The Pornhub Podcast with Asa Akira
The Pornhub Podcast with Asa Akira
The Pornhub Podcast with Asa Akira
Join author, poet, and recipient of two penises in her butt (at the same time) Asa Akira as she is joined by both her porno and non-porno friends. They discuss all things pop culture, sex, and feelings.
Our guest today is the one and only Trip Richards, aka Triple X Transman. How can one have a career in porn without shooting for mainstream studios? Is activism a privilege, are trans sex workers “activists” simply by existing? Can it be minimizing to say gender is a social construct? Why is so much “queer” porn made for the straight male gaze? Is bottoming secretly the most dominant thing, or is topping the most submissive thing - or both?? Is there room for mainstream porn studios to be a part of this new age of self-produced porn? And: Why do cat people so often have multiple cats?
Mar 14
1 hr 34 min
Kira Noir: Pornhub's Newest Brand Ambassador!
It's my honor to welcome Kira Noir to the team as Pornhub's newest brand ambassador! What does that even mean, what does a brand ambassador do? Is there ever a point in porn where we feel like we've "made it?" What is the perfect amount of fame? If we could see any celebrity's penis or vagina, who we would choose? Are things in porn very different now, compared to 10 years ago? Is "tokenization" good or bad? Why are there so few lesbians in porn? Also, is how much of a nerd IS Kira after all?
Feb 8
1 hr 16 min
Owen Gray: Who is Owen Gray??
He’s one of the most popular male pornstars in the world; but who actually IS Owen Gray? Despite being one of the most searched-for people on Pornhub, there are very few interviews out there with him. He’s definitely not your conventional pornstar… Does he know he’s one of the most famous pornstars ever? What’s up with the crazy scars all over his body? Why is there so little information out there about him as a real person? How does one… LIKE pain?? Why is it kind of gross when a guy defines himself as A DOM? What kind of romantic partner is Owen? Plus: the Ups and Downs of shooting gang bangs.
Nov 10, 2020
1 hr 24 min
Maitland Ward: From Disney to Porn
You might know today's guest from her 12 years on Disney's Boy Meets World. Or, you might know her from porn - in the few years she's been in our industry, she's made a huge splash, mainly as studio Deeper's contract star. Maitland's story is unlike any other "celebrity porno" story you've heard before - rather than a "leaked" sex tape or some regretful, desperate decision they later shun and use to further shame the adult industry, Maitland intentionally got into porn to further explore her sexuality, make art, and live her life on her own own authentic terms. How DOES one transition from Disney to Porn? Does one industry treat its performers better than the other? Are there many sexual predators in mainstream productions with child actors? What is a porn set like these days, in the age of Corona? Plus: Is Meryl Streep's porno debut the obvious next move?? PS I am very sorry for the atrocious audio today, which is even worse than usual. It'll be fixed by the next episode.
Oct 11, 2020
1 hr 6 min
Jet Setting Jasmine: PORN, FETISHES, THERAPY, and LOVE
This is probably one of my favorite episodes ever. Aside from pornstar she’s a therapist, sex educator, fetish expert, and mom. What makes a fetish ... a fetish? How do we decide what’s unethical? Can a polyamorous person be in a relationship with a monogamous person, or is it doomed? What’s the psychology behind scat play? How do we best talk to our kids about porn - whether we are in it, or consume it? How can we unlearn all the shame we were taught around sex?!?! Also: WHATS THE SECRET TO HAPPINESS???!!! (Jasmine gives us a real answer.)
Sep 27, 2020
1 hr 24 min
Diego Sans: My Number One Porno Crush of All Time!!!
