Underdog Empowerment
Underdog Empowerment
Zach Babcock
From over 5 years in prison to scaling businesses and rubbing elbows with multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, my name is Zach Babcock, a student of passive income, marketing, and entrepreneurship, with a broad perspective from both extremes of life. I share everything I learn about entrepreneurship, leadership, productivity, mental toughness, and mindset so you can defy the odds and win. This show is for alpha underdog entrepreneurs who have a grandiose vision, all the odds stacked against them, and everyone counting them out. Regardless of your current resources, big or small, you're committed to leveling up, winning, and getting the respect you desire. I share all of my most significant "a-ha moments" in my journey of building businesses, tough lessons learned, and beating the odds. I interview some of the most successful visionaries, celebrities, and thought leaders who practice entrepreneurship. Hit subscribe, share with your alpha underdog friends, and let's prove em wrong together.
EP: 257 - Generate Massive Waves of Targeted Traffic to You Using SEO with Josh Rimmington
How do you make sure your brand doesn’t get lost in the sea of online entrepreneurs trying to grab attention?   Skip the nonsense tactics and start doubling down on your SEO - and that’s just the beginning.   Josh Rimmington has spent more than a decade helping small businesses get noticed and grow their following online. He serves as the director and head online marketing consultant for JR Marketing Group, as well as the host of several podcasts and a proud “dadpreneur.”   On this episode of Underdog Empowerment, Zach and Josh dive deep on the evolution of a career in SEO (and beyond) beginning before the Internet was really a “thing,” strategies for crushing podcast SEO specifically, and becoming a respected authority both in Google’s eyes and to your clients (present and future). Tune in to start getting your websites the hype they deserve.     Show Notes: https://underdogempowerment.com/josh-rimmington   Get More Involved:    Leave A Review & Subscribe On iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/underdog-empowerment/id1373572178 Free A-to-Z roadmap on launching a top-shelf podcast: https://underdogempowerment.com/roadmap Access Our Top Resource Recommendations: https://underdogempowerment.com/resources/ Subscribe On YouTube: https://underdogempowerment.com/youtube
Jan 11
38 min
EP: 256 - A Tricky Mental Block That Held Me Back for Years
Zach Babcock breaks down the mental block that kept him from fully showing up and grabbing success his own way - and how he got past it.
Jan 4
14 min
EP: 255 - Building Grit with Nick Wingo
Today we're learning the secrets of making an impact and building grit with Nick Wingo.
Dec 28, 2020
35 min
EP: 254 - The One Thing Dictating All Of Your Actions With Bart Pietrzak
Bart Pietrzak of Power By Bart returns to lay out the one thing dictating all of your actions and driving you forward.
Dec 21, 2020
57 min
EP: 253 - The Agency Life, Scaling, And Perfectly Mentored With Jason Portnoy
Jason Portnoy on scaling an agency and playing the long game. Join Jason Portnoy and Zack for a conversation about growing your business.
Dec 14, 2020
57 min
EP: 252 - Habits of Powerful Visionaries with Ramon Casaus
Ramon Casaus digs into the habits that allow him to grow and consistently level up - no matter what everyone else is doing.
Dec 7, 2020
47 min
EP: 251 - Charlie Walk - The One Thing That Everything Great Needs
Charlie Walk is an American music executive and entrepreneur. He was the president of Republic Records from 2016-2018, and the president of Epic Records from 2005-2008.
Nov 30, 2020
45 min
EP: 250 - Started Off Broke AF And Now We Here
Zach breaks down the story of the Underdog Empowerment podcast from broke as hell to crazy momentum.
Nov 23, 2020
6 min
EP: 249 - Real Business Owners Get Real With Trevor Cowley And Kale Goodman
Trevor and Kale from Real Business Owners break down the tools and practices you need to run a real business.
Nov 16, 2020
56 min
EP: 248 - Coach Burt - Activating Your Prey Drive
Coach Micheal Burt is back to jam on activating your prey drive to win consistently, win relentlessly, and win big.
Nov 9, 2020
42 min
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