Virginia History Podcast
Virginia History Podcast
Robert Van Ness
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Comprehensive perspective
The podcast goes in depth and provides a great historical perspective
Insightful, Well Done
Mr. Van Ness does a masterful job in this examination of Virginia history. He is faithful to facts while presenting the facts in new and insightful ways. He flavors the mix with interviews with leading authors and historians. Although I am quite familiar with Virginia history and early American history in general, I don’t think I’ve heard a single podcast without learning something new.
Old Boy Himself
Not Super Impressive
episode one: - the term “Indian” is not accurate. -very mono-toned :/ and a lot of audio jumps while speaking. -i love VA history so i’ll keep listening but not very impressed so far - virginia’s history did not begin in the 1500s, indigenous people lived there prior. i think this show could be improved upon with a guest to bounce off of.
New favorite!
Thank you!, for helping keep our history alive. A service as important as any service to be provided. History is the the rudder to this human experience without it we are just adrift.
My new favorite podcast
Excellent, informative, well-presented, my new favorite podcast!
Very Good Coverage of Virginia History Topics
The podcast covers a variety of common and delightfully obscure vignettes of Virginia history. The presenter either speaks himself or interviews people knowledgeable about the episode’s topic. I have found all the episode’s interesting, even as a person who prides himself on the depth and breadth of his knowledge of the Commonwealth’s history. My only criticism is that sometimes the musical interludes between segments are rather odd choices, ie, heavy metal music during an episode dealing with Virginia’s pre-Revolutionary history.
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I enjoy these podcasts very much. Well written and interesting. At first the musical interludes were head-scratching for me, but I’ve come to enjoy them. Is the narrator also the writer?
Virginia Freedom
Excellent podcast
We have all heard too many boring history lectures over the years - this podcast is the exact opposite. Engaging and educational - thank you for producing this! Keep up the good work.
Very informative
Well presented, high quality audio, and very interesting content. I’m learning so much.
Fascinating History Podcast!
This podcast presents the history of Virginia in a way that can be easily understood and enjoyed by all! The host is very passionate and clearly knows what he's talking about! If you love U.S. history, this podcast is an excellent place to start!
Discovering Ancestors
This podcast and History of Maryland podcast are fabulous for learning about the early history of our country and my own families’ histories. Very well written and entertaining. Deserves a very large audience! Thank you! Music interludes seem louder than narrative which can be a bit jolting, though selections are intriguing.
Enjoy these, wish they were released more frequently!
Enjoy delivery, intermittent music and interesting facts and interviews. Would love them to be released more often!! Keep it up!
Virginia Historical Society podcasts
I only stumbled on these today. Excellent, digestible bites of VA history, particularly as it occurred along the James River. I will be telling other members of my local society, and recommending!
Outstanding start to finish
This is perhaps one of the most well done podcasts I have ever listened to. Previous reviews talk about a rough start -- you can't detect any of that from its most recent vintage. The history is excellent, well researched, and the presentation is phenomenal. This is now a part of my podcasting repertoire. Tremendous podcast -- you will not regret giving this a try. Five stars because I could not give it six stars.
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Shaun Kenney
A great history podcast
I enjoy colonial American history and this podcast fits the bill. Robert does a great job on detail and relates the history in an engaging manor. Please listen to this podcast if you are at all interested in the time period and Virginia. You won't be disappointed
Very detailed and fascinating
Being an early American history enthusiast, I've heard/read the Jamestown/founding of Virginia story countless times. However, this retelling is the first one in a long while in which I came away with new knowledge. Robert does a great job of explaining both the overarching events that impacted the establishment of Virginia as well as the details on the ground during those first steps. I'm looking forward to hearing more about the early days of Virginia as the podcast progresses.
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Virginia History, Well Told
In choosing to tell a history of Virginia, Rob has chosen to focus on a state that was integral to the development and continued growth of the U.S. Considering that Virginia was amongst the earliest sites to see colonization, the podcast has done a great job placing the colonial activity in the context of the political and other situations of the mother country as well. I really enjoyed the series on Roanoke and the various theories regarding one of America’s oldest mysteries. The podcast should continue to deliver quality history into the future, so get on board!
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The Maritime History Podcast
Improving quality
The podcast started out a little rough but I think the presenter's research, composition, and delivery have improved greatly.