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What's good, Internet? Join Waypoint's Austin Walker, Rob Zacny, Patrick Klepek, Gita Jackson, and Ricardo Contreras two times a week, as they break down the biggest stories in video games, talk about their favorite media, and unfairly compare everything to Dark Souls.
Episode 354: The Strangereal - Nier Connection
Content warning for the sounds of bugs in the post pod (Halloween 3 clip) We've got a spooky episode for y'all today! First, Rob leads the crew into the Streangreal world of Ace Combat 7 and learn that not all Ace Combat games are created equal. Patrick has been checking out the Oculus Quest 2, and Cado's been diving back into Pokemon with The Crown Tundra DLC. Discussed: Ace Combat 7 5:57, Ace Combat 7 Spoilers 18:49, Pokemon Sword and Shield: The Crown Tundra 32:42, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit 44:54, Oculus Quest 2 50:38, Ghostrunner 1:20:50 
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Oct 26
1 hr 46 min
Mechanical and light story spoilers for Amnesia: Rebirth from approximately 23:45 to 27:36 We're getting into the Halloween spirit this episode! Patrick has been playing Amnesia: Rebirth, Austin, Rob, and Cado join him to do a deep dive into the game and the ways it navigates horror game tropes and its precursors. After the break we join Rob as he makes is very own city in the sky in Airborn Kingdom, Austin and Cado are exploring magical land and beating back an all consuming empire in Tenderfoot Tactics, and Patrick has a special story about a pizza place. Discussed: Amnesia: Rebirth 3:26, Amnesia: Rebirth spoilers 23:45, Fire Emblem: The Shadowdragon and the Blade of Light 52:10, Airborn Kingdom 58:59, Tenderfoot Tactics 1:09:19, Promesa 1:17:50, Disc Room 1:20:17 
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Oct 23
1 hr 46 min
Bonus: Vice News Reports: The Bubble
Introducing a new podcast, VICE News Reports. Episode 2: The Bubble. We take you inside the NBA/WNBA bubble told through exclusive recordings. To salvage their 2020 seasons amid the pandemic, the WNBA and NBA create a “bubble” where players and staff are walled off from the rest of the world. We follow two players, Monique Billings, a starting forward for the Atlanta Dream, and Udonis Haslem, captain of the Miami Heat, during their first months inside the Bubble. New episodes of VICE News Reports drop every Thursdays. Subscribe, rate and review here: apple.co/vicenewsreports 
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Oct 20
31 min
Episode 352: Have You Ever Met a Grad Student?
Join Austin, Gita, and Cado as they talk about the latest season of Blaseball and the games they've played over the weekend. First up, Gita's been checking out the murder mystery game Lucifer Within Us, a game with a Phoenix Wright-esq contradiction system, but laid out in a timeline based on multiple people's testimony, and set in a futuristic religious society that has the technology to recognize that demons are real. Then, Austin and Cado go over their Genshin Impact lineups and convince Gita to probably keep playing past the bad stealth section. After the break, Cado has been checking out Tenderfoot Tactics, an open world tactics RPG where the world and nature interact with your abilities to create dynamic combat arenas. Then Gita checks in with Astrologaster and asks the stars some hard questions about comedy. Discussed: Blaseball 5:55, Lucifer Within Us 9:26, Genshin Impact 16:05, Tenderfoot Tactics 53:50, Astrologaster 1:08:51 
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Oct 19
1 hr 26 min
Episode 351: As Loud As I Wanna Be - The Rob Zacny Story
We’re back from our short break refreshed and with plenty of new games to talk about! First up though, the PS5 UI was released and we have some questions about the future of guides based coverage. After the break, Austin has been talking to spirits in Phasmophobia, a co-op horror game that has you and three friends trying to find proof of ghosts in various haunted locales. Patrick finally made it out of the underworld in Hades, Austin, Rob, and Cado discuss the messy choices of Star Wars: Squadrons’ casting for the Galactic Empire. Discussed: PS5 UI 9:48, Phasmophobia 46:08, Iron Harvest 1:08:29, Star Wars Squadrons 1:14:16, Lightstream 1:31:59, Hades 1:35:11, Watch Dogs Legion 1:38:37, Xuan Yuan VII 1:47:13, From Soft Games 1:50:41 
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Oct 16
2 hr 8 min
Hades Spoilercast
We've had a wave of Hades fever here at Waypoint Radio, so much so that we're doing a spoilercast! Supergiant Games has used their knack for evocative narrative, killer third person isometric action, and beautiful art and design in a roguelite package that has pulled everyone from our most hardcore roguelike players to people who've never touched the genre. Join Austin, Patrick, Gita, Cado, and special guest Jason Koebler as we dive deep into what makes Hades want to delve the depths of the underworld again and again. We have mechanical spoilers throughout, and story spoilers start after the break (approximately 1:22:31) 
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Oct 9
2 hr 12 min
Episode 350: Don't Believe This Podcast Title's Lies
It's been a wild weekend so we spend more than a minute on a Politics Minute. Join Rob, Patrick, Gita, and Cado as they talk about recent events and check in on how everyone's doing. Afterward, Patrick explains the Super Mario Bros. 35 curse that precludes him from ever winning, Gita tells us about IRL Among Us, and Cado and Rob share war stories from their time in Star Wars: Squadrons. Discussed: News 1:21, Super Mario Bros. 35 12:22, Among Us 22:35, Star Wars: Squadrons 45:11, Tell Me Why 1:01:23 
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Oct 5
1 hr 18 min
Episode 349: Games Criticism Just Got CRITIQUED
2020 has been a wild year, so of course this is when the long meme'd Steve (from Minecraft) has finally and actually received his invitation to Smash. Join Austin, Rob, Patrick, and Cado as they discuss the news and how it broke twitter. Then, Rob's been flying through a galaxy far far away in Star Wars: Squadrons, a game that pulls it's influence from classics like Tie Fighter. After the break, Austin has a fever, and the only cure is more anime. He's been playing Genshin Impact, an action-RPG gatcha game with strong inspiration from the elemental mechanics in Breath of the Wild. 
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Oct 2
1 hr 46 min
Episode 348: They Put The Worm In
You're hearing this on Friday, but we recorded it on wednesday, still partially recovering from Save Point 2020, so it's a weird one! Join Austin, Rob, and Cado as they talk about the new publisher and studios from ex-Blizzard employees, becoming lawyers, and more bad bosses. Also we talk about this creepy mask in the post pod. Discussed: Ex-Blizzard Employees form new company 7:49, No Man's Sky Origins 28:55, Umurangi Generation: Macro 33:56, Dragon Dogma's Anime 42:15, Hades 42:24, Star Renegades 54:23, Risk of Rain 2 57:55, Emails 1:01:05 
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Sep 25
1 hr 49 min
Episode 347: Microsoft Buys Bethesda
We weren't supposed to be here. After a long and amazing Save Point stream, we were all planning on snoozing our alarms and taking a well deserved rest. Turns out, Microsoft had other plans. About as close as you can get to the "Disney buys Fox" of video games, this acquisition has myriad ramifications that we discuss on this episode. Discussed: Microsoft Buys Zenimax 1::32, Lab Zero Implosion 31:31, Hades 35:50, Co-op Shooters (they're fun!) 45:17 
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Sep 21
55 min
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