Watch What Crappens
Watch What Crappens
Ben Mandelker & Ronnie Karam
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Thought y’all were bad when you continued to cover SC and OC. But multiple appearances on WWHL...? Big sigh as you continue to cover RHONJ
I live in Texas. Many times I can’t get your podcast till 6:00 pm. Why?
we love you but why does it take so long for you to post your Podcast?
Not funny enough to be this mean
They’re not funny enough to be this harsh and mean. Not sure why anyone would pay for this.
Love it!
The favorite part of my day is the notification that there’s a new Crappens! Thank you Ben and Ronnie!
I live for you guys!! Like omg best bravo insider podcast. I love the impressions
zakayla ahjante
My favorite addiction
I’ve probably listened to thousands of hours of ben and ronnie’s recaps and hope to listen to thousands more
Haleyyyyy A
Midwest Teacher
I don’t even get a chance to watch these shows but I wouldn’t miss these guys’ takes. I love it when they gently disagree, and I always agree with them both and especially their deep dives into human intentions.
Fanny 869
Simply the best
Not only the best bravo podcast out there but it also has the best fan community. Makes my day every day.
Can’t go a Day without Ben and Ronnie !!!
You two simply brighten my day every time I listen to you two . I just think you should have you’re own T.V. Show as you two have such amazing presence together . I laugh so much listening to you two . Love 💕 you guys !😘😊🙏
"Linda The Real Countess!"
Best podcast ever!
Ronnie and Ben are absolutely hilarious and I wait daily to listen to their recaps! Their impressions and takes on everything are so spot on and funny, they make watching the Bravo shows even more fun!
LOVE this podcast! Sooo hilarious and unique. I look forward to listening every day. You guys have the best dynamic. Great recaps and impressions and insights - I love the format. Also once you listen to a few episodes and start regularly listening, you get all the references and it’s just so funny.
Best Bravo Podcast
I love this show and just discovered it. Literally the only podcast I listen to all the way to the end. Ronnie and Ben are hilarious 😂
Ben and Ronnie are the absolute best. Their impressions are spot on but with their own flair, their ability to remember Bravo details from years past is uncanny and they’re two of the funniest people you’ll ever listen to. If you’re a Bravo lover you have to listen to Crappens!
Melinda Medley
Love it
My favorite podcast. I look forward to new episodes coming out every week!
tex boho
The Best Podcast
This is the best podcast ever if you watch Bravo. I am late to the bravo game, but I learned about them from WWHL, The Taylor Strecker Show, and The Michelle Collins Show. Now every time I watch a bravo show I think, I cannot wait to hear what Ben and Ronnie have to say about this. 😂
You have to listen
Love this so much, find myself laughing out loud in my office
better than the real show
I don’t even watch all the shows but don’t need to. this podcast is amazing! im new to it and it has seriously gotten me through the second half of 2020 (and now into 2021) better than anything else!
Ben, give it a rest
Try, please, for just one episode to stuff a sock in your sanctimonious blather. C’mon... pretty please?
Only podcast i dont get tired of
Some of my regular podcast subscriptions I need a break from sometimes, this is the only one that I never get tired of and listen to religiously (sometimes twice). They put out so much content and still I want more! Seeing these guys on WWHL (both times) gets my tail wagging so hard.
Too funny!!
“Whatever happened to walking around the block!” .. as I walk around the block lol—-always love their tangents lol
Impressions are hilarious. Thank you for best laughs of the day!!
You’re embedded in my brain! (In the best way)
I literally watch every bravo show now through the filter of, “can’t wait for crappens to pick up on that!!!”
I enjoy this podcast way more than the actual shows! I don’t even watch summer house but the recaps are so good
Roni jean
I don’t watch Below Deck Sailing anymore because Ben and Ronnie’s episode recaps are infinitely better than the actual show!!!
Ronnie is comedy gold.
Ben...tries. But, boy oh boy, he is such a woke-scold. He’s been like that for years on this show, so I forgive him his foibles. (Ben unironically talks about ‘micro-aggressions.’ Lol) Ronnie, on the other hand, could read the phone book and make me laugh.
This is MY FAVORITE podcast OF ALL TIME! Ben and Ronnie are so freaking hillarious, and I look forward to every single one of their episodes. If you don't already, make sure you subscribe to their patreon for the On Demand level so you can get all of their videos! It's soooooooo worth it!!
Kat Bowman
The best of the best. Literally saving my sanity during the pandemic.
Bravo should pay them.
I now watch 98% of Bravo shows no matter how painful just to hear Ronnie and Ben discuss all my inner thoughts and feel justified in watching crap tv more than recommended for mental health.
