You're Welcome with Hilary Rushford
You're Welcome with Hilary Rushford
Hilary Rushford
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Love the Inspiration!
Wonderful podcast that supports dreaming, productivity, connection, and more in your personal and entrepreneurial life. Listen!
Kind and Genuine
This podcast is unique in the best way! She is so kind and genuine but also a dreamer, she encourages positivity and invites you along on the journey. One of the first episodes I listened to was her vision for the Royal 20s and it was so wonderful! A new perspective about how we handle ourselves in this new year, no matter the circumstances. I loved it and can’t wait to listen to so much more, just subscribed for sure!
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Sweet, honest and inspiring 💗
Hilary is world class. She hits home with the heartfelt personal stories that are filled with grace. She doesn’t sugar coat and will tell it like it is with honesty and elegance. I’m a Mompreneur, former New Yorker that listens for the biz strategy and nitty gritty but appreciate the true life behind the scenes inspo. Stop reading this and go listen already!
Thankful for this light!
I started following Hilary on Instagram a number of years ago and started listening to her podcast this year. Through it all, I have been constantly amazed by her candid voice, her openness, and her graceful way of approaching hard conversations. You’re Welcome is the podcast that I come to when I need inspiration and refreshment, when I need to learn but need a break from the exhausting 2020 news cycle. If you’re looking for a new podcast to start 2021, You’re Welcome is it! Hilary will challenge you, give you grace, and teach you methods to reframe your mindset for a healthier and more fruitful life. I’m so grateful for the light Hilary brought to a strange and dark 2020 ❤️ P.S. I normally listen on Spotify but came here to write a review! This has blessed my life enough that I had to make sure others found and loved the podcast, too.
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Long Time Fan finally says THANKS
I’ve been following Hilary’s journey for a few years after taking her style course. The vulnerability she shares each week has helped me examine my mindsets and dig deep into working through ideas I hadn’t considered before, or to think about them in new ways. It’s not all deep and heavy, so don’t get scared away by that description! Her episodes on the different ways we travel really helped me understand my experiences traveling with friends and family in a new light (“Oh, they're about visiting every hip restaurant and I want to chill at a corner cafe and soak up the atmosphere, and both are valid!”) I love podcasts, and she’s one of 3 that I consistently recommend anytime podcasts come up in conversation. Dive in and soon You’re Welcome will be one of the things you’re sharing with friends that “I’m loving this week.”
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A touch stone
I have been following Hilary for quite some time. It started with hopes of starting my own business. I came for entrepreneurial direction. Which I most definitely found. However, I stuck around, through many career and personal twists and turns since, because of so much more. Hilary’s podcast has become a touch stone for me. It’s become the voice of a trusted, real, truth telling, learning as she goes, in the ring, earnestly stepping into her purpose to being more light into the world, friend. My time and heart feel respected as a listener. To put it simply, I just really like Hilary. I’m definitely sticking around :)
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Style and substance!
In 2020, I became a regular Wednesday listener. It was a bright spot and friendly nudge each week towards a life filled with more elegance and excellence.
Mentor, sister, friend.
(I only listen to Spotify, so - as silly as it sounds - figuring out how to leave a review here took a determined, concerted effort after months of thinking about doing it. I kept it on my "back-burner to-do" list because I want to voice my appreciation.) Hilary. You remind me of the best friend I had for a few years at church when I was younger, who was always upbeat and encouraging and reminded me that I was silly and fun even though I otherwise usually felt angry, made me feel good about myself even though I felt totally out of place everywhere, made me feel good about having ambition even though everything else was telling me to give up. That friend and I lost touch a long time ago, and I've rediscovered what I'd needed most from that friendship in following you. Though you've already said You're Welcome (wink,) Thank You, from the bottom of my heart. Listeners. I've been following Hilary for a couple of years now (? it feels like a lifetime), and even though we've never personally met, I consider her a mentor because of all the positive progress I've made since I started listening to her. I'm not a weekly consumer of anything, so I generally have a ton of episodes to catch up on, and once in a while I'll play her podcast all day long and task alongside her accessible wisdom. I have at least one lifetime's worth of negative self-talk built up in my mind, so I take these regular doses of You're Welcome, and/or a cycle of pretty much all of her courses, and it has had & continues to have a massive impact on rewiring my brain around so many things in my life, including my ability to be successful. I found Hilary through following Marie Forleo, and while I still binge MarieTV on occasion, I have distinctly different relationships with Marie and Hilary, both essential. In my imaginary family (we all have one of those, right?), I've dubbed Marie an aunt and Hilary a sister. Aunt Marie encourages me to dream big and convinces me that "Everything Is Figureoutable" and that "the world really does need that special gift that only I have". Sister Hilary grabs me by the hand and says, "We're in this together." Sits cross-legged on the floor with me and asks, "What should we play now?" Smiles & nods knowingly when I can only spend the day in bed, and when I feel motivated to leave it she cheers, "You did it! See? You can do anything!" (And now I'm crying. It happens! This is fine.) I am beyond grateful to have Hilary in my corner. So, Hilary - thank you, thank you, thank you! And if you're thinking about listening, do it - there's something here you probably need to hear.
