Underdog Empowerment
Underdog Empowerment
Zach Babcock
EP 181 - Cam Martinez - Co-Founder Of LVRG
32 minutes Posted Nov 18, 2019 at 12:00 am.
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Show notes
A solid strategy to generate business is creating win/win/wins. A win for the customer, win for the company, and a win for the JV partner is just one example we talked about.   An even better strategy is to attach a mission-based cause behind the business to create even bigger wins.   Cam Martinez is the Co-Founder of LRVG and host of The 6 Figure Roadmap Podcast.   In this interview, we layout how you can supercharge your business by giving it the rocket fuel it needs.   Show Notes: https://underdogempowerment.com/cam-martinez/   Get More Involved: 
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