We Should Talk About That
We Should Talk About That
Jessica Buchanan and Jessica Kidwell
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Relevant, captivating topics!
This podcast does the seemingly impossible — talking about serious societal issues while still being human and entertaining. Jess and Jess are both incredibly vulnerable with their guests. The interviews feel like a conversation, rather than just a stream of questions. If you like learning and human connection, this podcast is for you!
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Brilliant discussion on gender equity
The gender equity interview is one of the most brilliant and enlightening discussions I have ever heard or read anywhere. This topic is truly important and impactful to every single person and economy in the world. Thank you for sharing information on this topic and for introducing us to Ms. Roy. I wish her continued success with her mission, as we all benefit when she succeeds.
The lengths that the two Jess’s go to in order to bring individuals together, tell personal stories, and create communities is absolutely amazing, and oh-so enjoyable for the listener. I’m grateful for every introduction and admire that no topic is too scary or off limits. If it impacts anyone, anywhere, it’s valued in this space. Love, love!
Unwined AVA
Talking about what needs to be…talked about!
Each Jess brings their own uniquenesses, insight, wisdom and honesty to these much needed conversations. I love WeSTAT and will forever be a fan of this podcast!
Thankful for your podcast
These ladies are brilliant, hilarious, and doing important work for our community of wonderful women. Keep it up ladies…I am a listener for life. XO Lyssa
Lyssa Seward
So enjoy this show
The topics are relatable and interesting. I admire Jessica so much. 💯 all around!
Getting Me Out of My Comfort Zone
Not an easy task getting me to listen to sometimes uncomfortable topics. Yet, Jessica X2 have a way of easing listeners into it. Listen, Learn and Grow!
Sandi McKenna
Always enlightening!
Always an insightful topic - delivered with relatable vulnerability and humor. I listen every week and the Jess duo always, always knows what we should talk about!!!!
Wonderful Insight
This podcast says all the things we wish we said or asked and provides the answers. It is such an enjoyable listen to topics that impact us all. I have learned so much and considered my perspective on even more.
Variety is the Spice of Life
And this podcast has it all. I love the range of topics and they are always covered in a fun and creative and comfortable way. Even the tough topics feel so welcoming.
higdon drake
Easy listen!
These gals are so fun to listen too. I love the topics they choose and their fun back and forth!
The 2 Jesses feel like real life friends!
I love listening to this podcast because I feel like I’m chatting with friends in my living room. They are so easy to relate to! I love their easy banter back and forth and the topics they discuss. Great quality podcast!
Best podcast ever!
Jess and Jess are hysterical and keep it real. Love this podcast!
Jess + Jess = hard to discuss topics mixed with humor, sarcasm and truth! They don’t shy away from discussing anything on this podcast. I love their raw honesty that holds space for listeners to feel their own feelings and maybe help us admit to ourselves that there is a lot of stuff we don’t have figured out yet. This is a community for women to support each other and know we are not alone. Thank you for the brave conversations you are bringing to the forefront. ♥️
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Never miss an episode!
This podcast provides an entertaining and realistic conversation about a variety topics. Each week, I find the interviews and conversations meaningful and relevant. The hosts are very real — vulnerable, funny, and smart. I look forward to the launch of each episode - I never miss!
la la la bad games
Such a great podcast! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Jess and Jess are a power podcasting couple — their power lies in their ability to cut right to the chase on whatever topic is the focus of the episode. Their questions are sharp, personal, intelligent, and thought-provoking and this makes for amazing conversation and a-ha moments throughout each episode. Listen to the episode with Procrastination Coach Dr. Li to get a sample of the rawness and realness that Jess and Jess bring to the show!
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Great show
Great show with smart & compassionate conversations. Thanks for opening up these topics to a wider audience!
Pot Episode
I’m a longtime fan of this podcast, but the recent episode on cannabis left me with a few questions: first, I’m wondering why one of the Jesses was so nervous about covering this— what was behind the nerves? The topic seemed pretty tame to me. Also, why does the guest put a “the” before “pot” and why is that supposed to be funny? I don’t mean to gripe. But it was in the episode description as well as the name of the guest’s podcast… it’s more of a curiosity.
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Great interviews!
I can’t wait to listen every week. I love the topics, the chemistry between the hosts, and the thoughtful conversation. A must listen on your weekly list!
CandM mom
Love their selection of guests
Whenever I listen I’m never disappointed in who they have on as guests. I must say, I’ve loved every guest Jess and Jess have had so I DO come on and search for them versus my typical subject search when looking for a podcast to listen to. Jess and Jess are hysterical too and add in the humor to some really conflicting and hard to talk about topics. Keep going girls! I really enjoy your show.
Survivor too
WeStat podcast
I always get something out of the WeStat podcast. Jess and Jess are so real. They speak with such honesty. Highly recommend!!!
studio kiki
The topics are so relevant and important to discuss!
