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Watch What Crappens
Ben Mandelker & Ronnie Karam
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If you like bravo...
You'll love these guys. I have been listening for seven years and they've made me laugh in the craziest moments of life and occasionally at the wrong time as well. They are the reason I watch Bravo and they are a true gem of an addiction. Funny, humble wonderful guys who put on a heck of a show.
the BEST hands down
i’m a longtime fan, but forgot to rate and review (bad millennial!). ronnie and ben are amazing hilarious wonderful and genuinely good people. i just love them and their recaps. they make life sparkle a little brighter.
Best bravo podcast
The best bravo podcast ever. I love when they do their voice impressions!!!! I can’t believe I just started listening a few months ago, this is the funniest thing ever. Great for my morning commute. Love these guys so much. If you love bravo, LISTEN UP. With a combination of their friendship and humor, this is one of the BEST for bravo. Wish I could give more than 5 stars
So funny and entertaining!
Ava Walden
some of the impersonations are great most of them are kinda dumb. the obsession with kyle is weird. overall i like the podcast but i do have to fast forward a lot because sometimes they go after people disproportionately and it feels like it’s a personal issue for them lol
I watch ROBH and wanted a funny recap podcast. This one was recommended to me and it is everything I wanted!! I have laugh out loud moments on every podcast. This is comedy gold commentary and impersonations. Keep up the amazing work guys I’m a new fan!
Animal recaps please?!
Still awesome! You guys do a great job addressing current issues while still making me laugh. My only request (as a biologist) is that you guys should totally recap more animal shows. My Octopus Teacher was SO funny and every time you guys talk bio it cracks me up. XOXO
I love this podcast
I just love this podcasts so much has me laughing all day at work!!!! You guys are so hilarious. I feel like I don’t even have to watch the shows anymore I like yalls version way more
Keep it going
you guys are great and its nice to see you guys keeping it real. The other whiny trumpers posting how you guys are libs….get out of here! Sorry y’all are for humans and treating humans right and commenting on that. You rock.
Love it!
I love this show! So entertaining! I am loving their take on RHOC. I agree with their assessment of this dreadful show! These guys make it so fun!!
McKay M
Talented brains
These two are so smart and funny i often find myself laughing out loud and repeating their phrases/accents. A fun time all around.
All the BDM without having to subject myself to the torture of watching
Love Ben and Ronnie, but appreciate them extra lately. I’m a huge below deck fan, but couldn’t stomach the thought of making myself see/hear/support sandy and malia by watching. Luckily these recaps give me my fix… and honestly don’t miss BDM in the slightest.
The best recap Pod. Perfect combo of Sweet and Sassy
I absolutely have fallen in love with Ben and Ronnie. They are perfect together and their takes in every show they cover are on point and hilarious!! I love the impersonations I find myself laughing out loud while listening. I’m trying to get my daughter to watch family karma with me so we can listen to the Crapens recaps.
Thank you for all the laughs and great recaps! My favorite for years and always will be.
Funny and smart
Such an amusing podcast reviewing some of the most ridiculous lives being lived on camera. It’s fun to listen to Ronnie and Ben discussing the farcical experiences of Bravo’s housewives and the fragility of the wealthy. Fun to listen to!
OG listener
I started listening to this podcast in 2012 at about episode 15. I feel like I grew up with Ben and Ronnie and they are dear friends. They make me laugh and they just make me happy. This will always be the quintessential Bravo podcast.
I just love y’all
I get so excited when I see a new episode available from Ronnie and Ben. They are so funny and honest in their reviews of the show. They’re dialogue is genuine and they vibe together so well! My mom and I both listen and now have so many inside jokes (okaaaayyyyy, blink blink-blink blink) based on episodes we listen to. I love the genuine opinions and how they aren’t afraid to go against what social media or other outlets are saying. They don’t take themselves too seriously but are sensitive when it’s called for. I laugh out loud every time I listen to them (and let’s be honest, getting a good laugh is why we all watch these Bravo shows anyway). They’re my FAVORITE!!! Ronnie and Ben please keep doing what you do! Also you were both great on Watch What Happens!
