Terms of Service: A Pornhub Podcast
Terms of Service: A Pornhub Podcast
Terms of Service: A Pornhub Podcast
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Midget is not that desperate And just so you know she will not talk to you or block you after a day she is tricking people
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Isaac Houlihan
Weird but Fun
Entertainment Value is up and down. Overall fun though is good
Knute Spicoli
This is disgusting and not ok, kids are tricked into watching this 🗑️ trash
Prolapse aahole
Good luck w that
Asa might be one of the worst interviewers I’ve ever listening too. Constantly talking about herself and talking over guests.
Best podcast
Love this podcast!!! Everyone should tune in
I have no idea who asia is talking too on cum1. I do know im 100% dumber for sitting through this self entitled garbage toilet water! Hey stupids if you can afford a maid you can afford to throw away a 2$ plunger. The guest is atrociously stupid unless its california based info; like omg!
I love asa
I love asa
This is some good stuff
Love it
terrible game by the way
Boring show used to be good
Will this review be deleted?
Asa is intelligent and wants to fight against sexism, negative body image, racism, homophobia, and misogyny. On that front, more power to her. My issue is the medium of her profession, pornography, capitalizes on the exacerbation of those ills. Young, well-shaped pale-skinned women undergoing various forms of debasement is the usual fare. It’s taken for granted that porn is a good thing and that men having consensual sex with their step daughters is actually not as bad as it sounds. It was consensual and he was hot, after all. Look, everyone’s entitled to their opinion but it seems counterproductive to want to fight for equal rights but be in a professional that simulates (or perhaps actually) the subjugation of those rights.
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Lye im
Can you please try and change the rating I was in the middle of a episode then it stoped because of rating please change it back
Casey Calvert episode
The whole show is spent saying that rape porn has no effect on real life. “It’s a fantasy, we are pretending!” Studies have shown that to be false. Rape and violence in porn has a correlation to rape and violence IRL. This is a dangerous narrative.
New Drinking Game
Take a shot every time you hear Asa say “for sure” or “mmhhmm” on any episode of this podcast.. 🥃Good times
great & enlightening
great interviews: i love how subjects are explored! lots to learn and appreciate ❤️
Pretty Simple
Started good but..
Getting to much about a platform for racial discussion
Love this lady!
My first listen was the show with Diego Sans who was amazing! Asa and Diego’s rapport was so great! Anyway came for Diego, staying for Asa! Can’t wait to listen to all the episodes! 💙💙💙
real gato
Good but..
“Should interrupt interviewee less...was distracting and cut off interviewee when they were saying something interesting.”
Love Asa
It’s disappointing Asa does not do more porn in the industry. But these days any can be a porn star, however to be a great porn star you have to be like Asa. I wish she would do more with this podcast. However she is a busy woman.
I only listen to this for the word porn goddamn I’m so immature
Jason Derlou
Very informative
At first I just watched porn to jerk off, then over the years I added a genuine interest in the industry. Still watch to jerk obv but the business now also interests me and dictates what I watch as well as my parts. Your podcast slips off the sheath a bit more and informs in a pleasurable way.
Review (optional)
Lisa Ann
I loved hearing her totally different experiences!
Hayes :))
Positive Discussion of Sex Work
It’s a show who’s focus is sex work and WE NEED MORE OF THAT. A lot of what “can be” injurious about some forms of sexuality and pornography stems from a lack of information, discussion, activism, legislation... This needs to be treated like how this podcast treats it: the oldest form of work known to humanity. That’s the only way to reduce the danger to those who work in the more unregulated parts of the industry. There are so many great things this podcast addresses in an attempt make it understood that this is how some folks work. Great job, Asa. I’d vie for a theme song, though.
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Leftover Jared
Would love to hear more talk on foreskin, foreskin-positive talk/Intactivism. Keep up the good chats and thanks!
Dave Polson
So Much Fun!
I became a fan of Asa’s through social media(I might be the only person listening that hasn’t seen Asa naked😂). I’m late to the game but this is, hands down, my fav podcast. I don’t know 90% of the guests but I truly enjoy every episode. Thank you Asa for bringing laughter, smiles, and random knowledge to your listeners!
Adorablesexycoolhotfierce - and important af too
The interview w/Lotus Lain is a great example of how this podcast often transcends the more shallow trappings of the genre to underscore how importantly insightful and culturally thought-provoking porn remains. If sex, sexuality and pop culture matter to you listen here!
Great podcast, bad audio
I love this podcast, I think Asa is a great interviewer and the discussions are insightful and entertaining. BUT the audio is so bad sometimes... This only seems to be an issue for remote guests, but the audio quality makes listening very unpleasant. I know it’s difficult to set interviews up online but maybe a mic could be mailed to the guest then mailed back? I don’t know. Just please someone fix the audio, it’s a podcast ffs
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Ashley Tindsdale
Asa is the best
Can we get Ava Devine in here?!
She’s a queen of Dp and gangbangs!
Nice podcast
Can you get Holly Hendrix on the show?? ☺️☺️
Staahp saying like
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gf xtbtc frct xctct
Take a shot every time Asa says like 😂😂😂😂
Sleep Help
Asa has a great, relaxing voice! This helps me relax and fall asleep.
Volume up
I love listening to this podcast. But sometimes the volume is too low to enjoy when I’m out. So many I skipped cause I just can’t hear a thing when I’m on the bus or gym.
Love this podcast!
Provides great insight to the industry. Asa does a wonderful job as host and the guests are ALWAYS entertaining. I only wish there were more episodes to listen to!
Tinder Poster Child
Great podcast but try to keep the guest on the mic— asa does a great job at it ,it’s the guest that sound super low at times
Asa has such a great voice for podcasts. Her guests are fun, enjoyable and very informative!
Tony the Tigre92
More Men
Please have more industry men like Lexington Steele and Small Hands.
Loved this until
I really, really loved this podcast. It was super entertaining and funny when they had on actual porn stars. Once she started interviewing business people and artsy fartsy people I got super boring and not fun to listen to... and it’s a porn podcast so idk why we have actual artists and business people on here anyway. Go back to interviewing those in the industry, it’s way more entertaining
avec swa enchanté mon ami Qui temme bebe
I am remiss … might I state unubiquitously that your ensemble accentuates the deep languid pools of your eyes … GO Forth and Conquer you Lust Assassin you alas be forewarned Lust knew no survivors only casualties ~ so take no prisoners SHOOT ON SIGHT DAY IN LIGHTS OUT 🦄Schattenkreig🌗
Insightful podcast
I really appreciate the work Asa does in this podcast. She does her homework in advance of interviews and displays a real curiosity towards the sometimes thorny questions surrounding human sexuality. Her voice is pleasant and conversationally adept, making for easy listening. If you’ve ever been entertained by her very sexy body of work, you’ll find plenty of educational value in her podcasts.
Kim chi bop
Awesome I freakin love it
This podcast is awesome but I wish they add more adult stars and podcast or bring the previous ones again for more tale from them.
Vet informative
LOVE! I look forward to it every time a new episode airs. I find myself getting lost in each episode because there’s so much interesting information I never knew about. I love hearing all the guests of the show. Keep ‘em coming!
Love it
I love it but please fit the audio.
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