Not only one of the TOP gay pornstars of all time but also My NUMBER ONE PORNO CRUSH OF ALL TIME Diego Sans is the latest Pornhub Podcast guest and I was SO NERVOUS HOLY SHIT. But let me tell you something - talking to him DID NOT DISAPPOINT. Diego is funny, kind, gracious, and totally overlooked my creepiness for the sake of the conversation. Is his sister in movies with him??? Why can’t straight people hook up the way gay dudes do? Are there many “gay for pay” performers in gay porn? How are we so uneducated when it comes to HIV and STIs? Is the world very different for extremely handsome men? How much fucking is happening in the men’s gym locker room? Also: Why hasn’t Diego ever done bareback? Also also: Diego reveals a big secret to us. (Clue: what is one thing he has always hidden from the camera?) Also Also Also please bear with me (bare with me?) for the first portion of the interview - I swear once you get through the part where I’m giggling like a schoolgirl and being super cringe-y, the conversation gets really good.
Sep 3, 2020
1 hr 23 min
Elle Danger: Stripper Writer!
Elle Stanger (aka @StripperWriter) is a sex educator, stripper, a writer, a mom, an activist, and social media celebrity… Some of the things she’s written about sex, motherhood, and sex work have changed my life - I’ve been wanting to get her on the @pornhub Podcast for a while now, and I was so excited to interview her. Why is there so much shame around masturbating, when literally everybody does it? How can we better communicate with sex partners? Can shy people be strippers? (Yes.) Is Elle a narc? (LOL NO.) Is there such a thing as sexwork hierarchy? Which is the most fulfilling form of sexwork? Which is the hardest? Is there infighting in activism? In sexwork? Also: in a world where consent has been so confusing, what is the importance of a safe-word, and how can we employ it non-sexually? Also also: why cancel culture is so dangerous.
Aug 17, 2020
54 min
Natassia Dreams is a fashion model, actress, activist, and Pornstar. She tells us what it meant to be trans in the fashion industry until very recently; and what it means to be trans in porn currently. Why aren’t we allowed to say we do sexwork solely for money? What role does race play in trans porn? When does celebration become fetishization? Why did racist comments not used to hurt, but now they do? Why are there no agents for trans pornstars? Are all artists a little bit gay? Are ALL PEOPLE a little bit gay? How can we NORMALIZE TRANS PORN?!?!?! Is it possible to love the adult industry, while also hating certain things about it? (YES!) Also, we hear from Natassia’s weedman during the episode. Also also, it’s cool to see men are finally allowed to admit they like their assholes licked.
Jul 29, 2020
1 hr 10 min
Amateur pornstar NoFaceGirl has gained a huge following without ever showing her (or her boyfriend, NoFaceGuy's) face. WHAT DOES SHE LOOK LIKE???????? Is porn a hobby for her? What’s her “real” job? Why doesn’t she show her face? How does one start amateur porn? How does one start to drive traffic without a huge social media following? If someone in your family did porn, would you look? What does quarantine look like for an amateur porn couple? Also, I officially made a prediction of what NoFaceGirl’s job is. I was wrong. Also also, I couldn’t shut the fuck up about her face. So sorry in advance.
Jul 6, 2020
1 hr
Lotus Lain: Mother, Writer, Pornstar, Activist
Lotus Lain is a mother, writer, pornstar, and activist. Is the adult industry racist? Why does the term “interracial” so often just refer to “Black-guy-on-white-girl” for many porn companies? Is it racist when non-Black women hold out for their first “IR scene,” charging a premium for their 1st time fucking a Black man on-camera? (Yes.) Do production companies that capitalize on the Black male image (while almost entirely dismissing Black women) need to be canceled? Or does cancel culture just stunt growth? Do we need to abolish terms like “BBC” or “IR” completely? Is it possible that the lack of them would ultimately hurt Black performers? Does porn inform trends in society’s sexual preferences, or is it the other way around? Should race-play in porn be allowed to exist? How can we ensure we are always being ethical, while avoiding kink-shaming? Is most porn marketed toward the white gaze? And why does the world so badly want to see sex workers as victims? Also... didn’t “cock” used to mean… pussy?
Jun 15, 2020
1 hr 36 min
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