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Andrea Ferretti spent more than a decade as an editor at Yoga Journal interviewing inspiring yoga teachers, creative thinkers, and wellness experts. Now, on Yogaland, Andrea talks to insightful people about all things related to yoga and the path of self-awareness. From how yoga is being used in schools, to how it rewires our brains, to nitty gritty anatomy advice, to the simple ways it helps us navigate emotions. Yogaland is a dose of weekly inspiration that focuses on creating a happy, healthy, meaningful life. Support this show
How to Stay in Your Lane as a Yoga Teacher
What do you do when a student comes to you hoping you can help them with an injury? Just what is appropriate or inappropriate? How can you help students heal while not overstepping into the realm of medical clinician? Find out on today's episode! Show notes: 
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Oct 12
51 min
Yoga Teachers: Should You Ask Students to Disclose Injuries?
It was once common practice for yoga teachers to start every class with a simple question: "Is anyone working with any injuries or medical conditions?" On this episode, Jason talks about the reasons that this question does -- and does not -- hold up. The goal isn't to tell teachers what to do, but to share the pros and cons so that you can make the decision for yourself. Show notes: 
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Oct 5
33 min
4 Ways to Prevent Yoga Injuries
In this episode, Jason and I tackle yoga injuries, There may not be a way to completely prevent all injuries, but we're sharing some best practices that teachers and students can practice to minimize the risk. We cover a lot of ground, but here are a few top-level points: * Why there’s no one “right” way to approach any pose in order to prevent injury. * The four key things you should consider in regards to injury prevention * The types of hands-on adjustments that Jason advocates against * How to find equilibrium and balance in yoga poses Show notes: 
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Oct 1
48 min
Sequencing for Twists and Backbends with Jason Crandell
As yoga practitioners we all know that the body is amazingly complex -- and there is so much to learn when it comes to getting the body into those shapes we call yoga poses. But even though yoga postures are complicated, yoga sequencing doesn't have to be. On this episode, Jason explains his simple yet thorough approach to sequencing for twists and backbends. Show notes: 
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Sep 17
42 min
Q&A - Jason Answers Your Questions about Rotation of the Hip and Shoulder Joints + More
It’s been a while since we devoted an episode to answering listener questions, so that’s exactly what we’re doing this week.  In this episode, Jason tackles a few of the questions that have been submitted recently such as: *Internal or external hip rotation in forward folds? (A simple question with a not-so-simple answer) *Does that upper arm bone externally rotate in Chaturanga? *Is passively stretching a muscle  or group of muscles (like the psoas and other hip flexors) that is both tight and weak a good idea? Or is there a better way to approach? *Any tips on floating from Uttanasana to sit and jumping through? Show notes: 
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Sep 9
42 min
Anti-racism and Allyship in Yogaland with Jennifer Hutton
I’ve received a lot of questions from white yogis recently about how we can be better allies to our BIPOC friends and studio owners in the community. My guest today, Dr. Jennifer Hutton, offers insightful guidance for this type of self-inquiry. Jennifer is a pediatric physical therapist from Nashville with a passion for nurturing children with developmental delays. She’s also become a leader in talking about anti-racism, and what it means to be an ally. She recently gave a webinar on the topic to 600 viewers and raised more than $10,000 for the National Association of Black Physical Therapists. On today’s episode, Jennifer shares her framework, which includes awakening, education, self-examination, and action. I’ve learned a ton from her and I hope you do, too! 
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Sep 1
49 min
"Put on Your CEO Pants" with Andrea and Jason
Helping yoga teachers make a decent living is something Jason and I are both passionate about. So in this episode, Jason and I have a candid conversation about what it takes to have a successful yoga business--particularly, how to get noticed by potential students online.  The big takeaways: Yes, it takes time and energy to grow a following online, but it is very doable, too. And there’s more good news! You don’t need as many “followers” as you might think in order to do what you love and grow a thriving business as a yoga teacher.  Here’s a few other points we make in the episode: * Why Andrea says it’s time to shush any voices of self-doubt and put your “CEO pants” on so you can start making the online content your students want and need * One of the biggest misconceptions about yoga influencer teachers on social media -- their income might not be coming from teaching yoga classes * Advice on how to make authentic, genuine connections online with potential students. * A few do’s and don’ts for online content creation. For example DO define your content scope and DO create a content calendar. But don’t expect overnight results. Show notes: 
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Aug 24
56 min
"The Pelvis is Everything" with Judith Hanson Lasater
If you've practiced yoga for awhile, it's likely that you've heard a sweeping generalization about alignment in a pose. Often these generalizations get passed around until they become cemented as absolute truths -- when in fact, they're really just true under certain conditions at certain times. Or they're simply myths.  My guest today is Judith Hanson Lasater, who addresses all of this in her newest book, "Yoga Myths: What You Need to Learn and Unlearn for a Safe and Healthy Yoga Practice." Here are a few highlights from our conversation: * We talk about how she is handling shelter-in-place and how it's affected her teaching * Her thoughts on “right and wrong” in yoga and how she frames that conversation instead * 3 common cues you might hear in yoga class that she says are based on myths about the body * When it’s appropriate to question something that you’ve learned from your yoga teacher * Why she says the pelvis is everything! Show notes: 
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Aug 18
55 min
Episode 205: Let's Talk Yoga with Arundhati Baitmangalkar
My guest this week wears so many hats! She's a yoga and Bollywood dance teacher, studio owner (Aham Yoga in Redmond, WA), and a brand new yoga podcaster! (Her pod is called Let's Talk Yoga.)⁠ ⁠ Arundhati hails from Southern India and moved to the states with her husband seven years ago. In her own words, "I've built a successful business as an immigrant, WOC yoga teacher with no business background, no Handstands -- just pure instinct and the free information I found on google. There are very few Indian, immigrant yoga teachers out there. And even fewer South Asian owned yoga studios."⁠ ⁠ I loved connecting with her and hearing her story. I'm also grateful to her for sharing openly from her perspective as a South Asian woman -- how does she feel about the word Namaste at the end of class? What are the things that feel different in yoga spaces in the West? And what are some ways that she's been made to feel invisible in yoga rooms in the past? Thank you, Aru, for leading with such an open heart!  Here are a few things we talk about: * How she got her start in yoga after years as a professional Bollywood dancer, and how that blossomed into a thriving studio business * The creative way she runs her studio that keeps her costs low, and her focus on the yoga * Her thoughts on Western yoga students referring to each other as “yogi” and beginning and ending class with the word 'Namaste' * A peek into her new podcast (Jason is one of her first guests!), and what we can expect to learn from her in future episodes Show notes:  
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Aug 10
43 min
How YOU doin? An update on teaching and practicing during the pandemic
We’ve been giving a lot of tips for bringing your teaching online during the pandemic lately. This week, we talk through the challenges both teachers and students are going through. Then, we offer some thoughts and creative ideas (many of them from our students) on how to cope with those challenges. The challenges -- overcoming Zoom fatigue, the broken teacher-student “feedback loop,” the absence of manual adjustments, and the additional challenge of finding + retaining students. The solutions? Ideas for engaging yoga students and bringing back the sense of community we’re all craving right now, focusing on growth, innovation, and taking this time to plan classes. *Plus, we share our best advice for yoga students as they are navigating this new normal Show notes: SHOUTOUT TO OUR SPONSORS Betabrand's dress pant yoga pants make work wear that's as functional, comfortable, and inspiring as your favorite workout gear--perfect for long work days or working from home. For a limited time, Yogaland listeners can get 25 percent off their first order by going to 
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Aug 3
53 min
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