Wake Up To Your Life
Wake Up To Your Life
Colleen Odegaard
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Wake up to this podcast
So genuine, so relatable, so uplifting. Colleen and her guests bring practical topics to the table and help you live your best life. I look forward to Wednesdays so I can download the next episode 🙌🏼👏🏼
You rock!
Thank you for sharing and inspiring me! Love you!
ipanema moon
You rock!
Thank you for sharing and inspiring me! Love you!
ipanema moon
Tourette Syndrome
I enjoyed this episode so much! You are so inspiring. You had me smiling, laughing & crying. I miss seeing you on Charlotte Today but happy that you’ve really found your niche.... You go girl!! 🥰
Exactly What I Needed!
Colleen is exactly what I needed and received at the right time!! Relatable, authentic, witty, smart and hits the mark every time. Speaks to my soul, makes me laugh and nod my head in agreement throughout each ‘cast.
Naturally vulnerable and uplifting perspective
I’ve truly enjoyed the few episodes that I have listened to and am excited for the rest! Colleen takes a very down to earth approach while tackling various subjects that I believe the majority of people feel internally. The difficult challenges that we face as humans can seem far too overwhelming at times, but it’s always good to feel like you’re not alone in those matters. She has an incredibly insightful way of bringing these things to light, as well as addressing the multitude of thoughts that flood our minds daily. The wise stories come across as a nurturing act of love and a safe space for you to witness your own relative vulnerability. Highly recommend, especially if you’re searching for uplifting, therapeutic vibes.
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She’s the real deal
I learned about Colleen through a dear friend (who is btw a guest on today’s episode) and was immediately drawn to her warm energy, down-to-earth, natural, fun and authentic personality. I feel like I’ve known Colleen for years, -we have never met in person- and every episode of her podcast touches on subjects/topics we all deal with at some point in our lives. She definitely brightens my day, brings a new perspective, laughter, vulnerability, motivation and so much more. In many ways I recognize myself in her and maybe you will too. Enjoy listening~
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Keeping It Real
I’ve followed Colleen Odegaard for years, from her days hosting WCNC’s morning news show to Charlotte Today and now to her coaching business. This podcast is always real. Colleen says out loud what a lot of us are thinking to our selves and she knows how to relate to our own fears and roadblocks that keep us from living our best lives. I’m 5 episodes in and can’t wait to listen to the rest. Thanks for inspiring me Colleen!
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Down to earth advice
Great podcast to motivate you - very relatable and real.
Colleen is one of a kind...so fun, honest and loves people! She is a master at her game and gives it to you straight...tune in!!
I love every single one of Colleen’s podcasts! It hits some aspect of my life every time I listen. I’m so thankful to have been introduced to her! There is a genuineness that naturally comes out when she’s speaking. She’s my kind of people! Highly recommend you take a listen:)))
Adrienne Morris
Perfect timing for me!
I am in stages of BIG transition right now, and Colleen’s podcast is spot on, exactly, PRECISELY, what I need. Thank you, Colleen, for sharing so intimately, and coaching me through my fears and Imposter Syndrome. Working on changing my thoughts and turning them positive. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say next!!! Perfect listening during my workouts.
One of a Kind
I have a 78 mile commute each way to work. Needless to say, I have a library of podcasts. I hate to admit it but I think this the first review I’ve ever written. To put it simply, Colleen is changing my life in a good way! I don’t focus on prollins. I am understanding that I’m not the only one that deals with imposter syndrome or anxiety and I am applying her solutions. Her voice and content is like a cup of perfect hot chocolate! And her faith is out front!! Keep it up!!
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So Fantastic!
This podcast is super encouraging and really down to earth. Colleen has a unique talent for this that allows her to bring out the very best tips, resources and inspiration from her guests. Thank you Colleen for this work! I’ve subscribed and I can’t wait for the next episode!
Taking action against Anxiety
Love love love this episode ! So needed this in my life ! I’m so grateful God put you in my life ! Colleen is humorous and fabulous at story telling with lots of info!
