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Warrior Kid Podcast
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Leadership and discipline advice and guidance for youth.
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This is the best podcast ever
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Helpful for a single mom
Raising my son alone has been a challenging and fulfilling experience, however I struggle to find male influences on him. Especially during this pandemic when sports are canceled, school is canceled, with no where to turn for social interactions. We love taking little car rides to listen to an episode. Jocko and his guests have started to feel like coaches to him.
Hi, a while ago I accidentally gave this a one star review but I LOVE all the books you’ve wrote. This Is the best podcast ever!!! From: Grayson
Grayson. w
I read all the books!
Bring it back
My two boys love the podcast, hopefully you bring it back.
BE A MAN.!!!
Hi Uncle Jake I love your podcast, I have a couple of questions to ask you, was it fun to be a Seal and, what was your scariest moment as a Seal.🤔🤔🤔 I’m very curious to know.
Emily McFadden
I love your great podcasts
what should I do since I have a broken leg since I can't do much. also we need more episode more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
More episodes
I have a 6 year old boy and an 8 year old girl and they’re obsessed with the podcast. When will there be more episodes?! My daughter actually sits in the backseat and takes notes.
Hi my name is Grant and I have a question. I did a 8 minute plank today and I want to ask what is you longest plank?
I have a question
Hi! I’m a middle schooler, and I’ve been listening to your podcast for a while. Although i don’t have the books,I really love it! I have my own question: (1) I play a musical instrument, but lately I’ve been really discouraged from playing. How do i get enthused about it again?
hit or miss gorl
Hi my name is Jonathan and I’m 11 and I have a friend who’s always nagging at me because he thinks my parents treat the right way or he will complain because he doesn’t like my cousin either way hes being mean and rude thanks and don’t like it your pal, Jonathan
I do jujitsu
More episodes please!!!!!!!
We need more episodes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(great show).
Love it!
Jocko really has a great demeanor and way of communicating with kids. Saying what is right and good much like their parents would. It’s just “right” and “way cooler” hearing from an American hero. Please make more episodes. My family LOVES them!
Hi my name is Delainey Kirkland my parents say I am sassy I don’t think I am but how do I fix my attitude/sassiness? Can you help #i love your books 📖 you are awsome!
hot chick 1109
I would recommend this to anyone.It is so inspiring to listen to him at the beginning of the day.Every time he is making me smarter .Thank you Jocko for the podcast.
Hi Jocko My name is Aiden I’m 10 and I live in PA I have a question I have been doing workouts every morning but this week i have been doing terrible what’s wrong?
He is SO inspiring!!! I love listening to this podcast a lot!
so good and inspiring
Great podcast for kids and parents to listen to together
My sons and I listen to these together and talk through the situations. Excellent examples and helps points kids in a positive direction.
Cory Rigler
Hello! I have a few questions
Hi! I’m blakeley from Alabama and I have a few questions. 1. How to I begin working out when it is hard to want to? 2. How do you learn to get along with Siblings. 3. How do you politely handle a situation where someone keeps telling you about something you have told them many times you don’t care to know about. 4. How do you get along with teammates who aren’t nice in a text group chat? Thank you! You have helped me so much with many situations. I love all of your podcasts
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It’s 1
Is dad right
I gave this amazing dad but he is always pushing me and making me stressed how do I tell him or handle it also I have troubles with these boys they won’t let me be how do I make them stop
kid troubles
Warrior kid podcast Review
I’m Ethan and I’m from Colorado I can’t focus on my school work without going in my backyard for about an hour to focus do you know how to keep my temper another way
Warrior Kid 645890123456
I have a question
I do karate and I want to find a good grappling sport
Thanks for producing the podcast! My name is Cainan, I’m 15 and I have a question: What does training jujitsu help you train for in real life? Thanks for the time and have a great day.
I love the way of the Warrior kid books!
This changed my life
This podcast inspired me to exercise more and to be a better person
Griffin Kotary
Love the podcast makes me smarter every time I listen my fav one is how do I eat food that is good for me but is gross
Great stuff
My son ask to listen to Warrior kid on the drive home from school. Great lessons. Thanks
I am Gunner from Chilliwack bc. I do jujitsu and I am good at it and I have some questions 1.how do I do jujitsu when it is closed down because of corona virus? 🦠 2. I do eat healthy but we do run out of healthy food sometimes what do I do when that happens?🥗
I love it.
Puppy and blue
Avery Lueck
Please read
When are you going to make more
I loved it!!
i loved it so much!!!!!
The way Jocko puts the valuable lessons into words is beyond exceptional. Good thing too listen to for long car trips with your children
Lane Murphy
I love your podcasts and all your books
lanie lee 10
I love Jocko’s advise!
He is so good at helping these children!!!
Elanore josie
I have no words, this is perfect!
Love it
I love it so far I am going to get all the books! I can’t wait. You are a really good speaking and Explaining what is in the books when you have not read it. I really want to read the books so much.you really can make me feel that I am mark! You are a good person and pls make more! My question is:how do you get over your fear. Thanks for doing all this.
Omg your podcast has changed how I look at solving a problem. I am also in the best shape I have ever been in.but I recently hurt my leg. How do I stay fit. Plz help. Not working out does not feel right. Sincerely Colby T
Colby 17
Help my ODD/ADHD son
Reading wimpy to warrior to my 6yo son it has changed our life. he wants to start working out in the morning and I have returned to the gym, this pod cast is an amazing accompaniment to the books and we listen to it together in the car.
Tommy 11
I love your podcasts keep making more! Question:When you feel like you can’t keep going how do YOU push yourself to your limits? Thank you!
Your greatest fan,Colby BTW i live in iowa
I love your podcasts!! My question is:how do i push harder when i get hurt??
Awesome podcast
I love your podcast and I have a question what do you do when your older siblings bully for stupid reasons
Easton August Roeske
Flank your kids
This podcast and the book series are great way to flank your kids with solid lessons on leadership and character. Just telling them- a frontal assault- is often ineffective. Jocko, I mean Uncle Jake, does a great job helping kids through difficult and mundane challenges of childhood and provides great fire support for a parent trying to develop strong character in their children. I listened to the first couple episode with my (then) five year old daughter (note: I had listened to every episode of Jocko podcast then available when Warrior Kid came out and I trusted the material to be appropriate). One day I let my daughter listen on her headphones while I did homework in the other room. My wife came and got me and asked what our daughter was listening to that was causing her to cry- like, sobbing, big cry. She hit the episode where Uncle Jake describes his childhood friend who got into drugs and died. She then explained the whole story to her mom and me. I think that story will stick with her. Good job, Uncle Jake. I’m a prior enlisted Marine, and I absolutely hold higher standards for my kids than a lot of their kindergarten peers’ parents do. There aren’t many books being published these days that encourage personal discipline, physical fitness, and personal responsibility. Your books and podcast add a great tool to the parenting arsenal.
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Parent in California
I love a three books im glad u write them.
how many
how L pull-ups can mark do?
ps4. and xbox
I love this podcast
Hi My name is Bennett and I am a gray belt with 4 strips. So I wonder are you going to make the books in full color.
David Maloley, DDS
Wish I had this when I was growing up (not that I am there yet.. :) )
Great podcast. I listen to it with my ten year old daughter while in the car. The advice shared is much needed these days.
Love the book
I love what the book teaches .I recommend it for kids.
stinky tucker
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