We Should Talk About That
We Should Talk About That
Jessica Buchanan and Jessica Kidwell
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We Should Talk About Raising Children You Like, with Not Your Mother's Podcast
46 minutes Posted Aug 23, 2021 at 2:00 am.
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Show notes

Anyone out there ever have your kid trigger you when you least expect it? No? Just us? Didn't think so.
The Two Jess(es) sit down for a very vulnerable conversation with the hosts of the extremely popular podcast, https://notyourmotherspodcast.co/ as well as their partner in creating Raising Children You Like (https://raisingchildrenyoulike.com/home) An online course to help parents of children 1-6 know what to say in hard moments and get to the root of your triggers.

Hosts Sonnet Simmons Matthews and Veronica Morales Frieling and licensed family and marriage therapist, Bryana Kappadakunnel contend that parenting can be a source of deep healing as we allow ourselves to approach raising our children with humility, and the openness to allow the things that trigger us, become the moments that become our greatest teachers, leading us to profound relationship with our children.

If you are looking for support in the early years of parenting, this is a must listen, and check out their resources and podcast at the links above.

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