Little golden nuggets
I love these short, fun, informative, meaningful podcasts so much and always leave with little golden nuggets of information to put in my pocket and take with me to use every day.
Keep your vibe high
This is exactly what I needed today! Thank you for this. Recently we found our dream house and put in an offer contingent on the sale of ours. Now we wait. After three days and a lot of traffic through, no offers. I was so discouraged. Thanks for the reminder to be patient and to keep the vibe high! I mean, it’s only been three days! Give it a second! Thanks again for this important reminder. ❤️
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enCOURAGEment to become the best version of you!
Colleen shares her stories of joy and discomfort inspiring listeners. Her honesty, beautiful vulnerability and exceptional gift of gab will enhance your life. Wake Up to Your Life provides concrete ways to make improvements in your life and become the BEST VERSION OF YOU!! Thank you, Colleen for being you! 🙌
Cat Far
Wake up to your life!
So relatable! Just what I needed at this point in my life. Love her style, voice, content and that the episodes are not too long!
coming for your brand
It's like she was speaking to me
Doubt follows me wherever I go, but I feel a lot better with Colleen's voice in my ears. Very practical. She doesn't hold anything back. Can't wait for more episodes.
Colleen's podcast is awesome
Inspirational podcast
I love this podcast. She is so real and I have identified myself with each of her episodes. If you are looking for a podcast that will help you find your worth and motivate you to become a better person, then you have found it!
Short and to the point
I love how this podcast isn’t too long but it always packs a great punch. I learn something more about myself every time I listen. Thanks Colleen!!
So relatable!
Colleen has created a podcast that feels like an intimate conversation ...even while it speaks to so many people at the same time. It is both authentic and funny and always applicable . Her personal stories are so relatable...and makes every episode very easy to listen to.
This podcast is relatable and in each session there is a take away to help you make your life better! Thank you Colleen!!
LOVING everything about it
Real and relatable
As I just turned 49, I appreciate these words of wisdom to start truly living today.
I get something meaningful out of every episode. Worth a listen!
Attitude of Gratitude
Colleen, This podcast was right on time for me. One of the many lessons I am learning during this quarantine is to love me for me. That sounds simple, but it’s not-well for me. I turned 50 November 23rd of last year and as soon as I decided to love me , as me...life came at me fast and I shrunk back. This lesson you taught just now has given me courage to rise again and embrace MY journey-it’s no one else’s(and if I can’t embrace it ...who can). Hope that made sense. Lol But I want to thank you for being transparent and sharing your heart with us. It’s a beautiful heart for others I see in you. (And that’s the love of Jesus shining through). I am grateful to Him for you, and all He has brought you through to bless us. I am a fan of your podcasts and thank you so much for letting your light shine(for Gods Glory). Praying for you and your family:Gods Blessings, His Peace and Strength for the journey. Love you with His love my sister. Melissa Griffin
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Just what I needed to hear!
What an awesome podcast! I needed to hear this message!
Fifties are Fabulous!
Love this and all you episodes! Fifties are fabulous and we just keep getting better and better. Love you and your honesty and transparency. Xo
It’s Like Talking To My Best Friend
This podcast is fun and informative.
Sweet and Short, Inspiring
Love this podcast. I’m usually more of a true crime girl but I love the short, sweet and friendly nature of this podcast. I find the topics and advice applicable to many areas of my life from my career, motherhood and relationships. Keep them coming!
acc charlotte, nc
Good for my soul 💖
Thank you Colleen, this is just what my soul needed to hear! I love listening to your podcast on my way to work 🙌🏼💖
Nikki Bourgeault
Thoughtful, inspiring, uplifting
This podcast is so wonderful. Colleen’s smoothing voice while helping us be better people is everything. Thank you for this gift, Colleen 💕
Great podcast!
Can’t wait to listen to the next one! So true that expectation of perfection can halt any progress in achieving our goals....so true!
Pop of Sunshine for your Ears and Heart!
Colleen is a refreshing voice in podcast land! Her energy literally jumps through the speakers and into your heart. These episodes are the perfect length and best of all, you feel like a part of the conversation vs. being spoken to. Highly highly recommend!!!
