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Waypoint Radio
What's good, Internet? Join Waypoint's Austin Walker, Rob Zacny, Patrick Klepek, Gita Jackson, and Ricardo Contreras two times a week, as they break down the biggest stories in video games, talk about their favorite media, and unfairly compare everything to Dark Souls.
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Fun, A+, and refreshing podcast
Love the Waypoint crew... don’t listen to all the haters leaving one stars b/c podcast is too political. Other podcasts barely engage the audience these days, and this one is good for thought. Also we should let Rob monologue more!
It’s still good, but
I’ve listened since day 1, followed all the guys and gals since most of them have been in the industry. Lots of love for all of them...but but jeez, man they get so obnoxious sometimes. I’m on board with 99% of the politics talk, but occasionally the takes feel weird or like, unnecessarily venomous relative to the seriousness of the subject matter. Austin and Rob are super smart but they occasionally come off as incredibly sanctimonious. Also so much of their language sounds like twitter which is so obnoxious, if I hear another “it’s good actually” out of Austin I’m going to blow my brains out. Gita is a great addition.
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Mostly sarcasm
But all the warnings you guys give for so so many things and *seriously* not one for spider story time. Thanks I’m going to go hide in my room now lol
No thanks
No thanks
Too political
I don’t need more reasons
Thanks to Lore Reasons
Jaime in Belfast
The Waypoint Crew are great!
That is all.
incredibly thoughtful
what makes waypoint so special to me, is that they take the time to critically examine every single game they introduce. there’s often a claim that you can somehow “keep politics out of games” and waypoint not only recognizes that that’s impossible , but also articulates exactly why that’s dangerous as well. their coverage is some of, if not the best in the business because they care deeply about people, and about making games, and society as a whole, better than you found it.
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A Six-Star Podcast
(Even Mina wants you to end the pod, Rob.) But seriously, wonderful, insightful, roaringly funny podcast, thanks everyone.
This TLoU spoiler cast is critical malpractice
The disingenuity and bad faith in this tLoU discussion is pretty incredible and disappointing. It’s one thing to hear this crap from “The Gamers” but to hear some purported “mainstream” critics engaging in this garbage is sooo disappointing.
John B., Esq.
Deep, Thoughtful Discussions
I don’t normally review podcasts, but needed to share my love of this one. The hosts always engage in deep, thoughtful analysis of gaming media. True critique of the media as an art form, which is not something I really see others engage in. Truly a show for the thinking gamer. The main reason I came to post is due to the description of the episode for part 2 of the Last of Us spoiler cast. “Rob May have let this podcast get away from him...”, as if that isn’t the norm. “BBC Pride and Prejudice” anyone? Seriously though, I love the long, deep discussions this show engages in. I always look forward to these types of episodes.
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Noon with an E
Easiest 5 Stars
I am a bad podcast listener because I almost never review even my favorite podcasts. But after the 6-hour TLOU 2 spoilercast I had to review because I couldn’t be lazy in the face of that type of dedication. Love this podcast. Austin, Cado, Gita, Rob, Patrick, and guests do an amazing job and provide a thoughtful and entertaining podcast twice a week. I salute you all!
Nuanced, detailed, spoiled
Joined by new voices Waypoint Radio discusses this game; for six hours over two or more casts. This is why I am here.
A top shelf podcast for fans of games looking for discussions that acknowledge their cultural intersections.
If you enjoy podcasts where the hosts have no idea what they’re talking about, then by all means, listen away. Particularly egregious is their Last of Us Part II spoilercast, in which they go over the game in detail and get very little right about what they actually played, and then say they didn’t enjoy the game based on those misconceptions. Avoid this podcast.
Thought I heard it all, and then Patrick referred to the communist regime of North Korea as ‘fascist.’ Almost like calling them communist would disprove their entire ideology...
A Real Five Star Podcast
I’ve been subscribed to over a dozen podcasts over the last couple years but the only one I’ve managed to consistently stick with (besides friends at the table) is waypoint radio. I’m always interested by what the cast has to say, especially because they are so willing to talk about what’s happening in the world instead of purely focusing on games. I could say a hundred more things but its a good pod I ain’t gotta say more than that
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i would keep listening to waypoint if they started talking only about rocks
the waypoint guarantee is either an extremely educated or extremely hilarious take on games, politics and media.
It’s fine
Qualified, funny people talk about games. They Occasionally mixing in some more critical thinking. Sounds great! Problem is, they never know when to JUST MOVE ON AND STOP BEATING THE DEAD HORSE. I get it, social issues are still a problem (especially these days). There is no reason to spend HOURS on it literally every show so they can smell their own farts. Christ, I agree with them, but I need a break from the incessant “deep reads of texts.” Talk about video games.
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Ethan Crane
Funny and in depth discussions
The lore reasons and Eva discussion is 10/10!
