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I love Andrea and Jason and how they share their combined love of yoga in the interview. Jason has helped guide me with his knowledge and experience as a respected yoga teacher. He has good insights in how to share your practice with others.
May 24th Episode
Jason: “My Spanish is really good from growing up in To-leh-doh”… Like really? So distracted by this comment I couldn’t even enjoy the podcast. The first 8 minutes of this podcast episode really should’ve been edited for relevancy. Sigh.
Episode 26
Just listened to the podcast w Judith Hanson Lasater about her new book. Her discussion of the pelvis was mind blowing!! Yes! patriarchal indeed!
Thank you!
Thank you for diving into the Samkhya system! Jason does a great job of giving an overview and then diving into the details. His clear style of communication helped me to begin to understand something so complex. I have listened to your podcast since the beginning and this episode really made me want to tell everyone “you need to listen to this podcast!” Thank you so much!
Great Podcast for Teachers and Practitioners
This has been a great resource for deepening my understanding of this practice and so helpful in building my skills and knowledge as a teacher!
Idyllwild yoga
I just listened to the episode on knees- Thank you so much 🙏 Your podcasts, glo classes and attention to anatomy are beyond wonderful- during this crazy time, you both are a gift. Thank you I know I already reviewed this episode but- I’m listening again and I had to add on to my previous review- the 90/90 has been such a hit with my classes- thank you 🙏 and again, thank you for your attention to the changes in how we teach and the fact that it’s not “one size fits all”- this feeds my soul ❤️ Andrea, I just finished listening to your interview with Tracy and yoga nidra- fabulous- thank you so much for the people you share with us. On another note you mentioned that you were moving to Carlsbad... that’s fabulous! I just want to share with you... because you talk about getting out in nature... that you will be 2 hours from a great getaway- Idyllwild- It’s at 5500ft in the San Jacinto mountains. This is where I live. I think you will love it. If you want to know more, I’m happy to answer any questions you might have. Kate
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kateness Idyllwild
Body positivity
just listened to this episode with Amber Karnes. For where I am right now, this topic resonated and I loved her perspective and insights. I’m just starting out as a Health Coach and wanting to work with people on this very topic, personal for me as well. I am a yoga teacher and a physical therapist assistant which are also all about meeting someone where they are and that is exactly as it should be. Love her book recommendations and plan to f/u to read. Thank you so much for your work with this podcast…..Love your interview style and topics.
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Bonus Episode: Teaching Yoga and Mom Life
Thank you for this episode! I felt like I was listening to my own story. Three kids, trying to figure out how to follow my passion when my “career” doesn’t pay the bills, and feeling lost! I appreciate you sharing this story and it gives me hope!
Breanne F
Resilience episode
Thank you for this timely podcast on resilience. As winter, holidays and pandemic fatigue arrive, it can be difficult to remain ... hmm struggling with the right word here... positive, regulated, not a bear?! Your podcast have me a boost and set me back to a better mindset . Thank you for this and all of the work you do to provide excellent content
Sharon from ohio
Just discovered your podcast and heard the interview with Susan Cain. Enjoyed the great conversation and super thoughtful questions. Thumbs up!
A Must-Listen
This is a must-listen podcast for yoga teachers and anyone interested in deepening their yoga practice. Andrea and Jason are tuned into the nuances of modern yoga and have a ton of valuable knowledge to share. This is hands-down my favorite yoga podcast.
Amy U Yoga
Your Students Need You
Thank you Andrea and Jason for your heartfelt explanation on why content matters. It was so helpful to me when you suggested to use a nugget from your class to make content from. This idea is such a welcoming thought that I had never had. Writing a blog sounds like climbing Everest to me ( and I rather climb Everest) but when you added that doing so also makes you a better teacher, it ignited a spark in me. This episode resonated with me on the subject of creating content like no other post, news letter or pod cast has ever had before and I listen to many. I believe it is because of your openness and honesty of your personal experiences and thoughts. Thank you for being candid, it has made me feel like maybe I have a fighting chance in the world of on line yoga. Your work is very much appreciated.
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Flow Jo1
In gratitude of YogaLand
Such gratitude for you, these podcasts, your individual and collective work, and inspiration! Love these rich discussions on topics that feel so relevant and alive. Really appreciate the encouragement to show up as who we are, without judgement, in service of the greater good. Please keep it coming - it really makes a difference, on and off the mat!
Thank you for being here for all of us during this crazy time! So appreciate your candor. I love this recourse and can’t wait to start my yoga teacher training with you!! Janice Sherman
What a resource!
If you teach yoga, this is an amazing source of real life advice! Has kept me going on some pretty dark days. Thank you Andrea and Jason!
