WSJ Secrets of Wealthy Women
WSJ Secrets of Wealthy Women
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Empower yourself financially. Successful women executives, workplace pioneers, self-made entrepreneurs, industry trendsetters and money-savvy experts reveal insights on how to get ahead, reach your goals, and achieve professional success. They join host Veronica Dagher every Tuesday.
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Wealthy Women apparently only work in beauty
Why are all the episodes about women who work in the beauty industry?! There are plenty of wealthy women in less gendered industries. Women’s’ aspirations can be much bigger and broader than beauty. Unsubscribing.
Thank you
Sad that this podcast ended. At least I found a new podcast: “Leading Female Insider” to keep me inspired.
Thank you
You’ve been a lovely inspiration.
Grand podcast!
I will truly miss listening to this podcast on my way to school.
Inspirational and Informative
I don’t usually take to write reviews for anything but I wanted to express my appreciation for this inspirational and motivational podcast about aspirational women that aren’t showcased enough in today’s media (no Kardashians here). I am sadden that there will not be anymore new episodes but grateful for what I’ve learned. This podcast was a great listen on my drives to work as it motivated me to become better financially and personally. Thank you!
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Thank you for the inspiration
Thank you! I’ve been an avid fan!
Featuring MLMs
I used to really enjoy this show but am so disappointed to see founders of a MLM (pyramid scheme) featured on here.
Great podcast
Awesome Podcast!!!
Veronica, host of the WSJ Secrets of Wealthy Women podcast, highlights all aspects of investing, women and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
Fantastic Podcast But...
I love this podcast so much. Some of my favorite episodes include “How Women of Color Can Own Their Success” and the episode with Moj Mahdara. That said, I do wish more women from humble backgrounds were interviewed. Most had parents who were already successful or invested in their businesses. Sure, they still had their struggles and still worked very hard to be successful but people consider inviting women with little to no support system from the very beginning. Inspiring women like Michelle Mone who grew up very poor and still attained massive success.
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Thanks WSJ. Great questions, love the panels, great guests. Would love more tactical advice!
Thank You, WSJ!
This podcast has changed my life. When I came back from maternity leave last year, I felt like I was starting all over. I needed tips on how to be a working mom who was SEEN and successful at work and home, and I got them from this podcast. In the past year, my confidence has skyrocketed, I’ve gained motivation and I negotiated for a big raise and promotion, which I got!! It’s been a banner year and I owe so much of it to the inspiring stories and tips I’ve learned here. Thank you thank you!! And keep ‘em coming.
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WSJ: Secrets of Wealthy Women
I love love love WSJ: Secrets of Wealthy Women - many lessons learned. Thank you Helene
A podcast about privileged women
I wish the women represented here were more diverse, started from other places, and that the advice wasn’t so privileged. The leader of the NYC Marathon basically said she had kids because she didn’t want to be a lawyer forever. What kind of advice is that?? What about those of us who want both career and kids, but everyone else just says “lean in”? Every interview is about women who already came from wealth and/or had the luxury of many choices. The CFO who took her baby to a meeting because she had no childcare - yeah right. Anyone below the C-suite level would be harshly, perhaps quietly, punished for “not properly managing her job priorities”. I consider myself very lucky to be middle class and educated, and even I was squirming at the privilege and entitlement these women speak from. I’ve unsubscribed.
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Great insights, necessary dialogue
I am an African American, 40-something, female entrepreneur in the Deep South (Alabama). My company specializes in helping employers develop exceptional work environments to slow the down the costly revolving door, deal with the heart of the company, and have better outcomes for its customers. I first tuned in to the episode on Black women owning a seat at the table. I found the conversation to be inspiring and uplifting. It resonated with me based on my personal experiences and what I see clients seeking to overcome in their workplaces. Bravo for not forsaking this conversation.
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Bama Peach
Inspired College Student
I am a senior in college and discovered this podcast as I started my job search. It has helped me so much to hear all of the different career paths these women have had. While there is not one path to success, I hope to embody the strength and perseverance these women all posess. Thank you for creating such an inspiring podcast!
1 woman of color for every 20 white women
Yeah... my title is self explanatory.
Trae Rosay
My Favorite Podcast!
This is my favorite podcast-it’s relatable, clear and the women are all so interesting. I love listening to their money secrets, some are so funny. The wisdom provided on this show is amazing. Love this feeds my soul!
My Mentors in 1 Podcast
Nope, I didn't know most of them until I heard of their talks and the more that they do not know of me but the learning that I get from the sharing that they all impart gave me different ways to look at matters and life at large. I always look forward to the next episode and when they are not available, I found myself replaying many of them. Interestingly, I realized that after the 2nd or 3rd replay, there are still those moments when I thought, "oh, that is what she actually meant!" when I understood it differently the first few times I listened. Veronica does a fantastic job at asking the right questions and still being objective about things when the answers may sound personal. This is my number one podcast and this is my number one source of positivity and inspiration to start the morning or end my day. Thanks, WSJ team and Veronica!
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Inspiring and motivational.
I stumbled on this podcast while looking for a podcast that showcased the voices of strong women, while also discussing and debating financial matters. I found all of this and more in this one! I do agree with a previous review, I wish there were a bit more of a conversational style to it rather than ask and answer. But it doesn’t deter me from listening anyway! Highly recommend.
