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Ben Mandelker & Ronnie Karam
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I have been listening for years and love the boys!! However, Ben needs to leave politics out. We had a funny Below Deck episode this week and there was no Covid stuff on the boat... but good thing Ben reminded us during this episode. Can Ben go ONE episode and let us escape?
Best of Luck
I’ve listened for a while but unsubscribing today. If I want political commentary I’ll listen to a podcast that identifies itself as a political podcast. Because they are entertaining I’ve tried to overlook their biases. Just absolutely intrigued by the party of inclusion excluding everyone who doesn’t agree with their views, the party of unity who does not, in anyway, wish to unite with 75 million people who have different opinions and the vitriol expressed for anything republican. I’ll check in a few years to see if you guys decided to just entertain and not bash anyone you believe to be a conservative. Also the one who says “like” three times in each sentence, I just can’t anymore.
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Hundo %
Your podcast is the best!
Love you guys, thank you for being you and bringing light to my world.
Funniest podcast ever
Every episode has me laughing out loud. Their impressions of all the cast are spot on! Whenever I’m watching a Bravo show now I’m just thinking “I can’t wait to hear how they make fun of this on Watch What Crappens”!
Love you guys!
From the second I started listening to your podcast , I was hooked to your housewives recaps. You both have me laughing out loud, and I look forward to listening every week. Favorite impressions so far are Shannon and Elizabeth’s “hypocritical” cabaret. Can’t wait to hear your new impressions for upcoming seasons!!
WHOA! ❤️
This is the best Bravo recap podcast out there! The impressions are hilarious, and these guys are the main reason I still watch Bravo.
Accurate and Funny
I love these two. They impersonate the housewives so well. I cant get enough.
Below Deck
This most recent recap was LAUGH OUT LOUD funny!!!!!!! Loved it!!!!! Ronnies job detour!? Omg!!! 😂 Thanks guys! 🙌🏻
Hypocrisy and closed-mindedness off the charts more and more
So Ben is offended when someone pushes HIM to do a shot, but pushing Kameron Westcott to eat a chicken foot is ok, and offensive to him when she won’t succumb to eating something she finds distasteful. Makes sense. Ben, you really don’t understand how incredibly hypocritical you sound, do you? Getting really sick of these two biased, arrogant dum-dums.
Mr Blind
I actually laugh out loud when listening to this podcast (that doesn’t happen for me on any other reality tv podcasts). I love these guys, I love their takes on episodes, and their imitations! My #1 podcast for sure!
Love the show
Love the show, the good-natured mockery, and Ben’s laugh!
Love your impressions guys! "This is insane Madison!!"
**RIP OFF!@&$!
Love them
Can I touch?
Jay Wess
I’d give 5 stars, but...
I’ve listened to these guys for years and have truly enjoyed them as they are hysterical. However, it’s getting to the point where it’s almost intolerable due to the amount of politics they are continuing to inject into each episode...mostly Ben (I feel if it was just Ronnie, it would be tolerable). Ben is so judgmental, patronizing, and full of himself. If you’re conservative, or happen to think differently than him, be prepared to have him tell you just how horrible you and your party are for at least 10 minutes in every episode. I hope they change their tune fast as I want to continue listening - but can’t continue to support if Ben truly thinks I’m a terrible human being bc of my political beliefs.
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A new year a new podcast!! Yay y’all!! 🤠❤️😂
Love it
Been listening for years. Love y’all!
Thank you!
Ben and Ronnie are so hysterical, and their impressions are everything. I genuinely laugh out loud when listening to this podcast. Thank you for bringing so much joy to my week!
Love Ronnie
Ronnie is hilarious!! Been listening to them for several years and they are great. Ben feels the need to be right ci sta toy, even when Robbie agrees with him. He has trouble getting his thoughts out amid the “likes” and starts and stops. Still funny but Ronnie definitely carries the show
Baby Dean
Super behind on for their Baby Dean impressions!!!! Thank you, Ben & Ronnie!💜
Love u guys!
I never miss a podcast! These guys always have me laughing. Their imitations are spot on!
I Llove thhhat?!
The impressions are EVRRYTHING.
They are the best...imitates by the rest!
Love Ben and Ronnie. So much so that I don’t even watch the shows they recap anymore- I just listen to their take and parodies. They are smart (don’t hold it against them) and SUPER funny. So talented. Such great comedians with a crazy witty skewed stake on all shows Bravo. WHY they don’t have a television series beats me. Oh- and when they recapped GAME OF THRONES - please! Another reason I didn’t want GOT to end....
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I’m currently pregnant but have been very sick/miserable the entire time (halfway there). I discovered this podcast 2 weeks ago and it has made me laugh harder than anything else in my life right now. Thank you Ben and Ronnie❤️
Love your podcast.
Hands down favorite podcasts!!
