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What's good, Internet? Join Waypoint's Austin Walker, Rob Zacny, Patrick Klepek, Gita Jackson, and Ricardo Contreras two times a week, as they break down the biggest stories in video games, talk about their favorite media, and unfairly compare everything to Dark Souls.
Episode 389 : God of War: Combat Evolved
Join Patrick, Austin, and Cado as they discuss the poor decisions Sony’s made recently. Patrick is tempting fate by downloading the Final Fantasy XIV PS5 beta, Austin’s wondering if 34 different endings is really worth acting like an asshole in Ashwalkers [spoilers: it's not], and Cado is vibing aesthetically and mechanically with lo-fi strategy deckbuilderToverblade. Then the gang dive into the Question Bucket and reminisce about times they enjoyed meals on the road, you know, before the pandemic Discussed: Final Fantasy XIV 6:31, Nier: Replicant 20:03, Shadow Man Remastered 24:44, Playstation Shop Closure 30:10, Sony is Remaking the Last of Us 51:52, Ashwalkers 1:08:10, Toverblade 1:28:16, Question Bucket 1:37:53 
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Apr 16
1 hr 58 min
Episode 388: Please Sir, No More Sliders
It was inevitable. Austin fell deep into a new roguelike deck builder so of course Cado and Rob had to check it out. Trials of Fire ate up a fair amount of Austin’s Sunday with it’s engaging hex based tactical combat, with mechanics that allow for easy card recycling so it very rarely feels like you have a wasted turn. Rob continued down his crime drama hole with Judgement, but is finding some of the combat encounters a bit too repetitive. Patrick is learning to take control over his life in Say No! More, the comedy game that has a strong mid-nineties comedy game feel. Then we dive back into the Food, er, Question Bucket to find new untold terrors. Discussed: Trials of Fire 15:49, El Shaddai 39:36, Before Your Eyes 51:05, Judgement 56:07, Say No! More 1:06:14, Question Bucket 1:18:13 
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Apr 13
1 hr 57 min
Episode 387: Lemme Pour Some Milk on Your Ice Cream
We've got all the HOTTEST news UPFRONT in this podcast, Patrick is here to announce a game delay with a tweet, Rob is bringing the FRESHEST takes on Star Wars: Republic Commando, and Austin is catching up on the lasest season of Riverdale. After the break, Patrick breaks down Nintendo's latest twist on the "battle royale" genre, Pac-Man 99, Cado's giving Outriders a second chance, Patrick checks in with new indie game Before Your Eyes which has an interesting experimental control mechanism, and Rob's living his best crime drama life in Judgement. Then we go for a dive in the Food Bucket! Discussed: Star Wars: Republic Commando 9:57, Riverdale 25:06, Pac-Man 99 33:26, Outriders 46:56, Aron's Adventure 55:23, Before Your Eyes 59:49, Cozy Grove 1:09:12, Judgement, Question Bucket 1:19:34 
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Apr 9
1 hr 53 min
Episode 386: Cado Season, Like Sandal Season, Is Back!
Sometimes you go for a wrestling finisher only to be countered, and have your own finisher used on you. Such is the situation with MLB the Show ’21, a Sony developed game that went multi-platform last year, in a shocking turn of events is now available on Microsoft’s Xbox Gamepass. Join Patrick, Austin and Cado as they discuss the bizarre circumstances. Cado’s also learned that there continues to be story after the credits in Monster Hunter Rise, Austin’s learning to love the builds in Outriders, and Patrick is wishing for higher definition photos in Fantasian. Discussed: MLB the Show '21 15:08, Monster Hunter Rise 27:22, Outriders 32:54, Apple Arcade 1:00:38, Fantasian 1:04:34, Looking for Heals 1:32:23 
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Apr 6
1 hr 46 min
Episode 385: We're Called the Muttons!
We’ve got a real meaty episode for y’all today! Patrick has been playing NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... and learning to mind the sheep. Rob's checking out Endzone: A World Apart, which is absolutely not a game about Football. Austin's dipping back into No Man's Sky to check out the Expeditions update, which introduces a new communal and limited time challenge mode to the already expansive universe. The crew takes a dip in the question bucket, and unlock all new ways to consider the structure of a sandwich. 
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Apr 2
2 hr 4 min
Episode 384: What'd You Do To My Mech!?!
