Underdog Empowerment
Underdog Empowerment
Zach Babcock
EP 232 - Futuristic the Rapper - Still on the Rise
23 minutes Posted Jul 20, 2020 at 12:00 am.
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Show notes
Fame is rarely glamorous. Not every artist with a big following has had their career handed to them on a silver platter. There are those who fought for every step, pulling themselves ahead of the pack and changing their corner of the industry forever.   Futuristic is a household name at this point. Like most others, though, he didn’t start out that way. He grew up simply working hard, immersing himself in music and learning how to run a business with integrity and accountability. Now, as a mature artist with his star rising, Futuristic continues to pump out chart-topping hits like "Pull Up" and "The Greatest" amassing millions of loyal followers and constantly playing with different genres and styles.   On this episode of the Underdog Empowerment podcast, Zach and Futuristic jam on the importance of embracing the “business” part of the music business, attracting the people that align with who you are, and finding ways to stay hungry and motivated even when you’ve reached the top. Tune in to get to know the man behind the legendary music.    Show Notes: https://underdogempowerment.com/futuristic/   Get More Involved:   
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