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WSJ Secrets of Wealthy Women
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Empower yourself financially. Successful women executives, workplace pioneers, self-made entrepreneurs, industry trendsetters and money-savvy experts reveal insights on how to get ahead, reach your goals, and achieve professional success. They join host Veronica Dagher every Tuesday.
Toni Ko: On the Beauty Of Building Your Own Business
Toni Ko, founder of NYX Cosmetics and Bespoke Beauty Brands, tells WSJ's Veronica Dagher how she's launching a new makeup line amid the pandemic. Help us shape our future coverage of women and money. Share your feedback at
Sep 25
15 min
Katie Rodan + Kathy Fields: Serial Skin-Care Entrepreneurs
Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields, co-founders of skincare treatment Proactiv and their namesake brand, Rodan + Fields, tell WSJ's Veronica Dagher what they've learned about partnership and building companies.
Sep 16
27 min
Emily Ramshaw: On Launching a Nonprofit Amid Covid-19
Emily Ramshaw, cofounder of women-focused nonprofit media company the 19th*, tells WSJ's Veronica Dagher how she's adapted her organization to the coronavirus and why the untold stories of the female electorate matter.
Sep 9
13 min
Angela Yee: Mastering the Side Hustle
Angela Yee, co-host of the nationally syndicated radio show The Breakfast Club, tells WSJ's Veronica Dagher how she manages multiple streams of income and what she's learned about investing.
Sep 2
25 min
Tami Erwin: Verizon Business CEO On Leading a Global Team Remotely
Tami Erwin, executive vice president and chief executive of Verizon Business Group, tells WSJ's Veronica Dagher how she's adapted her 26,000 employees to remote work and what managers can do to help working parents thrive in the pandemic.
Aug 26
28 min
Marla Beck: How Covid-19 is Changing the Beauty Business
Marla Beck, co-founder and chief executive of beauty company Bluemercury, tells WSJ's Veronica Dagher how she's adapted her business amid the pandemic and what's ahead for the luxury beauty industry.
Aug 19
28 min
Vanessa Williams: Defying Other People's Expectations
Vanessa Williams, award-winning actress and singer, tells WSJ's Veronica Dagher how she's coped with racism in the entertainment industry and how she's working to end inequality for other performers.
Aug 12
28 min
Erin Loos Cutraro: On Why Women Should Run for Office
Erin Loos Cutraro, founder of She Should Run, tells WSJ's Veronica Dagher what prevents women from running for elected office and how she's working to change that.
Aug 5
27 min
Sarah Deer: Empowering Tribal Nations to Protect Native Women
Sarah Deer, Native American lawyer and MacArthur fellow, tells WSJ's Veronica Dagher how she's worked for justice for Native survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence and why the recent Supreme Court Oklahoma land ruling matters.
Jul 29
26 min
Karen Altfest: On How Women Want To Talk About Money
Karen Altfest, executive vice president of Altfest Personal Wealth Management, tells WSJ's Veronica Dagher how she's managed a long career in finance and how she's helped women and widows.
Jul 22
24 min
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