We Should Talk About That
We Should Talk About That
Jessica Buchanan and Jessica Kidwell
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Magnificent Midlife and Menopause with Mutton Club Creator Rachel Lankester
45 minutes Posted Jan 25, 2021 at 2:00 am.
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Show notes

At the age of 41, Rachel Lankester decided to take menopause by the ovaries and do it HER way.  When trying for another child, Rachel found out she was actually mid-menopause and after spending time in deep soul searching, decided she was going to turn mid-life on its head and make it cool again!

In this episode, TTJ(es) have so much fun talking with Rachel about what menopause CAN look like: it doesn't have to signal the end, but can be a kick-ass start to a whole new you! Rachel shares her own experience and excitement about the possibilities that come with moving away from nurturing everyone else when your estrogen nosedives, and the creativity that is possible when we allow ourselves to take on the role of a Leader instead of a Breeder.

Helpful advice about lubricant, vibrators and self-pleasuring are just some of the recommendations Rachel brings with her wealth of knowledge on this episode of We Should Talk About That!

Meet Rachel!
Rachel Lankester is the founder of the Magnificent Midlife Movement, celebrating and empowering women 40+.  She's passionate about changing how society perceives women in midlife and beyond, and also how we view ourselves. She's on a mission to disrupt negative ageist and sexist stereotypes about older women, menopause and aging. 

After an early menopause at 41, followed by a period of soul-searching, she created what she wasn't able to find to help her cope. The Magnificent Midlife world includes mentoring, a online community, educational resources, an inspiring podcast and self-study programs to help midlife women refresh, re-energize and recalibrate. 

Links mentioned in episode:
Pjur Lubricant:

The Happy Menopause by Jackie Lynch

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