We Should Talk About That
We Should Talk About That
Jessica Buchanan and Jessica Kidwell
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Who Needs to Drink A Little Less These Days? A Conversation Around the Drink Less Lifestyle with Dr. Sherry Price
51 minutes Posted Jul 26, 2021 at 2:00 am.
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Show notes

Do you over-drink? Do you feel ashamed about your drinking habit? Are you concerned that your habit is turning into a problem, especially when 5 o clock rolls around and you reach for that bottle of Pinot without even really thinking about it anymore?

Jess and Jess have decided its time to have a conversation about their alcohol habits, and so they have invited Dr. Sherry Price on to talk about her Drink Less Lifestyle Program, a program designed for high functioning women who are tired of feeling out of control and not in charge when it comes to their drinking habits. Dr. Sherry's program, based on neuroscience, and rooted in her own personal experience with over-drinking has allowed her the opportunity to work with hundreds of women who have grown weary of the shame and negative effects that come with having too much.

In this episode TTJ(es) get really uncomfortable, slightly emotional and characteristically introspective as they talk with Dr. Sherry about meeting themselves in an alcohol-free space, and relearning how to operate in social capacities as just themselves. Once again, they are called upon to show up and practice what Jess K calls, 'empowered choice' and it turns out, it doesn't seem to be all that hard after all.

Meet Dr. Sherry!

Sherry B. Price, PharmD, MBA, APh, BCPS is a certified life coach, podcaster, pharmacist, and creator of the Drink Less Lifestyle program. She's helped hundreds of women stop the overdrinking habit and create a new relationship with alcohol where they are confident and in control. Her website is www.sherryprice.com where she offers a variety of free resources including her podcast called Drink Less Lifestyle

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