VirtForce Launching Virtual Careers
VirtForce Launching Virtual Careers
Kimber Hill - VirtForce Founder
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Great podcast channel!
I really enjoy the VirtForce podcasts! Kimber is so engaging and informative. I have learned some great skills and tips to land the perfect remote job. Thank you for continuing to provide such an invaluable resource for Milspouses and beyond.
Amazing Organization w/ an AMAZiNG Mission
Kimber and the entire VirtForce team are on a mission to help underemployed military spouses find work that is flexible and fulfilling. This podcast is one of many resources geared to help this underserved, and often under appreciated, workforce community. Highly recommend it!
Love it, top of my list
Great information with details and instructions. Very helpful. Love the host! Listen to this podcast almost like every day, it stays on top of my playlist. Keep it up!
La goodness
Highly Recommend
Kimber Hill provides amazing information in each episode. From certifications to help get a job to financial advice.
VirtForce rocks!🤸🏼‍♀️
Kimber Hill takes the time to produce valuable content for our military spouse community. This podcast series is just one of many stellar tools Kimber has created to help the underemployed milspo community get #hired! Thank you Kimber and the VF team for setting us up to succeed!
Kimberly brings the fire 🔥
Top quality podcast host with a great cause behind it. Kimber brings the fire and covers topics that MATTER. A+ content. Keep it up!
Alex J Sanfilippo
Virtual Work Tips We Can Use!
The VirtForce podcasts are updated weekly and share valuable information. The one last week talked about a resume boot camp. I am excited for my resume to get in shape! I like the topics and information shared in these podcasts.
Best Resources for EVERYONE!
Kimber creates great resources for all and communicates it so well! I love how she lets her communication shine, and her professionalism.
Tons of useful information!
This podcast is an amazing resource for Military Spouses. It’s helped me so much to know we have so many tool out there to help us build a career in this military life! Thank you VirtForce!
Great Resource
The VirtForce podcast provides such a huge wealth of knowledge to our community! I love the variety of content it’s extremely helpful pop
Opened my eyes to remote work
The VirtForce community opened my eyes to virtual work. I’m so excited to see this podcast finally come into fruition.
Highly recommend!
If you’re looking for a way to advance your career remotely while improving your professional mind-set, look no further than the VirtForce community. I was #hired less than a week after joining and this podcast is another amazing tool - an easy listen and super beneficial! I particularly enjoyed the episode featuring Jaime Chapman about LinkedIn which inspired me to “shake the co-webs off” of my profile and start networking! Don’t miss out!
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Amazing Resource!
I love how this podcast covers everything. Not only does it cover possible companies to look out for, resume/interview insight, LinkedIn help but it also gives finance and tax info for military families! It’s an easy listen too! Thank you!
My Fav Podcast
If you are a military spouse looking for legit remote work then look no further! VirtForce has helped a lot of military spouses get #hired! This has quickly became one of my favorite podcast to listen to with such insightful information. I know it’s legit because I myself got #hired not once, not twice but 3 times!!!!!
LinkedIn for people like me!
I loved this podcast - so much great info on how to best use LinkedIn in words I understand! Off to revamp my profile page right now!
Fantastic resource
Absolutely fantastic! As a podcast junkie, I love that VirtForce is providing resources in this format.
First the group, now the podcast!
I’m a member of the VirtForce group on Facebook, and I’m super happy that there’s a podcast now highlighting the different resources available to military spouses. The group is super helpful and supportive, and so far the podcast has not disappointed me one bit. It’s great to have something just for spouses so that we can find careers to take with us as we move. From Aira, to VetForce the possibilities for portable, legit careers are growing constantly! Take a listen and see what new thing you’ll learn about what’s available to you and your career goals.
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