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Crying with Laughter
OMG, I just listened to this for the first time, and I am laughing so hard it hurts. Brilliant act-outs combined with razor-sharp commentary. The Luann impression alone is worth the price of admission. One word for this show: Bravo!
Sank's Review
❤️ Love
I love you boys!!! 😘🥰
Me edj
I love this podcast and look forward to it pretty much every day. It makes me laugh and is an instant energy booster. To anyone upset about the hosts discussing current events and what happens on the episodes they are reviewing, you are fine. Stop moving through life acting as if you are entitled to have control over what people talk about or how they use heir platforms. Don’t like it? Don’t listen. Stop crying.
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Laughing in my office right now. Baby Dean. Wah wah
Ben and Ronnie are way too biased and political
I used to love this Podcast. I even paid money to go see them when they came to Cleveland, Ohio to do their show few years ago (how I wish I could get my money back) - that’s how much I enjoyed their clever and fun critiquing of the Bravo Housewives shows. It seems now that they have joined the likes of all those in the entertainment and sports fields who have to insert their political views and ruin the idea of us, who just want to be entertained, escaping from all of the politics. Not only that, but especially that Ronny is so obsessed with his hatred of Trump that he takes everything to a next level of totally annihilating anyone that is a conservative and foes t think like him. Guess what? Everyone has differing viewpoints and opinions on politics, and the entertainment and sports worlds are no place for personal viewpoints when the audience is just trying to be entertained. I just unfollowed and deleted the App. Thanks for ruining listening to one of the best Podcasts I had come across in a long time.
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The Best
Consistently funny, clever, and outrageous! These guys deliver all the time. Criticisms of the relevant talk about race and politics (which is being played out on the shows based on the times we are living in) show how fragile and close-minded people are. Get over it. The show is hilarious.
I don’t think I like this anymore
Used to be very funny. Now it’s like all HR department/corporate approved takes because they probably don’t want to date risk ad dollars. Update*** If push came to shove, Ben sounds like he would tell a homeless, addicted and undereducated white person to check their privilege. Race reductionism at it finest. I didn’t even know what what he was even referring to anymore.
Still adore this podcast!
I was sad to see some recent reviews critiquing Ben and Ronnie’s take on race issues on Bravo shows lately, and as a long time listener, I completely disagree—I think they’re doing an amazing job of mocking the silliness and ridiculousness of these shows, while also making thoughtful comments and acknowledging the seriousness of the issues being brought up. I hope those negative reviews don’t put you guys off—this podcast is amazing and such a bright spot every week! ❤️
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No longer funny - and expect a lecture in each show
I used to love this podcast years ago before they started getting preachy. Even Ronnie - who was my favorite - has gotten bad. You can pretty much guarantee that every podcast will have a lecture on how, if you’re white, you’re racist and tone-deaf. It’s exhausting. People tune in to Bravo and these podcasts to relax and escape reality - not to be lectured. RHONY ratings are on the decline - I’m sure WWC won’t be too far behind if they continue to follow in the same path.
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This might get better than the actual show.
Love it
Ms. Wise
Has gone way down hilll
I used to love listening to Ben and Ronnie. It was a nice escape from reality. However, over the last year, they have just become typical libs that have to preach preach preach.
They’ll ruin you!!
I love this podcast. My husband doesn’t understand why I listen to a podcast that’s longer than the episode they’re describing. I. Can’t. Quit. Them. Also, you’ll hear their impersonations whenever you watch the shows from now on. Maybe I’ll just quit bravo and only listen to this show from now on. 🤷‍♀️
Stop blaming Kyle
Guys!!! Enough already. Stop blaming Kyle for literally EVERYTHING !! It is annoying already
**RIP OFF!@&$!
Better than the recapped show!