Interesting and oh so helpful
Love this podcast. Found it during the shelter in place period and am hooked. Of course Andrea is partnered with my long time and fave Glo yoga instructor Jason! This pair packs value into any time you can spend with them online. Andrea asks the key questions of the right experts and on the topics that are pertinent. As a yoga teacher, Jason’s teaching brings depth and clarity to my own classes. Bravo and thank you both!
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A wealth of knowledge for both a yoga student and teacher!
This podcast has supported my journey toward a 200hr certification in such a profound way! Whenever I am stuck on an idea or concept or just want to learn more, I look to this show to help lead me down a comprehensive path with experts at my side!
Thank you
Thanks for brining relevant content in such an easy to listen to way. One thing I’ve been interested in is a year long overview for planning classes. Jason talks about his monthly focuses, I’d love to have a bigger picture of that planning process!
Thank you for your efforts to continually provide authentic and relative content
I truly appreciate the conversations Andrea and Jason are having during their most recent podcast episodes. All episodes are great, but the topics covered lately are super relatable to a real life yoga practice for a virtual teacher and practitioner. As a student and teacher I think this podcast is a true gem in the yoga community. Topics are thought provoking and extremely informative. Sometimes I take away information that reminds me of my teacher training and I am inspired to get back into the fundamentals of yoga for my personal practice. Thank you so much for putting together additional content during these times. I smile so big when I see an unexpected new episode has downloaded, it’s like Christmas morning for a yogi. Much love and gratitude!
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Excellent for anyone interested in yoga
I especially appreciated the episode on making yoga accessible. I’ve been studying that (fairly informally) by following/watching/listening to Susana Barkataki for over a year (many, many hours, which included many other speakers). It’s a topic that would bear revisiting soon, and she’d be another excellent presenter, if you can get her. Thanks! Accidental yoga teacher
One of your Biggest Fans!
I can't believe I am writing my first Yogaland review cuz I think I've listened to all of your podcasts! First of all, you two are adorable together!! You are both wonderful individuals on your own, but together you make a dynamic and very powerful duo! I love your transparency and authentic style. Jason knows me from attending every yoga workshop he has ever been to in Austin, plus lots of yoga journal conferences. I am a longtime fan. I continue to learn and evolve as a yoga teacher from your podcasts and Jason's teachings. Thank you both. Especially now, I appreciate your efforts to help us transition into on-line yoga classes. Your recent podcasts have been very helpful. Love you both! Namaste!!! 💛
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Amy from Austin
Changing my life
I have been catching up from episode 1, its taken me months of listening and I feel like this podcast is changing my life. Thank you so much for the amazing content.
Phenomenal. Comprehensive. Intelligent.
LOVE jason & Andrea, excellent podcast! It’s one of the very few I routinely listen to. (The one piece of feedback I'd offer, is that for a podcast that’s so technical and scientific in its approach to poses/motions, it seems contradictory that many of the sponsorships are “junk science” - ie supplements and diet products...worth reflection on what messaging is being put out and if that needs to be part of our "Yogaland" :)
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First time listening
I just start to listen Yogaland and I loved it! I learned, I see my self, I laugh together with you there!
Ju Yoga
Love everything about Podcast...but...
Love Podcast-five stars! Really inspiring and smart! But please Jason-you know good and well not everyone knows all the pose names in Sanskrit-but we all speak English. Translate!! By the way are those words even real Sanskrit?
I love this podcast! Andrea and Jason are amazing. An awesome resource for students and teachers.
Perfect yoga teacher resource
I use many of the Yogaland Podcast episodes as homework assignments in my YTTs. Not only does that help my students to connect with Jason (whom I consider to be one of my teachers), but it also broadens their education beyond my perspective as their lead trainer and they get to hear wise words from so many of your brilliant guests. Thank you, Andrea, for creating an invaluable resource for myself and all teachers!
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A friendly voice
Listening to this podcast is like having a compassionate and knowledgeable friend to talk to whoever you want to! I really enjoy the warm tone and humble spirit of the moderator.
Grateful that I have listened to your podcast
I have learned a lot of things from your podcast. I love listening to your podcast, very informative and inspirational.
Love the podcast! Andrea is so genuine and honest and all of the episodes are very relevant to the yoga community. I also love her voice and the energy between her and Jason! Thanks so much for what both of you do!!❤️
Conversational, yet on-topic and well-researched
Andrea is an expert podcaster with a deep expertise of yoga with her husband Jason Crandell. The show is engaging yet relaxing, informative yet possible to passively listen to. Great for yoga teachers and yoga practitioners alike.
