Watch What Crappens
Watch What Crappens
Ben Mandelker & Ronnie Karam
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Married to Medicine
I’ve been missing your recaps of Married to Medicine, they were SO funny!!
Not funny
The hatred y’all displayed for Kyle is disturbing Excusing Kathy saying she’s going to destroy Kyle is disgusting
Recaps often better than watching the show itself!
See the title :)
I’ve been listening for about a half a year and thought I should give a review. I also want to mention that your real gorlfriends in Paris recaps are HILLARIOUS
Please Ronnie!
Dear Ronnie: Please make an effort to stop talking over/interrupting Ben! I love you both and want to hear what you BOTH have to say. Lately it’s so overwhelming - and you try to say “we must have a delay” and you accuse Ben of looking at Twitter or having to many things open, thus causing a delay - BUT IT’S YOU RONNIE! No shade, because everything you say cracks me up and I want to hear it BUT WE ALSO WANT TO HEAR BEN! Let him complete a story/thought/sentence! Please! I feel like I’m only getting half a recap. I’ve been a Pateron sponsor for over 5 years so I support you guys and I say this with love. I love you. But stop Ramona-ing all over Ben. He’s Tinsley and you are drunk Dorinda.
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Tuesday Listener
What What Crappens
This is one of my all time favorite podcasts! These guys are masters at nailing the essence of each and every character they recap in their weekly wrap ups! 5:5 stars!!
I am obsessed with these two - I will literally watch shows just so I can hear their recaps!
Absolutely hilarious! I started watching more bravo shows just so I could listen to more of this podcast. Love Ronnie and Ben!
Ladyy D
It’s simple, You’ll have a Proper Gay Ole Time with Ben and Ronnie!! Bravo doesn’t deserve them 🤗💖 but thank goodness we have them!!
Hilarious and addicting
These guys are the storytelling equivalency of caricature artists in the best way possible. They are a must-listen if you love all things Bravo.
Love it!
Why even watch bravo when they break it down even better
I have always been into Bravo, but now I literally just watch the shows to listen to your podcast.
The best part of my work day
Love cracking up to y’all by myself. The voices are hilarious!
Very very talented cast. Smart hilarious accurate well done. Natasha and Dave parodies ALL DAY 🤩.
Oh god Rey bebé
Shut up Ronald. The cleaning lady was your mother idiot.
Charlotte Harlot
I love you guys! I listen all the time. I would love for you to recap the TOWIE series. It would be such a hoot! Love, Cindy Brown
towie liver
The Best Reviews
I love every episode, every voice, every character, every opinion, every snarky remark, everything!
I think we just became best friends!
I don’t have anyone to talk to these things about. I love to listen to Ben and Ronnie break down all the housewives episodes. An hour with Ben and Ronnie and all is right with the world.
Love it!
You guys are the best. You make me laugh every day ! Thank you for all you do. Paula
Paula and Larry
Listen even though I don’t watch
My girlfriend loves Bravo and got me in to this podcast. I listen on my own now!
Love you guys!
I appreciate how much you make me laugh. Hate the never ending Xfinity commercial though. Lol
The Best
Ronnie and Ben are truly the best!!!! We use LOL so much these days when things are not funny but these two guys literally make me laugh out loud!
Basic Beige Betty
Love the Pod. You guys always make me LOL while walking my 🐕. But you got it wrong about Naomi and Paige. 100% Naomi is messy. She doesn’t want Craig back, but she enjoys making him feel uncomfortable and keeping Paige off balance. And Paige knows it. Men may be dogs, but women are cats.
Rust Belt Boomer
Swedish Meatballs!
The grape jelly meatballs Katherine made are traditional Swedish Meatballs:)) I love you guys so much and you have gotten me thru my crappy divorce 💙💓💙
The best
Thank you!
Love the theme song
Why is that theme song so good??
Love it
Love the podcast and Ben and Ronnie. We can agree to disagree on RHOBH, but that’s why I love it. Not Suttons biggest fan and I actually like Diana. Garcelle is amazing. I think Dorit and Crystal will either be friends of next year or off the show. Sheree needs a diamond.