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Pippa Jankowski
So Meaningful!
This podcast is full of so much goodness! Love, style, business stuff, women’s empowerment - Hilary shares it all in a way that is so genuine and meaningful. I take notes every time because she packs SO MUCH into every episode!
Caity Cat 2020
Simply THE Best
Thoughtful, generous in spirit, encouraging, intentional, and just so darn fun—all qualities you’d want in a BFF, but can also find in this lovely podcast. I’m totally obsessed and admittedly late to the party, but I just couldn’t NOT leave a review for something that truly is a highlight of my day. I share this with my girl friends, my sisters, and pretty much anyone who will listen. I even came all the way over from Spotify (where I listen, weirdo, right?) to share a review in the hopes that it helps another lucky gal find this gem. Thank you, Hilary. I’m so so grateful for the way you’ve opened your life up and continued to spread joy and light to the people you encounter. You are simply THE best 🥳
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Kaitie Hart
Everything is racist
Had to stop listening when she started pushing BLM narrative and called conservatives that don’t support it “racist”. Another personal development podcast gone to Marxism.
Old enough to be Hillary’s mom!!!! But she’s teaching me so much!!!!
I’m relatively new to Hillary’s podcasts, but I’m loving them! 💙 I love her energy and delivery style, and the fact that she is not afraid to show deep emotion, easy and hard! She reminds me of ME when I was that age, although I was in education...a different type of entrepreneur, but theatrical for sure!😂 I have a 30 year old daughter and I’m encouraging her to listen too!!!! Thanks, in the here and now.😘😘
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We’d all be better humans listening to this
Love the insights + Inspiration & candid but open minded conversations. This is a must listen to AND share podcast.
Vanessa Donoue
Exactly what I needed
Hillary you are a gem, a jewel, a light of a human. You bring address topics few will consider with compassion and depth. It’s a style podcast and I’ve somehow walked away with epiphanies about friendship, productivity, life goals, and more. Thank you for putting this into the world!
Always speaks to my heart
Hilary always feels so timely with her topics. When I’m trying to mentally articulate my feelings and thoughts on various subjects she has a beautiful way of speaking to my heart and helping me become more clear. Her fair and balanced view of the world is refreshing - It allows for differing opinions and respects that we are all on a unique path. Her drive to be a better human, entrepreneur, friend and partner is apparent and inspirational. I look forward to each Wednesday when I can go on a morning walk and listening to this podcast.
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Go listen now. Her latest two episodes are the best yet among so many great topics. #82 and #81. The energy of being more publicly moderate is an improv acting skill we all can use to help us speak up in healthier ways that bring us together to solve problems rather than be quiet or go off in too much ranting. Tools to take the risks we all are faced with. Thanks again for helping us show up for our next thing and bring more and better to the conversations we face each day. Love love having this space to grow in!
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We might be friends that haven’t met yet
Hilary has the ability to challenge you, help you see things in a way you hadn’t before, and relate to you like one of your girlfriends. At the risk of sounding like a creeper ( or worse cliché), I am now fully convinced that we would have a fantastic coffee date together… We have parallel lives and so many different areas ( ex dancers, entrepreneurs, similar upbringing/values) and strikingly contrasting lives in other areas ( I married my high school sweetheart very young, I’m a mother of a toddler, I live in a suburban beach town) and yet, every episode is like catching up over coffee. Listen and be blessed! Thanks Hil!
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Kate sends love
Listen to become a better you.
This podcast continually blesses my life. Hilary talks about a range of topics, from style, beauty, travel and entrepreneurship to mental health with the thread of becoming a better you. Hilary is honest and always makes space for opinions that differ from her’s. She is earnest and you can tell how much she wants to help people and is using this wonderful podcast to share her thoughts and advice. They are all great, but a few of my favorite episodes are: Ep 33 - Hilary walks you through an exercise to pause and uncover your dreams Ep 49 - A talk about opinion culture and when not to share an opinion that will hurt someone Ep 80 - How to relax in a way that fuels your creativity with a focus on having presence in your life (which leads to more happiness) Thank you Hilary and the podcast team for blessing everyone with this podcast!
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Amazing insights in every episode.
Hilary takes moments from life, breaks them down and talks about the really fascinating, life-changing stuff inside. She gives concrete tips for how to change for the better. She is warm and empathetic and self-deprecating while also being knowledgeable and confident. I adore this podcast!