I love your podcast. I enjoy it very much And I share it. I’m trying to find out where Jason teaches and how I might take a teacher training from him and or you. Thank you so much, Britt
Reassuring teaching advice with humor
Have been loving this podcast so much! Every episode has something compelling but Jason & Andrea don’t take themselves too seriously and I love their banter. Valuable and fun, and they exude respect for Yoga.
Virginia Yoga Enthusiast
Best Yoga Podcast
I love Andrea and Jason! I’ve been listening for almost two years and I’m glad I found them. My favorite is when Jason is on the podcast. Their chemistry is amazing and I love their goofiness too. But overall I love that I learn so much about aspects/subjects that haven’t crossed my mind yet. It’s like they are a few steps ahead of me. This yoga world is a big one and I’m glad I can learn so much here. Mahalo Andrea and Jason! Love you both!!
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Favorite Yoga Themed Podcast
Intelligent & smart content for yoga practitioners and teachers.
I just found this gem of a podcast. Andrea is warm, funny and interesting. I really enjoy the ones with Jason. Highly recommend for anyone interested in yoga.
Love Listening!
Love listening to this podcast. The conversations always make me think—about my practice, my teaching, and yoga in general. And now that there are season breaks, I’m enjoying re-listening to the back catalog. So many more insights on a second listen.
Love this podcast!!
I love Andrea and Jason, they are really fun, easy to listen to and great source of information!
Must - Listen Yoga Podcast !
So well done, informative and entertaining. Full of new science based info and fresh perspectives on important foundational topics.
I am late to the podcast thing, and Yogaland is the only one I listen to. Andrea's guests are incredibly knowledgeable-I gain so much insight from each episode, even ones with topics that initially don't resonate with me. Thank you, Andrea and Jason, for all you do for the yoga community!
I consider this podcast part of my ongoing yoga education
This is my go-to must listen yoga podcast. Andrea curates a beautiful show in a wide range of topics with the best in the yoga industry. I always love her conversations with a Jason as well — I always learn so much every time I listen. Make this podcast part of your sadhana 👏
Keeps Me Learning and Growing!
As a yoga instructor in my tenth year, the Yogaland podcast exposes me to new topics and new takes on old topics, presented by experts I may never had heard from without this podcast. I especially value the sessions with Jason, who I consider my primary teacher. Having this time with him and Andrea is like an on-going advanced teacher training. Russ Nehrig Estes Park, CO
Science and Yoga
I love the subject of science and yoga with Lara Benusis. I teach yoga for cancer survivors and would love more concrete evidence when I approach cancer treatment facilities. How do I find the research studies she was talking about? Is there a hub ora clue of how to become more informed and have access to to recent research studies? Thanks!
W_ C_ Yoga
Inspirational for Yoga Teachers & connoisseurs!
As a Yoga teacher, this Podcast inspires me as it has such a wide variety of perspectives and things to think about in the Yoga world. I LOVE and appreciate your work in creating these and in meeting the Yoga community where they are in this busy world—through podcast medium.
Great resource for new teachers, experienced teachers, and all yogis!
Thank you, Andrea and Jason, for putting so much of yourselves into this podcast. I'm a new teacher just wrapping up my 2nd year of public classes, and every time I listen to your podcast I pick up something that helps me and makes me a better teacher.
Just found podcast!
I can’t stop listening! I’m a yoga teacher and find all the information and guests helpful. Thank you for sharing.
chill yoga fw
Thank you Andrea!
I went through a very tough time when I started teaching yoga because I wanted to excel and that doesn’t always happen right away. Hearing Andrea and Jason talk about yoga teaching and sequencing helped me so much and I’m so grateful! Since I started listening to Yogaland, I’ve taken every one of Jason’s online classes and most of his online trainings. If you’re another teacher, I can’t recommend him enough! Driving from studio to studio has given me plenty of time to listen to all of the podcast episodes and I love how much I learn. Andrea asks the best and most relatable questions, sharing her inspiring insights along with such impactful guests. I look forward to every new episode and share them every chance I get. Thank you!
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Helpful and interesting!
I absolutely love this podcast and the information that is provided on each episode! Andrea puts great care into the topics covered, and relays information in such a tangible and digestible way. All of the guests have been very insightful and have given me so much to think about in my own teaching and personal yoga practice. Would definitely recommend to anyone no matter where they are in their yoga journey!
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the yoga podcast
yea, this is like the example for yoga podcast. professional and flexible. i think is also nice to see how it organically grows and transform to a better product as it goes. im also *super* fortunate to be able to go weekly to jason’s yoga classes in SF. classes are fire; inspiring, full of knowledge. recommended.
Awesome tips! Easy to understand 🙏🏻
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