New fan! Thanks to Mattie & Poodle
Reality Gays sent me here to listen to House of Dragons and I loved it so much, the re-enactments are killing me! I look like such a crazy person here at work! Ahh I miss my basement office when I could cackle like a truly crazy person! New fan!!
All the funny feels
I love Ronnie and Ben - I’ve started watching Bravo from their point of view! The only thing I wish is that I could sort by which show they are recapping so I can listen after I watch really old Bravo seasons. xoxo
Please stop covering the boat shows
You’re above this
Reperations 2020
The best 💖
Need my Ronny and Ben fix, get cranky without it🥹
You Guys
Make me laugh out loud on every episode. Please keep doing these shows. I am a cynical LA entertainment lawyer and you give me such joy. Grateful for this content.
These guys are so funny!
This podcast makes me laugh so hard. Their recaps are hilarious and how they go back and forth with each other cracks me up! (Their tangents are the best!) My favorite is where they recap the text conversations and use the “bloop” sound 10x and adlib the whole conversations.
Love this duo
Can’t get enough of this podcast. They always make me laugh with their impressions. They’re recaps are spot on sometimes I just listen to the recap before watching the episode! It’s even better when I watch the episode after listening to their recap. Never stop Ben and Ronnie!!
The best!
You two are genius together! It’s truly the best when you get to cracking up together. I’d much rather listen to y’all than watching the shows!
Where’s the humor
Is this a new trend? Angry, bitter trolls starting podcasts? I just couldn’t continue to listen. Just not funny or entertaining
married to my TV
They had me at Hot Geico Lizzie’s….
These guys, these guys….whenever I need a laugh during the work day I call up a recent Bravo review of theirs and tune out the rest of the idiots in the office. Adore them!
Best podcast ever
I just love these two hosts. I enjoy their recaps better than the actual shows. I’ve never listened without laughing out loud.
Favorite Podcast
I literally laugh out loud listening to Ben and Ronnie, which tends to make me look a little crazy when walking in public, but my family is now used to it. Amazing talent and better than the actual Bravo shows. Love them to have a radio show on Bravo Andy too! “Those three words are said too much and aren’t enough.”💕Ben and Ronnie. Mimmy
I ❤️These Two
Your takes on anything Bravo are always spot on . I wish I could talk to you and give you the additional tea I know. Through the pandemic I bought a Hilton Head home and a Dana Point home (OC) . When I watch anything Bravo my favorite character is the location. I just copy the investments of the casts. I do this without social media , so in turn it takes a little longer but I have privacy.
Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
I love Ben and Ronnie's recaps! They have me laughing out loud. Their takes and impressions are the best!
The gold standard
I was a lighter bravo fan until I came across these boys during the pandemic. Now I am a diehard fan, even going back to podcasts in 2014 as I introduced myself to new franchises. They are wickedly smart; they make fun of bravolebrities without a hint of cruelty but rather with real creativity, hilarity and heart. They are the gold standard of podcasters and that is NOT an exaggeration! Keep doing what you do, Ben and Ronnie!!
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GA Bistola
Truly a gift
Two of the funniest people on the planet. Watch What Crappens makes my day! ❤️
Yes Plz
I absolutely love these two, so clever and funny…
Absolutely painful
I could barely last an episode listening to these two guys cackle they think they are so funny when I really wanted to hear about the episode. They were too busy trying to hard to be funny had to Unfollow very disappointed.
I’m finding it impossible to actually breathe listening to these guys speak as Dorit and PK. Dying!! 😂
Ronnie & Ben are the best!!!
Witty, insightful, and incredibly funny, these two provide the best Bravo commentary out there. Their imitations are on point; Ramona Singer doesn’t do herself as well as Ben & Ronnie do. I’m sorry okay!!! I support women, but that’s the truth!
Tried to get into this for the love of Bravo and just cannot. Very annoying lol
Only watch for the Recaps
I would have quit Bravo, et al a long time ago if not for these two. They have gotten me through some tough times. Love you, boys!
Hilarious to the nth degree
This podcast is laugh out loud funny! The accents are on point and the commentary is wickedly satirical! I listen to the shows that I watch and even those that I don’t. Keep up the excellent work!
ashlicious 2
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