Very timely and helpful information:)Thank you for the courage to share your personal stories. We are all feeling a lot scary feelings right now and it’s helpful to know we can cope.
Better Thoughts
This episode was absolutely the best way to start my day!! I’m taking all the prollins swirling in my head to my journal, leaving them there, and I’m going to enjoy my day! Loyal Listener, Kimberly
Missed you, Colleen!
I moved away from Charlotte 5 years ago and was so thrilled to find you on your podcast! Feels like coming home and your casual and optimistic podcast is good for the soul. Thank you!
Great messages and stories in an easy to consume format! Highly recommend!
Anticipating future episodes!
Her successful television show is due largely in part to her own openness and desire to help people with her engaging curiosity. With the freedom to explore all sorts of topics here it’s bound to be even more engaging. Can’t wait.
See Jill Run
Just what I needed!
Wow, I can’t say enough about how much this podcast truly resonates with me! The messages Colleen delivers are relatable and so real. I look forward to the next episode because I know it will somehow connect with my life. If you are in need of discovering your happy, I encourage you to subscribe and listen to every single episode. Thank you Colleen for giving me something to look forward to on my walks around the neighborhood! Keep them coming PLEASE!
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High Fives and Hallelujahs
I just listened to the “Put Body Hatred to Bed” episode, and I loved everything about this conversation. It is time for all of us to embrace our bodies and kiss off the body shaming and judgment for ourselves and others.
Nicole Ayers
True authenticity
Listening to Colleen is like sitting in a room with your Best girlfriend sharing a cup of coffee and knowing that you have somebody with your best interest at heart listening and sharing their experiences with you. It is rare to find somebody who is as authentic as she is. She truly deeply cares about supporting others and helping them live a meaningful life. This is a must listen to podcast
Colleen is a just one of those people
There are people that cross your path in this lifetime that you know right from the minute you meet them that they are true blue, unique, and someone you want to be around more. Colleen is just one of those people. She engages and gives you her full attention while listening, and always has well thought out advice. If there was anyone who was made to give uplifting advice and spirtually positive podcasts, it's her. I feel better and motivated after listening!!
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Dr G - Carolina Age Management
Showing Up
Just listened to my first podcast Showing Up. You were spot on with four things and I said YES! One was don’t say things happen for a reason. I unexpectedly lost my husband in 2008 and there were some that said this to me. It made me angry to hear those words, because there was no good reason my husband was taken from us. I also lost my faith and was so mad at God for taking my husband and daughter’s dad from her. Another thing some would say was let me know if you need anything. I didn’t have the energy or mindset to even think straight for the first several months. I needed people to anticipate what needs needed met. Thankfully I had some wonderful neighbors(we were here only 14 months; here from Ca), colleagues, and family that stepped up. Lastly, you mentioned a fourth thing that spoke to me and I can’t remember now. Lol. Going back to listen because it’ll bug me. And I love Brene’ Brown as well. Great job Colleen.
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Great Pod
Colleen is awesome, started watching her on the news then Charlotte Today and this is another extension of the good vibes she’s bringing and helping people stay positive in tough times.
Colleen’s sessions are always on time for me! It’s like Alexa is listening to my conversations and thoughts! These podcasts are giving me a life boost—badly needed during this pandemic. I look forward to these podcasts each time! Thanks, Colleen!!
An Inspiring Voice
Colleen is truly as thoughtful, caring and insightful as she portrays on her podcast. I often experience a variety of emotions when listening. From laughter to the seriousness of what she shares, I love that I’m left reflecting when it’s over!
Sassy Suzanne
Great way to start!
I like to think of Colleen as the great communicator. Sincerity is what you get from her interviews and compassion and concern is what you get from her advice. I’m glad she has decided to help others as life coach. There’s a lot food for thought in this segment and it got me thinking other angles of my life. And then she threw in some funny. Keep listening because her humor is what is going to surprise and hook you. This girl is an unsung talent, but not for long, cause guess what she sings too!
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