Love this podcast! They cover such important topics because we all have thoughts around them and don’t often voice them. They give space for these conversations to happen!
Ellie Kagan was amazing
Great conversation about diabetes with Ellie, what an amazing communicator!
Awesome podcast!
Jessica & Jessica, hosts of the We Should Talk About That podcast, highlights all aspects of relationships, growth and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Just the Best
Love the honesty and topical selections for shows
Jake Klonoski
No holding back..
Love this podcast and how the hosts lay it all out there. They are funny and relatable and I appreciate their courage to hash through the tough topics in life. Definitely add this to your playlist.
One of the Best Podcasts Out There….
The two Jesses are simply magical together. They play off each other wonderfully, achieving the perfect balance of humor and sobriety, which many of their topics demand. If only more people would have the courage they have to tackle difficult subjects head on with humor, grace and intelligence. Can’t wait to listen to every new episode and learn more about all the things we should be talking about….
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Playfully serious
I enjoy the interactions between the two Jess’s. And I especially appreciate their deep questions to get to the soul of the topic. A great podcast. Keep it up!
Amazing content
You ladies really approach awkward and uncomfortable topics from a unique, open, and fully transparent way that feels refreshing. We have been taught to avoid rather than embrace and question our thinking and our judgments. I enjoy hearing the dialogue and perspectives in a fun, serious and light-hearted way. Thank you for doing this meaningful work!
Great podcast!
Love listening to this podcast. Great job embracing difficult topics!
Fabulous and facsinating podcast!
We should talk about how much I am loving this podcast! Jessica and Jessica pack every episode with tons of amazing content, guests, and interviews that will motivate, uplift and inspire you. I espeically love the episodes on Toxic Positivity -something that really resonated with me and I have thought about for a whlie! Defintely something to talk about! I highly recommend!
Stacey Shapiro
Great podcast!
I never miss an episode! Always interesting. I find myself thinking about them for days.
Sally Tierney
So excited for the new season!
Can’t wait to see all of the subjects covered in season two! I highly recommend this podcast to anyone and everyone. The 2 Jesses make any and all subjects approachable and interesting. Plus, they never fail to make me laugh!
The conversations we need!
I LOVE this podcast and the super real conversations. I get an actionable nugget and the fresh perspective every single week. I adore Jess and Jess!
Yes. More please!
So good. Real talk for tough times.
Love this podcast
Great real talk about tough topics. Love these girls
Good topics for a run
Wow, some of these topics are really loaded. I listen on my runs and find myself crying half the time but I really appreciate the eye into some of the battles you ladies face along with the forgiveness you give each other and all moms/dads. I have my own battles (as does everyone) but hearing you unpack yours helps me understand some of my own. So thank you for sharing.
Love every episode
So real and funny. Like hanging out with friends.
Awesome podcast!
What a fun podcast. The Jesses talk about topics we don’t talk about enough in a relatable way. I love listening to their honest takes on real life issues. Never a dull moment with these ladies! Love it.
Keeping it real
-All the conversations I have in my head. -How many times have I yelled to my phone YEEESSS - “This explains so much Mom” my daughter
Is it Monday yet?
I now eagerly look forward to Mondays (and now Fridays too), so I can see what this incredible pair of Jesses are talking about now. Seriously good for the soul! ❤️👏🏻
PJ Goel
Love this podcast
Highly recommend this podcast- it’s uplifting, enlightening and like catching up with your old friends!
Happy Tears
Unable to put into words the value of this authentic conversation, first for surviving, then for thriving. They fill my bucket!
Let’s Talk about That ! Change Women’s lives
Women will be talking about what matters in their lives. We have much in common and “Let’s Talk About That” podcast helps connect women and builds a strong community. The 7 C’s Curiosity, Conversation, Communication, Connection, Collaboration, Creation, Community
So awesome!
The interplay between both Jesses and the sincerity in discussions the best. This is my new Monday morning routine. I grab a cup of coffee, sit down and listen to these guys “unpack” life.
An authentic conversation
Thank you for the laughs and tears. I like what you both have to say. Thanks for sharing your lives and letting us Talk About That!!
family order
What the World Needs!
Thank you for sharing your dear hearts and providing such a powerful platform for the 7 C’s of WeSTAT!
These girls are incredible!
I started listening yesterday bc I saw the podcast shared on a friend’s social media. I couldn’t wait to drop the kids off at school this morning so I could have quiet 🤪 to listen to another episode before I started my work day. These ladies are INCREDIBLE. They are raw, real, and make everyone who listens want to be their friends. Keep it up ladies! Your light is shining so bright.💗
this hits home
So awesome!!
These two ladies are so real and it’s refreshing!!! I hope to hear many more episodes!
Vulnerability, uncomfortableness, raw human emotion and humor! This is why podcasts were invented.
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