearly two hour episode with my future ex-husband.
March 7, 2018
Dana DeArmond is back, and we are doing something special. We ask each other the 36 intensely vulnerable psychological questions that supposedly can make any two people fall in love. Does it work? Do we fall in love? That's a trick question; we are already in love! However, if you ever wanted to learn every single thing about us, now is your chance. This is the most intimate thing either of us have ever done in our entire porn careers. Including that time we sucked 11 dicks together.
March 1, 2018
It's another mini DVDASA reunion with the younger Oil Brother, Steve Lee, and the # 1 (ex)whoretransporter in the nation, Bill Poon! When we're watching Interracial POV, are we imagining we are black? Is Steve unknowingly dating a Furry? Does Bill still wear women's underwear to masturbate? What happens to us after we die? Also, creampies, genital warts on nuts, and camel slides.
February 26, 2018
This is an emergency episode. When it's midnight, you’re sitting on the sofa in your pajamas watching tv, and Alina Lopez casually mentions she was raised Mormon, you drop everything and record a podcast episode. What is magic underwear? What does it mean to be a slutty Mormon? How common is polygamy? Whats up with ambrosia salad and why is it so delicious? Also, is Mormon marriage lowkey super romantic? Also Also: was Anne Frank a chronic masturbator? Learn all this and more in this interview with porn's 2019 Best New Starlet (let the record show i'm calling it now.)
February 20, 2018
A mini-DVDASA reunion with Bobby Lee and Khalyla from TigerBelly! Free nutting, jerking off on Unisom, laughing by yourself, and making them need you so that they’ll never leave you. What does it mean if you want your partner to shit in front of you? Is there such a thing as a relationship that doesn’t go stale? Or do women always turn into their boyfriends’ mothers? And… are we done with killing babies?
February 15, 2018
Four score and three hundred years ago, Lexi Belle and I shot a sailor moon parody we'd rather people completely forget exists. We didn’t become friends that day. Then a year or so later we did a scene together with two men who spoke absolutely zero English where we were instructed to have sex NEXT to each other, but not WITH each other. We didn’t become friends that day either. A few years later, randomly, we suddenly became good friends - and now to this day she is one of my favorite people in the world. Very few ppl r as interesting as her; just when I think I finally have a complete idea of who Lexi is, she says something totally shocking that reveals a whole new layer of herself. This episode is no different. Listen in as we discuss eternal teendom, female friendships, and the road to empowerment via porn. Also, hairy balls.
February 8, 2018
Our first non-Porno guest ever is none other than The Slutwhisperer!!! This is the longest episode so far, which I predicted would happen. Is pregnancy porn (kind of) pedophilia? Were tits always considered sexy? Are crabs the same thing as lice, just inhabiting a different part of the body? ...and other questions we are not qualified to answer.
January 31, 2018
Our third episode features the most famous person I’ve ever had sex with, Stormy Daniels! We go down memory lane and discuss every time she was ever mean to me, the famous people in her text messages, and what it truly means to have stolckholm syndrome.
January 31, 2018
First up on THE PORNHUB PODCAST is Dana DeArmond! I was very nervous and I am so glad I asked Dana as my first guest to help me through it. We go over the entire history of us, let u in on some of our inside jokes, and openly talk shit about some other ppl which we will probably later regret.
January 31, 2018
Second episode is with my Porno agent Mark Spiegler! We recorded this on the drive to Vegas, so I slapped a telemarketer headset microphone thingie on his head and he was able to pod handsfree. We discussed his career, my career, my divorce, and how to be a good whore. Also surprise uninvited guest appearance by Keiran Lee in this one.
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