You're Welcome with Hilary Rushford
You're Welcome with Hilary Rushford
Hilary Rushford
As a stylist who explores what makes women feel beautiful, entrepreneur and Instagram favorite @HilaryRushford brings her witty, winsome, and wise voice to honest conversations on how to have an extraordinary life (without being exhausted): More joy and less overwhelm in your style, business, and life. You’re welcome (wink), in advance.
Ep 89: Exactly how to live out Progress > Perfection
Are you grateful... for yourself? What you’ve accomplished, who you’ve become? In this heart-to-heart episode we touch on anxiety, wellness, marriage, business and more. With a specific spin on how to catch ourselves when we are setting ourselves up for disappointed, self-blame and self-shame. Find me at and
Nov 24
27 min
Ep 88: How can we give to feel filled-up instead of depleted
6 Q’s to clarify who, what, when & why to give of our time, energy & finances. Today’s episode came from a great listener Q. There’s so much good we can do in the world, how do we not feel guilty we aren’t doing more or don’t really enjoy giving/helping in the same way someone else does? Find me at and
Nov 17
39 min
Ep 87: Update on a Scary Leap a Year Ago
Accepting a closed door, or rather being willing to close it yourself, can feel terrifying. Sharing my personal insights on how and when we listen to our gut, what breadcrumbs really mean, and the paradox of the grass always being greener. Whether starting a business, leaving a relationship, or any of your own life shifts, may this be a story of hope that supports you! Find me at and
Nov 10
45 min
Ep 86: Why do we struggle to do, what we say we want to do?
What if you had plans in 2020 that didn’t come to be? #AllHandsRaised Today I’m speaking to a common Q in my DMs on how to think about having not made a business or goal happen in this wild year of 2020. Using my own experiences of working out, meditation & organization with my Elegant Excellence Goals Journal. This is the conversation we should have every year before New Years to remember to both focus on & have grace for the one component that means more than any app or tool for our success:
Nov 3
29 min
Ep 85: My Arrow Goals Method (do less, create momentum, chill your fomo)
How do you choose between goals? Avoid overwhelm, biting off more than you can chew? But also not have FOMO (fear of missing out) that you might chose the wrong goal, regret it, be sad you can’t have both? Today I’m sharing my signature principle for goal setting in a way that brings all our dreams and projects together. Instead of competing against each other, leaving us unfulfilled and disappointed. They work together, to give us momentum towards the life we really want.
Oct 27
22 min
Ep 84: 15 Q’s to Design Your Dream Life
There is so much power in saying and writing our dreams. In today’s special episode I walk you through delightful and insightful prompts to uncover what lights up your head and heart; has in your past and will in the future. Pour a cup, grab a pen if you can, and enjoy! Then be sure to save your seat for our Elegant Excellence Goals Journal Reveal Party or snag your journal as soon as the doors are open!
Oct 20
34 min
Ep 83: 5 Roadblocks to Your Dreams + How to Overcome Them
I’ve identified five elements of our personality that trip us up in dreaming gracefully, spaciously, authentically. Which of these descriptions sounds most like you? - THE STATS DREAMER - THE SIDEKICK DREAMER - THE SUPERSIZE DREAMER - THE SPLIT DREAMER - THE SLOTHFUL DREAMER
Oct 13
23 min
Ep 82: Magic 2 words to Dialogue vs Debate (+ love the world better)
Do you hate conflict, arguments, feel exhausted by all the tension in our cultural conversations lately? Let’s consider how we can have healthier conversations whether around the election, holidays, or anytime in our lives. This isn’t just about convincing someone or avoiding fights. The ultimate goal is that we feel more peaceful and positive ourselves, regardless of the other person’s tone or response. Would love to hear your thoughts
Oct 6
42 min
Ep 81: 10 Lessons from my career with Broadway, Rockettes
Lightness, joy & happy topics feel in order after so many heavy world events this year. I’m often asked if I have a blog post on my musical theatre story: how I booked a Broadway tour, the Radio City Rockettes, & all that jazz. Sharing some fun (okay and emotional, I keep getting choked up!) stories along with inspiring takeaways about chasing our dreams and supporting those in our lives as they do the same. Would love to hear your thoughts on Instagram
Sep 29
1 hr 8 min
Ep 80: How to Do Nothing (+ why it matters deeply)
What is in between laziness and productivity? This is the question I’ve been pondering myself during quarantine. And in some ways the core of a more sustainable lifestyle of rest I’ve been cultivating since a sabbatical in 2016. Reading the book “How to Do Nothing” by Jenny Odell this year has given me further language for this unique journey, as well as clarity as to why it is truly imperative for our society and humanity that we choose to embrace it.
Sep 22
1 hr 10 min
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