Karen Tegel
a MUST listen
You guys. This lovely lady is where it’s at. She gets down to the nitty-gritty of what it takes to be an authentic, joyful, purposeful human being in this beautiful but challenging world. Week after week she puts herself out there for her listeners with such sincerity, humor, and charm (and super helpful insights) that it’s become the highlight of my week. I can’t recommend this podcast enough. Thank you, Hilary!!
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Hilary is a BEAUTIFUL human
Hilary covers various topics with such grace and understanding. She offers her opinion in a non-pushy way, and is welcoming to others opinions. She’s hilarious and relatable, overall a great listen for so many women wether you’re an entrepreneur or not! She’s truly a beautiful woman inside and I can’t wait for each weeks new episode! 💛
fit buddy 9811
Wonderful show
I just recently found your show and I am loving it. I love the variety of topics that you have and just the info you give out and the stories you tell. Look forward to future episodes.
hharisodnf r
My favorite podcast!!
I have been listening to Hilary for awhile now and embarrassed that I haven’t done a review until now. This is my favorite podcast and I always tell clients and friends about it. Hilary is so relatable and the topics are such a great range from relationships to business. Sometimes when I’m stuck in a rut and tune into a podcast I’m amazed at how it is just what I needed to hear that day. It’s like Hilary is a friend talking to you in your living room and giving you encouragement and understanding just when you need it most!
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I look forward to this every week!
Love this podcast except for the fact that I keep having to pause it to write all the good stuff down!
Queen of the Podcast
I love listening to Hilary! She has such wisdom that she shares. I love the diversity of her podcast and the broad topics she discusses!
Natalie Klima
Eeek! I can’t wait for Wednesday!
Omg!! So every Wednesday morning after my therapy appointment I listen to Hilary’s podcast with my smoothie! She has a fantastic insight from personal and business.
Xiomara Escobar
Hilary’s the best
I have followed Hilary for 5+ years so I may be a little biased. I have recommended Hilary’s podcast to countless amounts of people because Hilary makes me feel like a sister, best friend, someone who cares about my life! That may sound like a lot for a podcast but my god Hilary puts her whole heart into what she does and it always shows! Even if I don’t agree with Hilary 100% on something I’m always open to hear her opinion because she is someone who puts thought, wisdom, logic and heart into what she’s telling you. She’s not telling you something she hasn’t thought about before. When I read her posts, stories, podcasts, (and I will 100% be reading her book!!!) I feel grace and gumption and she’s helped me tap into those words that I hadn’t even thought about prior to having Hilary in my life! BTW I don’t know her in real life!! She is a “come sit with us, you’re welcome here!” Vibe and also tells it like it is on a lot of tough topics. Hilary is one of my go to’s! ❤️❤️❤️
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Write for her? Yes!
Episode 71 was really helpful as a business owner. It is so tough to make certain decisions because someone won’t be happy. But you helped me realize that the unhappy person just may not be my audience! Thank you for your great insight!
A O'Donnell
My favorite episode...71
Oh Hilary, First I want to say that this is the first time I write a review, sorry for the delay. But I just assume you know I love you! 😊 Episode 71, of your most recent today, has talked to me on so many levels, thank you for your mindful process. It talks to mine.
What a breath of fresh air!
I have never listened to a podcast before in my life, until this one! Now I listen to every single episode of this podcast. I love how real, vulnerable and giving Hilary is as a person and within this podcast. As a small business owner, I appreciate the advice Hilary gives but as a woman, I just love listening to her stories, her voice and her life. She makes me contemplate, laugh, listen and smile. Thanks so much! -Jackie Wilson
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Jackie Sabotin Wilson
Best podcast ever
Hillary does a phenomenal job of pushing her listeners to be their best while providing an aura of grace, which is missing from so many self-improvement and business podcasts. “With grace and gumption” is a tagline I’ve adopted for myself and I honestly think it’s brought new perspective to my life and my business! Hillary feels like a friend and I look forward to listening every week!
Happy things!
I have been listening to this podcast since the beginning and have recommended it to my “girls”! As an almost “empty nester” I so enjoy her perspective and it is truly amazing how much we all have in common! Listening soothed my anxiety as I shopped, masked - ugh, at Costco today! Highly recommend! A true breath of fresh air ❤️
Such a gem!
Love this podcast and this girl!! Such a great listen, every week. Hilary is so fun, smart and realistic. She’s always the dose of inspiration i need to get going again! Thanks so much for creating this 😍😍😍
So helpful. ♥️
As an artist and entrepreneur, I love tuning in for Hilary’s wisdom every week. From healing anxiety to examining relationships to the ins-and-outs of business, I always leave feeling inspired. Thank you Hilary for all you do!
You’re Welcome
Under quarantine, and scrolling through Instagram, I registered for Hilary Rushford’s Style Class, and was inspired to reconsider my (lack of) style. As much as I enjoyed the idea of a freshening up, this podcast is the best find! I‘ve been listening to random episodes, but today decided to go all the way back to the beginning. Imagine my disappointment to learn that my journey begins as recently as 2019❣️
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Thank You Hilary!