Deborah Norville
Excellent interview. I loved Deborah’s no nonsense demeanor.
Very motivational
Great motivational talks to listen to with ease!! I personally appreciate these not-to-lengthly talks as motivation during those mid-day coffee breaks. One less star only because I hope to see more female role models coming from science backgrounds!!
Great inspiration and actionable ideas
Love hearing from all of those women who have a lot of wisdom to share!
Inspiring and Authentic
I love this podcast particularly because the guests (and host) are authentic and real. There’s not just one type of narrative shared over and over. Each woman has had a unique path, with unique views. At times, the advice given by one guest, may actually contradict with the advice from the one before. I actually LOVE this because it highlights that there is no one super secret path to success. I have already recommended it to all my friends!
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Still My Favorite Podcast!
I've become an avid podcast listener, going deep into archives catching up with episodes. I'm committed to 4 podcasts at the moment and yours remains my favorite. Thanks for all that you do!
Thank You!
This podcast has inspired me and given me support when I have gone through hard times in my career. I appreciate the insightful interviews with women in many different fields. Thank you!
Interesting and Applicable
Wonderful podcast! Interesting guests, great conversations, and applicable advice. Definitely a favorite.
So relatable and so good!
I love everything about this podcast. I love how the women keep it so honest and are gritty in sharing. No matter where you are in your journey their stories are so relatable.
Listen Up!
I really enjoy this podcast. The guests are interesting and their backgrounds are varied. It allows me to hear different perspectives of successful women. Veronica’s style and tone of questioning makes it feel more like honest journalism vs’ that the question is being asked with a slant or agenda. Thanks to all involved in creating this Podcast !
Disgusted that you gave former Planned Parenthood CEO a platform
I have been a loyal listener of this podcast until today when I saw that Ms. Dagher interviewed former Planned Parenthood CEO, Gloria Feldt, a few weeks ago. I have no interest in knowing the financial secrets and thoughts of a monstrous woman whose life has been funded by babies being murdered and who has run the most abhorrent company in the world. You should be ashamed of yourself for giving her a platform here.
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Great content
Substantial content impacting financially savvy women who want inspiration and also to hear on relevant news and issues that impact them. The podcasts are not super short or long but just right. Important issues and I’m glad the WSJ has dedicated a podcast to women who want a fulfilling career and to be financially independent.
This is very good to listen too because you can learn about many different things. It is also very interesting.
Great guests - supremely boring host
Great guests but the host asks questions like she’s reading off of a middle school homework assignment. Her questions are boring voice sounds like she’s bored too.
Great podcast for women ! So much insight into money management, business leadership etc...very inspirational & enlightening
Great podcast
I love this podcast for many reasons. Particularly, I enjoy the array of women who are interviewed across different industries.
Great guests and info
I really like the guests and the concepts and topics discussed. I don’t always love the o review style. It feels a little awkward and that she’s just asking questions versus engaging with the guests. Could be a bit more collaborative to make the shows even better.
Susan Packard Review
Loved her authenticity and how she grew in self-awareness. The advice for women who are breadwinners because that's often a tough one to navigate. But she talks about compromise and how it worked for her. Too many leaders on a power trip and how that affects employees.
Ayesha Curry👩🏼‍🍳👩🏽‍🏫
I admire and look up to her so much💕❤️ Girlfriend is farrrrr from L-A-Z-Y! Encouraging me every time I see her to be true to me and go after my goals and dreams!
Best free investment - HIGHLY RECOMMEND
I found this podcast because of the Mary Higgins Clark episode and I’ve been hooked ever since. The advice is so practical and applicable to anyone! Since I downloaded this podcast, I’ve started checking my 401K actively, opened up a savings account and currently exploring life insurance as well as disability insurance. In addition, they have done such great work interviewing women of color. The micro aggressions shared by the panelists were so relatable. The advice you get on this podcast is worth millions!
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Enjoyable Content; Change Background Music
Really appreciate the podcast! But, the background music makes it feel more like a dramatic/thriller podcast and less of an uplifting/inspiring podcast (please change it).
makloz ❤️
Interview real female entrepreneurs
Most of the podcasts I’ve listened to here are not real entrepreneurs. Instead of putting down women you’ve interviewed I’d rather suggest you seek out real female entrepreneurs who started their successful businesses from an idea and nothing else. This has just been a waste of time.
Absolutely enthralling!
It’s so refreshing to get a women’s perspective on the challenges in finance management that resonates significantly with us! Love the show and the host queries are spot on!
Thank you
I really appreciate this podcast. Women need to hear from other women! Thanks!
Theme song
Love the show but the theme song kind of makes me nuts. Maybe switch it up or don’t play it every five minutes.
Excellent interviews!
Veronica is a perceptive, skilled host and draws out great conversations from these accomplished women. I love learning about their stories.
This podcast is fantastic. I’ve recommended to all of my family and friends. So many great takeaways.
Great great podcast
Love this podcast!!! Great host ask high quality questions!!! Give woman so much strength, because even the successful wealthy women facing the same problems like you. I learned a lot, can’t wait to put it on in the morning or while I’m driving.
My current favorite podcast
This is my favorite podcast right now! I am struggling with a life/career transition and this podcast has been a source of inspiration and strength. Great interviews, amazing women, love Veronica Dagher.
Thank you!
Inspirational, educational and just motivating to listen to.
do appreciate
The best one I have heard
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