There are just some Bravo shows I can’t or really don’t want to watch. There are many times I listen to a Ben & Ronnie recap and enjoy it 1000x more than watching the show. Bravo should give them some shares because there are also times the recap is so good that I actually make a point to go back and watch the Bravo show. Their voices, Ronnie’s laugh, and Ben’s spot on impression of P@dma are bright spots in my day. When they make each other laugh is the BEST! I feel like I’m hanging out with friends kvetching over these insane and entertaining (most times) men and women of Bravo.
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Just bad fake impressions. Don’t waste your time
I listen to these type of podcasts to get a breakdown of the show. Because I do not have bravo. Instead it was 30 min of AWFUL impersonations. Don’t waste your time
Love it!
The COASSSSTTT made me laugh out loud in the grocery store.
Only listen if you’re in for a schooling from a former Uber driver
I used to love this podcast because I thought the hosts were so funny. But over the last year or so I have become increasingly annoyed by preachy monologues from Ben. I find it irritating to be schooled on a daily basis about the dangers and pitfalls of navigating through minority interactions from an over-educated, under-accomplished white male from a rich New York suburb. I think his talents would be better served by merely observing and commenting. No need to preach to the rest of us who have been interacting with humans of all genders and ethnicities for decades.
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Bad take
Please stop with the race talk. It’s played out. I’m disappointed in you Ronnie you are usually middle of the road and have some sense. Not this time. The girls did nothing wrong to Ebony. If she was getting upset and seemed angry, it has nothing to do with race. Get over yourselves. Also, Ben literally said eboni was ANGRY a ton of times in regard to the Harlem dinner. Hypocrisy at its best!!! Wokesters are so funny!
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Gabe haters
We get it, you hate straight “white” guys (though Gabe is white-passing Mexican but clearly you consider him the enemy.) He wax nothing but kind and lovely all season. Get a grip.
Ben and Ronnie
Are my friends. They don’t know it but we are super tight. Because of their podcast, they get me to workout, clean my house, laugh wildly loud in public, enjoy dog walks and improve my overall mental health. When I watch Bravo shows, I am always thinking about their response to the show. It’s like they are watching it with me!
As a child of the world….
I can’t get enough of Ben and Ronnie, okkkkkkaaaaayyyyyyy 😍!
Erin Scalise
Say it like it is
I savor every recap, they are highlights to my day when I need a good laugh. But you guys, you don’t need to protect Eboni, or Crystal, or any other “minority” housewife. They are all monsters, and none of them are above reproach, regardless of race. It is why we watch these shows! Love you guys!
PLEASE NEVER STOP THE LISA RINNA IMPRESSIONG I laugh until I cannot breathe! I cannot get through the work day without you guys, I literally laugh out loud every time I have never had a podcast do that before.
Funniest podcast ever
Love this! There’s so much content, it’s really impressive. I’m so glad they are covering Family Karma now. 😉
These guys are so funny. The impressions of the housewives and the way they call them out is laugh out loud hilarious.
I love this podcast!!
I recently stumbled upon this podcast and it has quickly become one of my faves! I am a huge RHONJ fan and I love listening to their episode recaps and they are hilarious when they impersonate the housewives! I especially love when they imitate Teresa LOL. I could listen to them for hours. I also love their RHONY impressions. WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Pure Joy
The discovery of this podcast has been a bright spot during the past year. Makes watching The Real Housewives even more fun too! Thank you, Ben and Ronnie!
I enjoy this podcast more than the actual shows! Ronnie and Ben are hilarious
Or Nobody Leaves This Bank! 🤣🤣
“I need an MRI now, or nobody leaves this bank!” Is when I hit subscribe 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
I love the recaps of the Shahs of Sunset! Voice re-enactments are spot on. Thank you for the laugh!
All time favorite podcast
Ben and Ronnie deliver so much comedy in each episode. I started listening several years ago and I love the pod just as much today as I did when I discovered them. Their Top Chef episodes are my favorite. I recommend this podcast to everyone who enjoys reality TV!!
So funny
I love your podcasts. Laughing out loud funny at Top Chef voices. Thanks
La Mer3
Erica jaynes new joy
You guys. When she was in Tahoe she’s actually eating again. She’s stress eating and having fun. That’s what I think.
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