I sing the theme song all day
This is pure Joy- I find myself singing the theme song all the time. It’s like having coffee with my best friends. 💛💛
Shine Yoga
The Kings of Recap
Nuff said.
Literally have been listening for 4 years
I love them so much and listen every day. They’re hilarious. And anyone complaining about political views, TAKE A LOOK IN THE F***KING MIRROR. Love Ben and Ronnie💜
Lu’s Sandwiches
Ronnie and Ben don’t know your personal deets so tuck this in your pocket for the appropriate time: ...ahem... 🎤 🎶 HAAAPPY BIIRRRTHDAY TOOO YOO 🎵 Thanks for keeping me smiling during this year of Covid, keep on collecting those bones 🦴 ❤️😘
I’m hooked!
I stumbled upon your podcast recently (RHSLC Reunion) and I am hooked! Your humor is intelligent and thought out. I literally laugh until I’m crying at least once every podcast. Your imitations and observations are spot on. I even find myself giggling about something you guys said throughout my day. I wanted to let you know you have a new loyal listener and fan.
First Time Listener-Summer House
I used to think I liked Summer House, but after listening to your dead on impressions of the cast, especially Lindsey and Carl, I now see the error of my ways! I think I’ll just listen to your recap from now on.
Your One New Summer House Listener
I have never listened to you guys and after many recommendations, decided to jump in with Summer House. So yes, you did have one new listener today and 5 STARS from me!
A. May. Zing.
Love these guys and their pod so much!!
This may sound crazy but Ben and Ronnie have gotten me through some tough times! Just laying in bed listening to their podcasts helped me forget about difficult things and escape. Overall I think they are both awesome and such a great podcast. Slight criticisms are that I often agree with Ronnies views on things more than Ben’s. Almost always actually. Sometimes I can’t really understand where Ben is coming from at all... and he seems to always be on the woman’s side instead of the mans, even when it’s clear that the woman is awful (southern charm Madison). Like another reviewer said, we don’t need people to stand up for us because we’re women! Also, Ben please be more self aware of the extremely long tangents. They get exhausting. Other than that y’all are fantastic
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Ron Ron is my fave!
I love this podcast so much. Their impersonations are spot on! They crack me up! Ronnies laugh is contagious!!
I love that! Can I touch???
These guys have me literally laughing out loud. So good!
JCo 6
Love love love!
So funny! Such a mood booster during these times.
I’m dying
I’m an ICU nurse and cannot stop laughing while I listen at work and take care of my patients
Ben and Ronnie are the best ❤️❤️
Jackie non-Joyner
You two were at your best on this recap! You guys were cracking up non stop and i loved every second! 😂
Noticed some reviews mention politics lol- I love how you both talk about the shows but also talk about your own life and all of the things that are going on during these crazy times. I don’t know how I would have made it through this pandemic without this show. THANK YOU for keeping us laughing!! Ben and Ronnie are the best!
Ronnie, I’m pretty sure we were separated at birth and you are my “spirit animal”. I can’t believe you ruined Basic Instinct for Ben though :/. I love you both, and cant fall asleep without you guys!❤️❤️❤️❤️
No way you can’t laugh
I just discovered this podcast and am so sad I never knew of it before. They are hilarious and have given me multiple belly laughs these past few days. I can’t wait to go back and listen to past episodes. Love these guys and please keep the episodes coming!!
Dying sometimes !
These guys have me rolling on the floor most of the time. Their imitations are spot on, and I even get a kick out of their tangents that they can go on for awhile with. They do their best to steer clear of political chatter, which is something that other housewives pods could take note of. Great podcast!!
Love it!
Love it!!
Pedey Pablo
Ronnie’s Laugh
Hands down, the best part of this Podcast is Ronnie’s laugh. It’s giving me life during this stupid pandemic. I’m not an RHO fan but I might have to start watching just so I can enjoy more Crappens. Thank goodness Top Chef starts soon.
Thanks for the Laughter
It’s been a horrible year after losing my husband just before the COVID lockdown. I’ve been alone ever since March, 2020 with no end in sight. Every time I listen to your crazy renditions of the Bravo shows complete with songs and spot-on voice imitations I sit here laughing out loud marveling how both of you can do these hour plus shows everyday!! Sid Caesar, Steve Allen and Ernie Kovacs would have loved listening to Watch What Crappins. Please put an image of your dog on a t-shirt so fans can freshen up their COVID wardrobes! 🥰 Your imitation of Teresa is hilarious and every time you bring up the Moose Knuckle I die laughing.
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