Rob is starting white boy summer early by watching Aaron Sorkin flicks The Social Network and  Steve Jobs. Monster Hunter fever continues as Cado joins the fray, he and Austin talk through just how new player friendly this game is (spoiler: it’s not!) After the break, Rob and Austin have been checking out Genesis Noir, a crime story told through the lens of the beginning of the universe. Austin grabbed his favorite wrench and got to work in Mech Mechanic Simulator, but found the flavor of that world a bit lackluster. Then we dip into the question bucket and talk about developing critical skills. Discussed: The Sorkinverse 3:22, Monster Hunter Rise 32:52, Genesis Noir 49:31, Mech Mechanic Simulator 1:06:57, Slay the Spire 1:17:41, Question Bucket 1:21:22 
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Mar 30
1 hr 47 min
Episode 383: Arzuros-the-Pooh
A gargantuan release hits today, and the Waypoint Radio crew is gearing up for the hunt! Join Austin, Patrick and Cado as they discuss Monster Hunter Rise, the new Switch game that introduces new movement abilities, monsters, and pals to help out on your hunts. After the break, Patrick checks in on It Takes Two, the new game from Hazelight studios, which follows their co-op formula estabilshed in Brothers and A Way Out. Then Cado and Austin do a "quick" check in with the return of the Final Fantasy XIV minute! Discussed: Monster Hunter Rise 2:55, Resident Evil 43:53, It Takes Two 47:05, Final Fantasy XIV 1:00:38 
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Mar 26
1 hr 24 min
Episode 382: Life is Strange - Smallville
As the gap between big releases widens, the Waypoint Radio crew find themselves filling the time by diving deep into the Snyderverse. Austin is supplementing his Snyderverse dive with a dip into Batman: Arkham Origins, the (unfairly?) maligned prequel that seems better than some of the lauded sequels to Batman: Arkham Asylum. Rob has been checking out The Evil Within since its addition to Game Pass, and is starting to regret it. Patrick actually played a new game named Cozy Grove, a life-sim that he’s gelling with due to its narrative nature and daily limits on play. Cado is still playing Bravely Default 2, though at this point he’s not even sure why. And we take another dive in the briny bath of the Question Bucket to finally learn what a pickle actually is. Discussed: The Snyderverse 0:24, Batman: Arkham Origins 25:15, Life is Strange True Colors 37:15, Riverdale 42:20, The Evil Within 46:11, Trash the Planet 56:02, Cozy Grove 1:02:34, Bravely Default 2 1:10:51, Destiny 2 1:19:24, The Question Bucket 1:35:24 
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Mar 23
1 hr 58 min
Episode 381: The Sonic-DC Cinematic Universe
Rob is out on vacation this week which naturally means we spend an inordinate amount of time talking about the Zach Snyder DC movies??? Then, Austin and Patrick bring us Adios, a narrative focused game where you spend time talking to your would be murderer. Austin has been checking out Mundaun, the Swiss folklore based horror game with fully pencil drawn textures which, alongside killer sound design, are used to great effect to unsettle the player. After the break, Cado checks in with Magic: Legends, the new free-to-play Diablo-like based in the Magic: the Gathering universe. Patrick has been playing Fatum Betula, a horror game that is also a love letter to PS1 era aesthetics. Discussed: The Snyderverse 2:20, Adios 30:19, Mundaun 45:52, Magic: Legends 53:30, Fatum Betula 1:09:33, Maquette 1:38:10, Question Bucket 1:39:57 
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Mar 19
1 hr 53 min
Episode 380: This War with My Mother In Law
Ok so here's the situation. Sometimes when you're a space noble, you fall in love. Sometimes you marry that person for love, but or political reasons, but either way your sphere of connections grows. And sometimes, being related to someone ends up being, lets say, a complication when war is declared over what's a pretty simple breakdown of communication. Austin, Rob, and Cado have been enjoying the early hours of Star Dynasties, a game that could be described as "Crusader Kings III in Space," where the focus on political intrigue and character relationships leads to some wild circumstances. Also we dive into the question bucket with some important pickle follow up info, and the most important question we've ever received about bread. Discussed: The Evil Within 2 0:39, Slay the Spire 10:13, Star Dynasties 12:10, Question Bucket 1:07:09 
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Mar 16
1 hr 45 min
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