Underdog Empowerment
Underdog Empowerment
Zachary Babcock
From over 5 years in prison to building a 6 figure business and rubbing elbows with multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, my name is Zachary Babcock, student of passive income, marketing, and entrepreneurship with a broad perspective from both extremes of life. I share everything I learn about entrepreneurship, productivity, mental toughness, and mindset so you can defy the odds and win. This show is for underdog entrepreneurs who have a grandiose vision, all the odds stacked against them, and everyone counting them out. Regardless of your current resources, big or small, you're committed to leveling up, winning, and getting the respect you desire. I share all of my most significant "a-ha moments" in my journey of building a passive income business, tough lessons learned, and beating the odds. I interview some of the most successful visionaries, celebrities, and thought leaders who practice entrepreneurship.
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Found a Gem
I have a lot of back episodes to catch up on.
Tito Jackson02
Let’s Go!!!!
Feeling stuck and down? Subscribe and this will change your life! Thanks Zach for showing us the way 👍🏻
It’s the empowerment for me.
Your story is amazing! The “Why” is my favorite. Your right you can’t do for you if you don’t know who you are. You will just spin in circles.
I keep coming back to it
No matter what, I keep coming back to this podcast. Legit.
Empowering, insightful and actionable! 🔥
Whether you’re well established as someone who can translate creative energy into the impact you want to have on the world, or just getting started as a catalyst for change - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Zachary does an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of building a thriving enterprise and life you can be proud of - with leaders who’ve actually walked the path. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
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Seriously awesome
I love Zachary’s podcast! He is no BS, gets to the point, and adds massive value in every episode. Loved episode 237 where he had his 6-year-old twins on to talk about their lemonade stand, it was so sweet, they even talked about saving vs spending. This podcast is the real deal and I highly recommend listening and subscribing. Can’t wait for more!
Great podcast !
Love his content he’s a real grinder and he knows what he’s talking about 🔥
Nate Wright 1234
Great Show
This is a great podcast with a great host, worth the listen
The man the myth the legend
Zachary Babcock is the epitome of an underdog success story that we all love to hear. If you ever need a pick me up as an entrepreneur this podcast should be your go to
Josh Tapp (the lucky titan)
The Underdog Empowerment is a powerful podcast for not only entrepreneurs but also everyone navigating life and trying to improve themselves!
You are on fire love your Podcast…
Every morning on my workouts I listen to your podcast and I watch you on YouTube too and everything that I learned from you I actually apply it. Thank you Zach and I know one day I will Interview on my show. Jesus Ortiz
Jesus Gabriel Ortiz
You rock!!!
Omg!! Great listen!! Love les brown. I am learning from you sir!!!
Gracie Keats3265
Thank Bro💪🏾💪🏾🔥🔥
Hey my name is Kenneth and I’m a newcomer when it comes to this podcast stuff but after being on YouTube and doing a lot of research I stumbled across Zach’s page and from there I’ve been paying attention, soaking in all the the tips and ticks he is showing me and for that man I thank you a hundred times cause when I have mine up and running I know that I’m going to be real comfortable with it.
Very informative !!!
For about a few months I’ve been trying to start a podcast so i took a risk that I wasn’t ready for because I didn’t have the knowledge behind it however I’ve been listening to his podcast and it’s amazing and educational this allows me to see and think of more ideas also allows me to seek different perspectives.
Essential Diaries
Amazing Real and Motivating
Look, you want real knowledge, not fake crap. Zachary is the real deal and his guests share such impactful stories. Underdog Empowerment is so much more than just a podcast too! Highly recommend you follow Zachary on ALL formats!
Erik G. Allen
This is one of the best podcasts in the business/personal development space. Zach asks great questions and gets AMAZING guests on the show
So many great episodes
I can’t quit listening to them. Great underdog stories. Once you think you’ve heard a really good one and it can’t get better, Bam, another better one comes along. Listen hard and often. I love Zach’s “real”ness.
Forgiven Felon
Zach has an incredible story and captivated me instantly. He truly embodies the ethos of the Underdog Entrepreneur. He’s a great interviewer and pulls amazing insights from his guests. I highly recommend the Underdog Empowerment podcast (and make sure you join the facebook group too). Definitely check out Ep.150 with Robert Greene. You’ll love it!
Josh Reif
Epic episode and loved how Dan brought all the gold nuggets. Thanks for bringing the massive Value Zach and Dan!!!
This guy is the REAL DEAL
Real, raw, no BS. I love that Zach doesn’t act further along than he really is. That’s why this guy is skyrocketing.
Motivational, Actionable Info
I get a ton of motivational, actionable information + ideas in each episode that I can use for my own business and thinking ahead about next moves. Zach's story itself is super inspiring and empowering. You won't ever regret spending your time listening to this one!
