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Leadership and discipline advice and guidance for youth.
31: Warrior Kid Podcast. Ask Uncle Jake - Astronaut, Doctor, Navy SEAL, Jonny Kim
An interview with Jonny Kim.  NASA Astronaut, Doctor, and retired Navy SEAL.
Mar 27
21 min
30: Warrior Kid Podcast. Ask Uncle Jake with Solomon Schmidt
Working Hard, food, and video games.  An interview with a Warrior Kid, and author, Solomon Schmidt. 
Dec 20, 2019
31 min
29: Warrior Kid Podcast. Ask Uncle Jake
Homework.  Riding bikes. Playing and having fun.  The Christmas Gift. Gratitude.  
Dec 19, 2019
24 min
28: Warrior Kid Podcast. Ask Uncle Jake
Math is important.  Ways to help learn reading better.  The Spelling Test.
Dec 19, 2019
26 min
27: Warrior Kid Podcast. Ask Uncle Jake w/ Navy SEAL, Jason Gardner
Fear, food, and reading, with former Navy SEAL, Jason Gardner.
Dec 19, 2019
16 min
26: Warrior Kid Podcast. Ask Uncle Jake.
1. What to do if someone doesn't accept your apology. 2. What does "Standby... BUST'EM" mean? 3. How can you eat healthy foods if you don't like the taste? 4. Is Uncle Jake scared of anything? 5. What is the best way to prepare for the military? 6. What's better?  Wrestling?  Or Jiu Jitsu? THE STORY: Steve and the Short Term Gratification
Jun 30, 2019
27 min
25: Warrior Kid Podcast. Ask Uncle Jake w/ Jon Bozak
Interview with the illustrator for the Way of the Warrior Kids books, and Mikey and the Dragons, Jon Bozak. Interest in drawing. What to do when it gets hard. How did he come up with how the characters look?
Jun 27, 2019
24 min
24: Warrior Kid Podcast. Ask Uncle Jake.
1. How old to become an Navy SEAL? 2. Are bananas healthy? 3. How to focus on Warrior Kid stuff if you're don't think you're good at it. 4. What other things to eat if you're allergic to peanuts.  5. How to overcome fears. 6. Dealing with friends who aren't nice to you. 7. Is Uncle Jake good at jumping rope? THE STORY: Freddie and the Baseball Glove
Jun 27, 2019
23 min
23: Warrior Kid Podcast. Ask Uncle Jake.
00:48 - How to get better at reading. 03:12 - Keeping secrets from parents?? 06:13 - Exercises kids can do with a pull-up bar besides regular pull-ups. 08:45 - How to make time when I have homework, chores, and sports. 11:17 - How to get in condition so kids can play sports at their best and not get too tired. 11:54 - What does "GET SOME" actually mean? 14:19 - The Story: "Stand Up For Those Who Can't"  
Mar 19, 2019
22 min
22: Warrior Kid Podcast. Ask Uncle Jake.
00:54 - What books should Warrior Kids read?  What subjects? 03:34 - What to do someone cuts you in line.  How to remember to do chores. 06:57 - Good workouts for kids. 10:35 - What to do when friends get you in trouble. 12:53 - Dealing with food allergies and missing out on treats. 14:36 - How to be more confident in sports. 17:27 - The Story: "Horrible Hill"  
Mar 19, 2019
23 min
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