Virginia History Podcast
Virginia History Podcast
Robert Van Ness
The Virginia History Podcast covers the rich history that has made the Commonwealth what it is today. Events covered during this podcast will include - Colonial Era American War for Independence Pre-Civil War Civil War Reconstruction Early Modern Virginia During the World's Wars Cold War Virginia Contemporary Virginia Along the way, I will blog, mostly small notes, resources, and pictures to supplement the history at
Debunking the 1619 Project - Dr. Mary Grabar Interview
In which Dr. Mary Grabar discusses her new book Debunking the 1619 Project.
Sep 27
1 hr 13 min
The 1619 Project - Phillip Magness Interview
In which Dr. Phillip Magness explains much of the criticism levied at The New York Times' 1619 Project.
Aug 28
1 hr 24 min
First Families of Virginia - The Grymes
In which the Grymes Family of Virginia's history and genealogy is outlined.
Jun 28
36 min
The Lafayette Trail - Julien Icher Interview
In which the Lafayette Trail's Julien Icher discusses Lafayette's 1824 tour of the United States, and his work to highlight that famous visit.
May 30
50 min
First Families of Virginia - The Ludwells
In which the Ludwell family and their impact upon Virginia is discussed.
Apr 30
33 min
First Families of Virginia - The Fitzhughs
In which the Fitzhugh story, dating back to 13th Century England, is illustrated from those humble beginnings to William "The Immigrant", his Virginia progeny, and beyond.
Mar 27
1 hr 1 min
The James Madison Museum of Orange County Heritage
In which Museum Director Bethany Sullivan highlights the James Madison Museum of Orange County, Virginia.
Feb 26
44 min
First Families of Virginia - The Taliaferros
In which the Taliaferro family's immigration to Virginia, as well as their spread throughout Virginia and the United States touching many lives along the way is outlined.
Jan 28
29 min
The Deadly Politics of Giving - Dr. Seth Mallios Interview
In which Dr. Mallios discusses how gift giving played a pivotal part in Ajcan's downfall, as well as gift giving's influence at the later Roanoke and Jamestown colonies.
Dec 23, 2020
47 min
First Families of Virginia - The Randolphs
In which the Randolph's Virginia beginnings are detailed, and some of their fascinating later generations are highlighted.
Nov 24, 2020
1 hr 11 min
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