I love this podcast! I can’t tell you how many times I go back and listen to the old episodes. Hilary is big sister/ champion/ encourager/ coach I’ve always wanted! Every episode gives me the confidence and courage to move forward towards my goals. Wednesday was already my favorite day of the week, the You’re Welcome Podcast is now the cherry on top of my Wednesdays!
Speaks to my thoughts and questions
I have taken three of Hilary’s classes, including currently taking part in the 2020 ElEx Mastermind. Hilary is very direct and to the point, but is still funny, honest, and incredibly generous with her advice and life experiences. Some of her episodes have brought me to tears because she shares her own ups and downs, truly putting herself out there. The podcast episodes are pretty much the perfect length to listen to in pockets of downtime throughout the day. I don’t listen to many podcasts, but this is definitely one of them.
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An honest, bold and beautiful cuppa goodness
I have been following Hilary for a few years now via email, Instagram, her webinars and most recently through her You’re Welcome podcast. Getting to listen to her is like settling in with an honest, bold and beautiful cuppa goodness. I find her transparency refreshing, her humor endearing and her generosity humbling. She shines her light so contagiously and I’m grateful for the way she shows up in all the spaces she does, where we strangers can all feel welcome.
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You’re Welcome with Hilary Rushford
Finally, I have figured out how to leave a review! Hilary’s podcasts are the only ones that have ever captured my interest enough to make it through not only an entire episode, but the entire catalog of episodes, from the first to the most recent! I also want to add that I am a couple of decades ahead of Hilary on the road of life, yet week after week her message and ideas resonate. That, my friends is IMPRESSIVE, a tribute to her depth and breadth, not to mention her beautiful speaking voice and delightful delivery. Hilary’s passionate care and respect for all women (and men) reaches right out and touches your heart every week. Please do yourself and your friends a favor: listen to these podcasts and share, share, share. And when I have figured out how to do that last part, I will do the same! ; )
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Always what you need to hear
I have been a long time Hiliary fan. She embodies the life I want to live for myself and she shows that it’s possible to have it all. Her advice is practical, her discussions are honest and real and she makes you feel like she’s your friend on the other end, not some fancy, rich guru. Highly suggest Hilary’s podcast for women in all stages of life!
I always smile to myself when I share her advice.
Not once, but twice this week did I catch myself sharing advice with a friend that I heard from Hilary on this podcast! Listening to Hilary is like having an uplifting conversation with a friend :)
She’s Magnetic
I love just listening to Hilary talk. Honestly, I probably disagree with 50% of what she says. I’m a witchy, lefty, activist, mental health professional who runs a non profit and comes from a completely different class background from her. I may not relate or agree with her, but I KEEP COMING BACK because she’s magnetic. Her business advice is killer and helped me more than anything else. Her Elegant Excellence journal is life-changing. And her authenticity and confidence is beautiful to watch. Thanks for being you, Hilary. -Jazmine
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Joy amplifies joy
Have become more calm and aware from all that I have learned in Hilary’s teachings. I am beginning to pay attention to what brings me joy and get specific about what I want out of life. Fav episode: #33, A Guide to Uncover Your Dreams. Love that it is focused on dreaming and not just goal setting!
Elizabeth A Patel
Thank you thank you thank yoooou
Really love hearing this upbeat podcast. Makes me think a lot about really deep conversations. It’s so refreshing in today’s climate to hear from someone who makes space for others opinions without holding back her own. Thank you!
Fun, warm and insightful
I’ve never listened to a podcast before and now I’m hooked on this one. Hilary, your voice reminds me of a spunky heroine in a fairytale, genuine, brave, wise and witty, helping us find our way through the forest of this crazy thing called life.
I absolutely love this podcast! So positive and she has such a beautiful out look on life. Such a breath of fresh air!
Hope, Grace and Community
I have been devouring Hilarys podcast throughout quarantine - laughing with, crying with, and being moved from conviction to graceful action through this community has been a massive source of inspiration for me the last several months. I’ve become a better friend, coworker, and wife because of this content. THANK YOU, Hilary!
Excellent variety of topics
I love Hilary's show because you never feel like she is being fake-- she makes a huge effort to be positive but shares her struggles. She is inspiring to listen to and the variety of topics will not leave you bored.
Could Listen all day
Such a bright spot in my week!
I look forward to this podcast every week. Hilary is so wise and has so many valuable insights to offer!
So enlightening
Listening to this podcast is like FaceTiming with your most introspective best friend. Hilary has so many great insights and describes difficult things in a way that makes so much sense. She is so genuine and compassionate that it sounds nice even when she’s telling some hard truths. Share this with all your friends, they’ll thank you.
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