We Should Talk About That
We Should Talk About That
Jessica Buchanan and Jessica Kidwell
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NYT bestselling author of Impossible Odds, Jessica Buchanan, along with fellow writer Jessica Kidwell, attempt to unpack the uncomfortable topics that nobody is talking about, but definitely should. With intention to hold real, authentic, conversation about EVERYTHING, the Two Jess(es) bring their humor and a healthy dose of self-deprecation to the table as they unpack issues relating to PTSD, grief, imposter syndrome, body image, middle age, the plight of the working mom and more.
We Should Talk About Why You Want to Lose Weight with Wellness Embodiment Coach and Nutritional Scientist, Rachel Katz
Middle aged bodies, weight gain, self-loathing, weight loss, numbers on the scale, diets, embodiment, body self-talk, disordered eating....these are all just a few topics Jess and Jess discuss with nutritional scientist and wellness embodiment coach, Rachel Katz. WHY do we want to lose weight, when we decide to move in that direction, is something Rachel challenges Jess and Jess to examine during this conversation. Is it because we want to feel better and live longer? Or is it because we think people will accept us- because we think WE will accept us more?The key is to change our relationship with ourselves, before we can change our relationship with food. This episode is packed full of really great reflection and useful tips for getting started on the journey of health and vitality.Meet Rachel Katz:Rachel is a Nutritional Scientist & Wellness Embodiment Coachthat helps women fully heal their relationship with themselves &their bodies so that they can finally have healthier relationshipswith others, food, their careers, money, & their LIFE! Rachelinspires and motivates women all around the world to find freedomin every area of their life so they can finally manifest the life of their wildest dreams and live a FULL life. To find out more about Rachel and her work, visit https://thefullifebyrachel.com/Thanks to our sponsor:Lyssa SewardSupport the show
Mar 20
48 min
We Should Talk About The Pain Gap: How Sexism and Racism in Healthcare Kill Women with Author, Anushay Hossain
When Anushay Hossain became pregnant in the US, she was so relieved. Growing up in Bangladesh in the 1980s, where the concept of women’s healthcare hardly existed, she understood how lucky she was to access the best in the world. But she couldn’t have been more wrong. Things started to go awry from the minute she stepped in the hospital, and after thirty hours of labor (two of which she spent pushing), Hossain’s epidural slipped. Her pain was so severe that she ran a fever of 104 degrees, and as she shook and trembled uncontrollably, the doctors finally performed an emergency C-section.Giving birth in the richest country on earth, Hossain never imagined she could die in labor. But she almost did. The experience put her on a journey to explore, understand, and share how women—especially women of color—are dismissed to death by systemic sexism in American healthcare.In this episode, Anushay candidly shares her own experiences, and asks the most basic and fundamental question of WHY WOMEN ARE NOT BELIEVED ABOUT THEIR BODIES? And more specifically, about their pain. From the ancient Greek definition of the word "hysteria" following women around, to the point  where she finally reaches out for help to relieve her pain, women are constantly dismissed and not believed about their pain. The bottom line is that women's lives really don't matter in America- especially the Black and Brown women. Women's health is not a priority. Jess and Jess feel like this is something we should talk about.To learn more about Anushay and buy her book: https://anushayhossain.com/Thanks to our sponsors:Lyssa SewardSupport the show
Mar 13
34 min
Advancing the Workforce and Women's Equality with Nest Founder, Rebecca van Bergen
 In celebration of Women's History Month, Jess and Jess sit down with founder, Rebecca van Bergen of Nest, which is a symbol of assurance letting consumers know that the items they shop, from fashion to furniture, have been ethically handcrafted in a home or small workshop. Through partnerships with companies like Target, West Elm, Patagonia, Eileen Fisher, Mara Hoffman, PVH, Dell, Nest is working to protect and uplift members of the global handworker economy. Rebecca's non-profit partners with massive companies to create a shared standard for home based businesses all across the world in order to ensure that they are compensated fairly and that world wide companies are held accountable for paying fair wages and providing safe work environments. This episode highlights the work of artisans all over the world, and the woman who is making sure they are being treated fairly and given opportunities for development and growth.About Nest:Nest’s programs are bringing radical transparency, data-driven development, and fair market access to a fragmented industry, unlocking handwork’s unmet potential to improve our