Underdog Empowerment
Underdog Empowerment
Zach Babcock
EP 215 - UGG Boots Brian Smith and the Inside Look
40 minutes Posted Apr 13, 2020 at 12:00 am.
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Show notes
The road to glory is never actually glorious, and those who would tell you otherwise probably never achieved much to begin with. The real legends tell the stories of their mistakes and the lessons that came from those missteps, and they know that the rough moments are where success is born.   As a young guy dreaming of entrepreneurship, Brian Smith chased his ambitions from Australia to California. What started with six pairs of boots eventually became Ugg, a household name and billion-dollar brand. Now, with decades of lessons, mistakes and wisdom in hand, Brian spends his time speaking, teaching and sharing his insight with others who aspire to a legacy like his.   On this episode of the Underdog Empowerment podcast, Brian and Zach dive into the process of giving birth to and raising an idea, how to build a brand and solidify some actual credibility, and why ignorance can be your biggest assets as an entrepreneur. Stick around to learn from the story of a true empire.   Show Notes: https://underdogempowerment.com/ugg-boots-brian-smith/

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