I love this podcast.
This is a must-subscribe podcast for entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to improve in life. Zachary is honest, insightful and is the Real Deal!
Keeping it real 👑
Zach’s story is extremely interesting and the information he puts out is valuable and can be implemented into your business to make it boom!
The real deal!
Show is awesome and Zachary is an incredible interviewer with a powerful story to share. He’s really leading the pack in branding, marketing and podcasting. There’s a reason he attracts some of the biggest names in the business on this show.
Outstanding podcast
Love how Zachary keeps things real. Excellent and motivating podcast!
Real deal stuff right here! Epic episodes and fire 🔥 content!
The Podcast for Those Who Want to Advance!
Zach has a platinum level show that brings on some of the best humans on the planet that not only inspire you but also inform you on what you need to succeed as an entreprenuer. As a fellow podcast host, this show is a great example of what a fabulous show looks like. Listen, learn, suscribe and earn.
Dom Brightmon
Who doesn't like the underdog!
Great stories and motivation!
Douglas Schlenk "the Doug"
The Real Deal!
Zach is the real deal! Anyone who can overcome the adversity he has and build a successful business is someone you should be listening to.
Authentic power
Zach brings it. He’s been to the bottom and built himself all the way back to the top.
Freaking Amazing
This show does not disappoint. Zach is real and truly wants to see anyone in his circle win. I launched my podcast with his course and was ranked sixteenth within a week.
Check this out. You won’t be disappointed!
Austyn Chalifour
Definitely Recommend
Check out this podcast. You won't be disappointed!
Never underestimate the underdog.
I love these episodes. Thanks to Zach, I had the courage to launch my own podcast. I never miss an episode!
Zachary is the REAL Entrepreneur DEAL!
I LOVE the interviews of guest entrepreneurs and how they started. So many golden nuggets of information!
I’m not sure how Zach gets the guests he does, but there are all SUPER high quality, and he conducts the conversations well!
Highly recommend
I love how genuine he is when he speaks! Great podcast to listen to, gives great tips!
Unfiltered and Unapologetically Raw
I like the way Zachary approaches each episode with the guest in mind. t is so refreshing when people are authentic in there approach to interviewing the different guest.
Underdogs Rule!
This podcast gives real value to those who little to no hope as an underdog! There is hope! Keep faith and consistency! Thank u!!
The Real Deal!
I’ve been watching a listening to Zachary for awhile now, he is the real deal, he doesn’t hold back and is always willing to serve! Zachary you have a fan for life! Keep doing what you are doing!
What an inspiring individual!! I am amazed that you can have so much information relayed in each podcasts in such a short timeframe!! Looking forward to every piece of new content!!
Listen if you want to OverCome
I love how honest & real Zachary is in all his episodes. He uses the Underdog mental as a fuel to overcome, punch through, & successful. Great teacher, great podcast, great person
Josh Knutti
Live in spite!
Zachary Babcock doesn’t screw around! He gives so much in his podcasts and proves that he is better then what others said he would be since he did serve time in prison. My go to podcast for anyone who is trying to live in spite! “I am coming for everything they told me I couldnt have”
The real deal
Underdog Empowerment is insanely powerful. No other channel will produce as much inspiration, information, or value packed into one podcast. One of the best!
Gritty - Uplifting - Mandatory
I get down with a lot of motivational podcasts and this one has peaked my interest. I look for good content, real talk, not over the top cussing but real, and good lessons each episode. This guy did not disappoint. You got a new fan here brother. #enjoythejourney
Voice that needs to be heard!
Zach is on another level! Hits ya between the eyes!! This is not a popularity contest to Zach and he's not about putting on an act! His content is in your face. Love to listen as I'm working out in the morning! Get's me fired up for the day and inspires me to be a better entrepreneur! Incredible podcast Zach! Keep crushing it!!
John The Mortgage Smith
This is the definition of a TOP NOTCH podcast. It is for a lot of different people. I am so happy to slap this in my pocket while I get pumped during my workout. Keep the goodness coming!!!
Jwalt Animations
Good trips
I like your podcast I found your podcast from TikTok I been listening to you every since!!!!
Easy easy IG
It doesn’t get more real.
Zach is on another level of realness with his podcast. If anyone’s ever told you you can’t do something, his story should be a reflection of why exactly you can. Being an entrepreneur for three years now, Zach has helped me take Humbling Elevations to the next level with copious amounts of knowledge. I cannot thank you enough for helping me feel empowered, to say the least.
Dustin Combs
True American Story
Zach is a true inspiration in his journey. He gives empowerment to more than just ex-prisoners but to all kinds of people that have had to start over.
Bomb giggity
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