world, increasing global workforce inclusivity, promoting gender equity, and preserving time honored cultural traditions. Meet Rebecca:Rebecca van Bergen is the Founder and Executive Director of Nest, a nonprofit building a new handworker economy to advance global workforce inclusivity, women’s wellbeing beyond factories, and cultural preservation. She graduated with her Masters Degree in Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, in 2006, the same year that Muhammad Yunus won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in microfinance. Following her passion to turn craft, the 2nd largest employer of women globally, into a means to correct the gender and income imbalance in our world, she founded Nest at age 24. Rebecca’s accolades include being a Draper Richards Kaplan Social Entrepreneur, a Cordes Fellow, and receipt of Ashoka and C&A Foundation’s 2016 Fabric of Change Award for innovation in fashion sustainability (received recently at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit). She is a Levi Strauss & Co. Collaboratory Fellow, Draper Richards Kaplan Fellow, and  has been spotlighted by the New York mayor’s office as an NYC Catalyst.  She was selected as one of twelve of GLG’s 2015 Social Impact fellows and received Clinton Global Initiative complimentary membership in 2015 and 2016. Rebecca is regularly quoted in international media stories for The New York Times, NPR, Quartz, The Guardian, ELLE, Glamour, and more.  She has been honored as a PBS “Changemaker,” CNN’s Young Person Who Rocks, and one of the White House's’ Top 100 Entrepreneurial Enterprises led by a young person. Thanks to our sponsor!Lyssa SewardHave feedback or an idea for a guest? Give us a call! 1-631-4-westatSupport the show
Mar 6
46 min
We Should Talk About Women's Obsession with True Crime with Podcaster and Author, Andrea Dunlop, and Why She Reports on Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy
They have talked about it before, and they are bringing it up again. Jess and Jess pellet podcast host of Nobody Should Believe Me and author of  Women are the Fiercest Creatures about her experiences reporting on Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, and how it relates to her on a personal level. In this episode, Andrea shares her experience with her estranged sister who is suspected to have been diagnosed with Munchausen by Proxy, and how that painful experience for her family, led her to explore the topic, and produce an 8 episode limited series podcast called Nobody Should Believe Me that does a deep dive into the story of Hope Yabarra. Nobody Should Believe Me is an unprecedented look at a complex and deadly form of abuse, told from the perspective of those whose lives were turned upside down by it.Novelist Andrea Dunlop is looking for answers. When her older sister was investigated for Munchausen by Proxy abuse more than a decade ago, it tore her family apart. This catastrophic series of events sent Dunlop on a journey to understand this most taboo form of abuse.In this groundbreaking podcast, she talks to some of the top experts in the world to explore the criminology and psychopathology behind Munchausen by Proxy and to reveal the wide swath of destruction these perpetrators leave in their wake.Along the way, she explores the case of Hope Ybarra: a story with uncanny similarities to her own. Dunlop speaks to those most familiar with the case, from the reporter who broke the story, to the detective who investigated it, to the family who lived through it. In the dramatic finale, she’ll speak to Hope Ybarra herself.Meet Andrea:Andrea Dunlop is the author of five books including WE CAME HERE TO FORGET (Atria/Simon & Schuster; 2019), and a true crime account forthcoming from St. Martin’s in 2024. She is the host and creator of Nobody Should Believe Me, a true crime podcast from Larj Media (October 2022) that explores Munchausen by Proxy from the intimate lens of a family member. In addition to her work as an author and podcaster, she is a member of the AmericanProfessional Society on the Abuse of Children’s Munchausen by Proxy Committee and is the co-creator of Munchausen Support, an online resource and 501 c 3 that supports survivors, families, and professionals dealing with MBP. She lives in Seattle with her husband and two children. To find out more, go to www.andreadunlop.netThanks to our sponsor!Lyssa SewardSupport the show
Feb 27
45 min
We Should Talk About Why More Women Are Having Affairs with "She Wants More" Podcast Host, Jo Piazza