Good when they stick to gaming
I give a low rating to any podcast that mixes politics with their content. If I wanted to hear about that I would actively seek it out. Anyways, when they do speak on gaming it is good and I just skip the political talk and the ads.
runtime: 5 stars
very good podcast! it’s refreshing to hear video game related discussion from fellow comrades. y’all also have convinced me to try a lot more games I wouldn’t have known about. also y’all are incredibly funny and please keep doing election segments they help a lot tbh ps. just wanted to say cado’s laughs are very good
anime karl marx
Long time listener
I've been listening to this podcast since Waypoint launched. I was still in high school! I've noticed over the years that I'll usually get bored with a long-running podcast and fall off after awhile, but Waypoint is still something I look forward to every single week. Great hosts, wonderful team, awesome discussions and always fun. Thanks for always being thoughtful, inclusive, and taking the time to put so much of your effort and energy into this video game podcast. Love your writing too, wish it was more accessible on the Vice app :^/. (Thanks for getting me through high school, and now almost all the way through college!)
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Five Star Pod with a Five Star Runtime
This is culture, entertainment, and politics all wrapped up very neatly into a hilarious, sincere package. It may be focused on video games, but I enjoy Waypoint’s take on other topics as much as any other podcast I’ve heard. Gita is an amazing addition to the team, so happy she’s here. ✨
Good Stuff
Despite the heavy focus on electoralism it’s still a five star podcast with a five star runtime
Juck the Federated Alliance
Lack of intelligence
The last episode was my last! Listening to the idiots laugh and make fun Tulsi Gabbard was disgusting. They are supposed to be so“woke,” but celebrating the DNC smear campaign on a woman of color and a veteran is gross. I used to really like this show, but now can’t even listen to it because it is so awful.
5 Star Podcast, 5 Star Runtime!
5 Star Podcast, 5 Star Runtime! But seriously, the games criticism is sharp, fun, and multi-faceted. They're a good team with a lot of skills and experience, and they bring a wide variety of knowledge to the typically more narrow field of games coverage. Love it.
Logan the Allusionist
5 star Robcast
5 star Robcast 5 star Walktime
Has only gotten Better
It’s been a rocky road for Waypoint, coming to be at such a tumultuous time. But what has come through has just gotten better and better. I miss the people that have gone along the way, but the current crew is the best it’s ever been. Gita Jackson adds so much energy and fire to the show that makes everybody around her even better. Hope to see this current crew keep it going for a long time.
Axel Hunter
A weekly staple
So glad I got into this podcast. Every person on there is great and brings their own unique interest in games and ideas on game culture and politics to the discussion. It’s relaxing to listen to people who love what I love and think deeply about it too every week.
5 star podcast. 5 star runtime
Bo Ryan
The best around
I’ve been listening to this show from episode 1 and it has always been consistently amazing but now that Gita’s here: 5 star show, 5 star runtime
five star podcast
five star takes five star runtime
A gaming podcast for the working class
Everyone in this podcast is my friend and speaks my mind constantly. Austin, Rob, Patrick, and Cado are national treasures.
Get Patrick fed
5 star podcast 5 star runtime. More Gita, please.
d in taipei
Incredible podcast
This gets me through my week. Thank you all so much!
Games, culture, politics, labor. When the waypoint crew does it it's all great
Fantastic show, always has been. Austin Walker, Rob Zacny, Ricardo Contreras, Patrick Kelpek, new addition Gita Jackson formerly of Kotaku, all bring a piece of themselves to this show that makes it whole. Games coverage from people who understand or strive to understand games, politics, history, and our place in all that. Tune in every week.
happy earmuffs
A breath of fresh air
The Waypoint crew are some of the smartest folks in their field, and I could listen to them talk about just about anything. Love this podcast dearly, it’s easily a Day One listen every time.
Sublime Respite!
Gita Jackson! Shes a delight! I love yall but i think shes a wonderful addition! I found her because i followed a lot of Tim Rogers stuff and Kotaku and yeah.... Gita Jackson on Waypoint!
Open callout
This is an open callout to Apple Podcasts user Bobby Beefpuppet to get their butt in front of a microphone, sign up for a free Anchor dot FM account, and wow us all with his podcast prowess.
I don't understand how this podcast doesn't have more reviews. I love it eventhough they are constantly dunking on me personally.
Love this podcast
I’ve been listening to Waypoint Radio for years now. I even went back to their first episodes even though I started at like episode 60. I’ve enjoyed every iteration of this crew as people came and went. Everyone has brought in their own unique personalities, but they always maintain a fantastic leftist perspective in how they review games and other cultural stuff. I don’t even play new video games all that much anymore, but I love listening to these folks talk about them and things like labor and socialism and all that jazz. 5 star podcast, 5 star runtime!
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KJ Trinh
Match 3 convert
Match 3 was the first games podcast that was appointment listening for me and still holds a special place in my podcast loving heart. It’s end led me over to Waypoint Radio and I’ve grown to love these cast of characters as well, and now I couldn’t be more excited to hear that Gita will be joining Waypoint. Would love to hear Sam with a cameo sometime!
Five star podcast
Love the crew in all its many forms but so grateful to Austin, Patrick, Rob, Danielle, Natalie, Danika, and Cado for hours of entertainment, introducing me to so much more than just good video games - including Evangelion and Lore Reasons!
Laugh Track
I don’t play video games, no idea who any of these people are. I’m here for Cado’s laugh, exclusively.
Five stars
five star podcast five star run time
sweeties feeties
they got Gita Jackson on Waypoint Radio
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