Wake Up To Your Life
Wake Up To Your Life
Colleen Odegaard
If you are tired of living your life on autopilot and are ready to take action, welcome to the Wake Up To Your Life podcast! TV personality and certified life coach Colleen Odegaard will help you wake up to your one precious life. Colleen puts three decades of interview experience to work to bring you insightful conversation and honest talk. Each week, Colleen will unpack how to make the simple mindset shifts that will improve your relationships, career and life. Her humorous and raw look at life's struggles will remind you that you are not alone and guide you to more joy and less anxiety. Subscribe and press play today.
24. The Comparison Trap
If you're scrolling on social media and find yourself thinking... she's so much prettier than me, I could never be as successful as her, her life is so much better than mine... you're caught in the comparison trap.  Being stuck there makes you feel bad about yourself and it keeps you stuck on autopilot.  Listen as I share ways to get out of comparison and feel good about YOU!   Follow me on Instagram:  @Colleen_Odegaard   Website:  www.ColleenOdegaard.com              
Nov 18
22 min
23. Why Change is Hard
I'm making a big change in my life.  I'm saying goodbye to my TV career after nearly three decades and I'm going all in with my coaching business. I'm excited and scared.  In this episode I talk about how we can embrace change instead of resisting it.  I also share some behind the scenes stories that really won't teach you anything... they're just kind of funny.   Follow me on Instagram:  @Colleen_Odegaard Website:  www.ColleenOdegaard.com  
Nov 11
25 min
22. What Is Your No Costing You?
When you repeatedly say no to your dreams, you shortchange yourself and those around you.  What would happen if you said "yes" to what's in your heart?  On this episode, I talk with success and business coach Brooke Thomas about what your "no" is costing you.  She says you could be sacrificing joy, money and your self-esteem.  Stop waiting to say "yes" to that nagging feeling in your heart and go for it!   Follow Brooke Thomas on Instagram:  @LiveOutLoudBrooke Brooke's website:  www.BrookeThomas.com Follow Colleen on Instagram:  @Colleen_Odegaard Colleen's website:  www.ColleenOdegaard.com  
Nov 4
29 min
21. Fear of Failure
The fear of failure can keep you from trying new things or ever really GOING FOR IT.  As a life coach I see this with my clients.  I also experience it myself.  In this episode I talk about how you can reframe the way you view failures.  You need to stop making failure mean that there's something wrong with you.  A good dose of self-compassion will take you a lot further!   Instagram:  @Colleen_Odegaard Website:  www.ColleenOdegaard.com  
Oct 28
16 min
20. She Flew the Coop
What brings me joy? What do I truly want? What brings me energy? What lights me up? Asking these questions really shook up Sarah Colon Harris.  She realized that her job as a TV news reporter wasn't doing it for her.  So she created a non-profit called "She Flew the Coop" to help women find their purpose and support each other every step of the way.  If you feel stuck in a life that doesn't fit you, listen to this conversation for some inspiration.   Instagram:  @Colleen_Odegaard Website:  www.ColleenOdegaard.com Website:  www.SheFlewTheCoop.org      
Oct 21
26 min
19. Imposter Syndrome
You doubt your skills.  You think other people in the room are more qualified than you.  You're worried everyone will think you're a fraud.  Imposter Syndrome hits all of us.  I have experienced this as a TV news anchor, as a life coach and in social situations.  Imposter Syndrome can keep us small and prevent us from showing up in our lives.  In this episode I talk about how we can move through it and take action even when our brain is telling us we don't got it!   Instagram:  @Colleen_Odegaard Website:  www.ColleenOdegaard.com  
Oct 14
19 min
18. How to Have Tough Conversations
No one wants to have tough conversations.  But avoiding them comes at a cost.  Issues don't get resolved and resentments can build.  But if a difficult conversation goes well, healing can take place.  Leadership Coach Debb Corbett says getting comfortable, curious, vulnerable and clear can help us get through challenging conversations.   Instagram:  @Colleen_Odegaard Website:  www.ColleenOdegaard.com Website:  www.DebbCorbett.com  
Oct 7
29 min
17. Keep Your Vibe High While Working on Goals
Things aren't happening as quickly as you'd like.  You want your thinner body NOW!  You want your business to be booming NOW!  When you don't see immediate results, it's easy to get discouraged.  But when you live from that place of discouragement, it can be difficult to keep taking action toward your goals.  Listen to this episode to keep your vibe high while waiting.   Instagram:  @Colleen_Odegaard Website:  www.ColleenOdegaard.com    
Sep 30
16 min
16. Taking Action Against Anxiety
I have lived with anxiety for as long as I can remember.  Shallow breathing, tightness in the chest, sweaty pits... check.  Over the years I have used food, wine, shopping and Netflix to cope.  Guess what?  All that got me was weight gain, a hangover, debt and deferred dreams.  Maybe you feel anxious when you have a project deadline at work, when you have to have a difficult conversation, or you're worried about finances.  In this episode, I talk with counselor Juliet Kuehnle from Sun Counseling and Wellness about healthy ways to deal with anxiety when it strikes.     Instagram:  @Colleen_Odegaard www.ColleenOdegaard.com www.SunCounselingandWellness.com      
Sep 23
28 min
15. Get Out of Your Own Way
Many times we can be our own worst enemy.  We get caught up in fear, comparison, low self-worth, etc.  On this episode I talk with multi-millionaire entrepreneur and business coach Tiffany Carter.  She's the founder of ProjectMe with Tiffany and the host of ProjectMe the podcast.  Tiffany has coached thousands of people on getting over their limiting beliefs so they can go do what they're meant to do.  In this conversation, Tiffany shares some things we can do now to get out of our own way and create a life we love.   Instagram: @ProjectMe_With_Tiffany Instagram: @Colleen_Odegaard www.ColleenOdegaard.com
Sep 16
31 min
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