Are more women having extamarital affairs? Or are more women just willing to talk about them? Jo Piazza, acclaimed author and podcast host wondered, and so she recorded eight episodes with women who anonymously recount their experiences around their own affairs. This one is rollercoaster of judgments. The Two Jess(es) start off feeling a bit differently than where they land, after talking with Jo. Why do women have affairs? And why do they decide to stay in their marriages? Why have men always been the ones to engage in this behavior and women have had to look the other way? There are so many questions, and a few answers, but mostly just a lot to think about, especially for women who want more...in bed.Meet Jo:Jo Piazza is the national and international bestselling author of many critically acclaimed novels and nonfiction books including We Are Not Like Them, Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win, The Knockoff and How to Be Married. Her work has been published in ten languages in twelve countries and four of her books have been optioned for film and television. She is the creator, host and executive producer of the Committed podcast, Fierce, Under the Influence and Philly Under Fire. A former editor, columnist and travel writer with Yahoo, Current TV and the New York Daily News, her work has also appeared in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, New York magazine, Glamour, Elle, Time, Marie Claire, the Daily Beast, and Slate. She holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania in economics and communication, a master’s in journalism from Columbia University, and a master’s in religious studies from New York University.Listen to Jo’s new podcast with iHeartMedia “She Wants More” every Tuesday: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/1119-she-wants-more-107769177/Thanks to our Sponsor:Lyssa Seward:https://www.sothebysrealty.com/ttrsir/eng/associate/279-a-3012-4043609/lyssa-sewardSupport the show
Feb 20
45 min
We Should Talk About Women and Their Money, Their Spending and Taking Charge of Their Investments with the Fiscal Firecrackers
Let's talk about your money! How much do you spend on Amazon?? JessB halfway divulges that Alexa outed her Amazon yearly total spending during dinner one night. And she nearly choked to death on the total. JessK has all sorts of questions about investing- and how to get started...and seriously, how do we make more money?This week's episode is chock full of fun and information from the co-hosts of the "Fiscal Firecrackers" a weekly podcast centered around female empowerment, promoting the fact that women should enjoy discussing money, and how their podcast is teaching us that money doesn't need to be so serious!The hosts, Susan Yeagley, actress and comedian from Parks and Recreation and Galia Gichon, esteemed financial advisor, author, and angel investor, provide a fun and safe environment to answer many of Jess and Jess's questions about money!Meet Our Guests:Susan Yeagley: https://www.instagram.com/sukiyeagley/?hl=enGalia Gichon: https://www.instagram.com/pagesandmore/?hl=enThanks to our sponsors:Lyssa Seward: https://www.sothebysrealty.com/ttrsir/eng/associate/279-a-3012-4043609/lyssa-sewardSupport the show
Feb 13
35 min
Growing Through Betrayal: A Story of Coming Out, Co-Parenting, and Reclaiming Our True Identity with Podcast Co-Host "Husband In Law" Jessica Frew
Podcast co-host and betrayal coach, Jessica Frew, met her love in college, and they were married within a few months. Everything was easy breezy until two years into their wedded bliss, her husband came out as gay. They attempted valiantly to uphold their vows in a mixed orientation relationship, but it all came to a crescendo when Jessica learned her that her then husband had finally given in and had an affair with a man. This set them both off on a course they never thought they would travel, however, they set forth with intention and have created a loving (if unconventional!) family unit for their daughter, a podcast to talk about the ups and downs (with Jessica's current husband!) and a coaching program to help support women as they navigate the pain of betrayal in their lives. In this episode, Jess x 3 sit down for a conversation on how betraying ourselves and not upholding our own boundaries can lead to betrayal of others. Jessica's insights, while specific to her story, apply to anyone in relationship, to themselves, and each other. Meet Jessica!Jessica Frew is a wife, ex-wife, mom, stepmom, and BOLD action taker. She has a successful podcast called “Husband in Law” that she records with her husband, Matt, and her ex-husband, Steve. Together they are sharing their stories of love, marriage, coming out, divorce, remarriage and co-parenting to help others know they are not alone. They also co-own The BOLD Logic. A company devoted to helping people go from living in an “I should” mindset to taking BOLD action towards keeping and reclaiming their sense of self. Jessica is a firm believer that by knowing and understanding what it is you really want in life you can BOLDly create a life you love, no matter what your circumstances. Having spent years working through her own healing, she served as a facilitator for support groups for Friends and Family of Pornography Addicts. During these experiences she realized she had been given a gift that she could use to help others heal as well. She has decided it is time to start sharing what she has learned with others.Today she has a successful podcast called “Husband in Law” that she records with her husband, Matt, and her ex-husband, Steve. Together they are working to spread the values of Love, Kindness, Acceptance, Understanding, Respect, and Appreciation as key tools for creating healthy relationships.  To learn more about Jessica's work: https://theboldlogic.com/boldology-journal1634228417019Thanks to our sponsor!Lyssa Seward: https://www.sothebysrealty.com/ttrsir/eng/associate/279-a-3012-4043609/lyssa-sewardSupport the show