So I LOVE Ben and Ronny!!!!!!!! Listen love them. I’m sad I didn’t discover them from day 1!! If you’re not sure or don’t give them 5 stars you cannot be a bravo fan or have sense of humor! I’m cheapest person ever and purchased the online live show tickets! And love them and will be purchasing their patreon! They are like a STAPLE to my week and sanity! Can’t thank and love them enough!!
Started listening bc of Vanderpump Rules, now I listen to every episode and I don’t even watch any other Bravo shows 😂. They are absolutely hilarious, I listen all day at my office and I know people think I’m crazy when I randomly bust out laughing. Definitely my favorite podcast ever.
I listen to tons of podcasts, including several Bravo-centric ones. The first WWC episode I listened to was a live show recording and I was super confused by the theme song, list of premium sponsors & voice impressions—somehow it was not what I was expecting, but I quickly grew to LOVE it. Ben & Ronnie are hilarious, kind and really freaking talented! They bring me joy and add an extra layer to my enjoyment of ‘all that crap we love to talk about on ‘ye old Bravs!’
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Their impressions of baby Dean Darby legitimately make me laugh until I cry! Wanna talk Bravo (and other shows like GBBO and Emily in Paris)? Give it a listen with your new best friends Ronnie and Ben!
These two are hilarious!
Best RH Podcast!
The theme song gets stuck in my head literally every time I listen but I don’t even mind anymore! I find myself listening to this podcast instead of watching the real episodes of the real housewives 😂 i love they’re recaps!
Great show
These guys are funny and talented
My boys <3
Now, every time I watch bravo, I constantly say “omg I can’t wait to hear what the boys say about this.” Love yall!!!
Pigskin 13355
The Best
I have been a Housewives superfan since the very beginning but did not start listening to this podcast until working from home as a result of COVID. Or, in other words, when my life really began. I laugh hysterically and so look forward to new episodes. This podcast is the best.
I’ve tried to sit through an episode of RHOC and have yet to be successful. That is where this pod saves the day!!! I get an extensive and hilarious recap without having to suffer through seeing Shannon Beador or Kelly Dodd on my TV screen. Truly heroic work.
Panacea for the Pandemic
This podcast was seriously part of my survival bag of tricks from March, 2020 until now. I am so thankful to Ben and Ronnie for continuing to produce and for Bravo for continuing to give them material. Laughter is definitely the best medicine, good for the soul, and a whole bunch of other cliches. When a new podcast drops it makes me so happy. Thank you Watch What Crappens and I pray you will reschedule your live Louisville show when it’s safe! Amy Scott
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And by “that” I mean this podcast. Impressions and dialogue are upper level. Happy holidays!
Thank You!
I come here to listen to these amazing guys talk trash tv and from the bottom of my heart I thank them for providing just that. Too many useful idiots out there have decided to use their platform to become political podcasts & while I may (or may not) agree with some of them on their politics, that’s not what I come there for. Watch what Crappens brings laughter and happiness to my day & provides me a brief respite from all the tragedy going on in the world! They are both truly amazing! ❤️❤️❤️
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I listened to the Sundance Queen episode on a whim and I was laughing by myself in my office for one hour straight! That Lisa impersonation is everything!! Thank you for the laughs!!
In the latest RHSLC episode they spent 15 min doing a Lisa Impression
The best podcast for housewives lovers
Their recaps are the best. I laugh every episode. I stopped watching OC this season and just listen to their recap of it, which is better than the real show.
Well, Hello, Jupiter Hollow! I know you’re doing fine. Now listen to this podcast and sit down with your wine. 💃
Pure Gold
This dynamic duo is pure gold! Five stars! I can’t stop laughing. You both capture all of the Bravoleborties perfectly!! Thank you for turning my boring workday into something I can now enjoy! Bravo!! Alice 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
better than the real show
I don’t even watch all the shows but don’t need to. this podcast is amazing! im new to it and it has seriously gotten me through the second half of 2020 better than anything else! great job!
They only podcast theme song I let play out
I love you guys so much that I don’t even skip through your theme song. You are my people! Thank you xoxo
Your RHOC Elizabeth impression KILLS me
Carolyn - EK
Spirit lifter
Always makes me laugh, appreciate that especially this year.
All day
I could listen to them impersonate Shep, Austin and Craig from Southern Charm all day!
Michelley mom
Wow Bethenny Wow
It takes a lot to make me laugh and there’s not one episode where I don’t break out into laughter while listening. Their observations are insightful. They call out terrible behavior while also acknowledging it’s entertainment value. I also really appreciate that they don’t pander to anyone or any network so it truly feels like uncensored commentary. Ronnie and Ben, you are making quarantine not only bearable but enjoyable. Thank you for your work!
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Colleen gizmo
These two are the best! If you love Bravo you will love these two even more. The impersonations of the housewives are on point!
My new fav podcast, love it❤️
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