Feb 6
43 min
How Humor Disarms and Creates Belonging with Standup Comedian, Yasmin Elhady
This episode is FUN. Jess and Jess talk with Yasmin Elhady about what her life has been like as an Egyptian Libyan refugee growing up in Alabama. Yasmin was the recipient of much school bullying and used her interest in Saturday Night Live sketches to arm herself at school- and it worked!Yasmin shares candidly about her experiences on her childhood, white privilege, the overwhelm of motherhood, and how she works out what is happening in her life on stage as a stand up comedian.  Meet Yasmin!Yasmin Elhady is a comedian & attorney who has toured all over the US & UK. She’s performed at The Kennedy Center and is featured on NBC’s True Story with Ed Helms and Randall Park, now streaming on Peacock. You can catch her stand up comedy on TikTok and her comedic skits on IG. She’s also appeared locally on WUSA9 with Reese Waters, NPR, The Washington Post, TEDx, and in Vice Media’s book “LittleAmerica: Incredible True Stories of Immigrants in America,” which was later turned into an Apple TV+ series by Kumail Nanjiani. She was just named a 2022 “Yes, And...Laughter Lab” finalist for comedy & social justice.Thanks to our sponsor!Lyssa Seward: https://www.sothebysrealty.com/ttrsir/eng/associate/279-a-3012-4043609/lyssa-sewardSupport the show
Jan 30
39 min
Deserts to Mountaintops: Eleven Years of Freedom and the Journey to Finding Her Voice with Jess B
January 25th  marks the eleven year anniversary of Jess B's rescue from captivity (she was held hostage by Somali pirates for 93 days for a 45 million dollar ransom demand- check season 1, episode 2 for the full story!) and she is commemorating this very important anniversary with the publication of her first anthology Deserts to Mountaintops: Our Collective Journey to (re) Claiming Our Voice , also the first book from her publishing imprint  Soul Speak Press. In this episode, Jess K interviews Jess B about her heart behind the anthology project, what it has been like to work with 21 other authors who are writing about their own desert to mountaintop experience, and how important it is to Jess B to build a space where women feel validated and included despite and because of what they have been through. Get your copy of Deserts to Mountaintops on January 25, at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Deserts-Mountaintops-Collective-Journey-Claiming/dp/195847200X/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1674427943&sr=8-1 and don't forget to leave a review!Thank you to our sponsors:Lyssa Seward: https://www.sothebysrealty.com/ttrsir/eng/associate/279-a-3012-4043609/lyssa-sewardSupport the show
Jan 23
30 min
We Should Talk About How Women Are Over Leaning In and What is Next for Them in the Workplace with Author, Melanie Ho
As Sheryl Sandberg departs Meta many are re-examining the impact of her bestselling book Leaning In and how it fits into today's workplace. Jess and Jess sit down for a captivating conversation with author and speaker, Melanie Ho about her book and the  concept of “leaning in” and the challenges that women face in the workplace. “Leaning in and acting more like men” ignores the stereotypical feminine traits needed for modern leadership, and leaves the workplace vulnerable overall, and shortchanges women from utilizing their strengths as they are often undervalued. Jess and Jess talk with Melanie about how she tells the story of Debra, a pioneering CEO in her early sixties who is much beloved by her team at her growing start-up. But sales are declining, and her strongest women leaders are departing one after the other. It isn’t until she enlists the “reverse mentorship” of the much younger Cassandra that Debra begins to understand the challenges the next generation of women leaders face and the impact on the bottom line.  BEYOND LEANING IN is a different kind of book—while it is based on research, it is told as a novel and designed to spark discussion which is exactly what happens on this episode. Meet Melanie:Melanie Ho is a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, and the author of BEYOND LEANING IN: GENDER EQUITY AND WHAT ORGANIZATIONS ARE UP AGAINST, a 2022 Axiom Business Book Awards winner described by Kirkus Reviews as “an engaging evolution of Sheryl Sandberg’s ‘lean in’” mantra. Also a visualartist, Melanie has drawn dozens of comics about the challenges women face at work and leads interactive presentations and workshops using these comics to help team members across genders discuss how to create more equitable workplaces.https://www.melanieho.com/aboutSupport the show
Jan 16
44 min
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